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e Jan 2018
love is a form of art expressed
through little words with no regrets

the greatest love that ever lived
thats graced the world, thats seized my lips.
e Jan 2018
will it ever stop
this person in my head

to control my actions
to make me dead.
e Jan 2018
stomach filled with rocks
that i shouldnt be feeling
but i cant help my feelings
i'll still keep eating
e Jan 2018
i stopped writing about love
when i stopped receiving
when all i saw and felt
were lies and deceiving
e Jan 2018
countless rules
for me to abide

is keeping silent
a kind of crime
e Jan 2018
the soft sound of water and ground
the sudden flash of lightning all around.
the heat that escapes my every breath
its almost rain, but not quite yet.
e Jan 2018
i wish they'd let me keep my silence
in times all i ever want is void
to be at peace and build a fence
but some things i just cant avoid
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