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new england    just a tiny, tiny bit sad
vircapio gale
!i!i!i! i like to type until the dawn is just about to give itself to day, and stand breathing in that new freshness of the ...
Abby Nichole
USA    im abby and i like to write and make art
East Jesus Nowhere    I don't know what to write about anymore.
Gwen Johnson
Minnesota    I'm just a girl who writes, but that makes me a writer.
Jedd Ong
Hey hey.
twelve caesuras
suicide notes, love poems    i could never be the girl with the big tits and curvy hips so now i'm the one with the dripping lips and paper under ...
Ashley Haack
19/F    Don't write to impress, write to express, and never stop.
Meggn Alyssa
20/F    I tell stories with my hands as I type, my body as I dance. I am learning to be a storyteller and turn up all ...
Amelia Crake
21/F/Outside of the Box    I write to make you feel, but I do not write for you. I don't know what I want to do with my life.
society's skidmark - primordially oozing

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