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How sad the water must be.
No one pays attention to her
Unless she falls from the sky
Or swallows up houses.
To be continued..
Nothing this small
has ever seemed so big to me.
Everyone told me
"Adjust your sleeping
or you'll get jetlag."
But that wasn't a problem for me.
I never sleep.

They all said
"Carry your bag in front of you,
so you don't get pick-pocketed."
I did alright.
Still have everything I left with.

So many times I heard,
"Don't act like a tourist.
Follow all the rules.
Keep your shoes on."
No problem.
I understand.

Why didn't anyone warn me
not to miss this place?

Why was I never told,
"Don't get attached.
Don't let your happy place
be halfway across the world
from where you live.
Don't fall in love with the color green,
because you won't see it enough
when you get home."

How come no one ever told me
not to make friends with people
I'll never see again?
(Especially when they
remind you of the past.)

I was told to have fun,
and so I did.
I just seem to have
forgotten my heart in Rome.
 May 2015 Natasha Teller
I got to MEPS tomorrow
and get sworn in on Friday.
My mom never supports me in anything,
but supports this.
I'd feel a lot better
if my friends would stop scoffing at me.
Especially considering,
it's only a few short weeks before I leave for basic.
Some encouragement would be nice.
The title is the name a Joyce Manor song. Oops.
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