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Emma Livry Oct 2017
I wasn't looking for this, but
Listening to you sing makes me so happy.
Of course this is new and exciting, but
Very rarely do I ever think these things could work out.
Every so often I would want to feel special, but
You never make me want to feel special because I always do.
Only in an alternate reality could I be happier.
Ultimately,  I just want to make you happy.
Emma Livry Sep 2017
I regret the fact that I showed you all these
Places that you can happily go to now
I'm stuck outside looking in the windows
Making sure you aren't there
Before I can even muster the courage
To step into my favorite places.
Specific streets remind me of
Where you would take me.
I would never dare step foot in a place
That you took me,
But you feel perfectly content
Bringing the new people in your life there.
Overwriting our memories and moving
On with your life.
It is time to move on.
I am tired of living like this and I won't
Let you control me anymore.
I'll go wherever I want and who knows?
Maybe someday I'll be able to
Step into these places and never even
Think of you.
Emma Livry Sep 2017
Typically I don't do this
I'm afraid this isn't going to be good
And all I want, is to impress you.
Emma Livry Aug 2017
Glare to the end of the tunnel and
Swear you will get through it because you are the
Heir of your own future and hang in the
Midair that is almost
Nowhere and be thankful that you don't have to
Share who you are or your
Lair with anyone if you do not want.

Stare at the edge of the
Air and love
Where you you are and
There you will find your
Pair of eyes work and you won't
Tear up your thoughts and theories or
Dare to give up on yourself.
Emma Livry Jul 2017
And everyday
My bones break my fall
From sanity
Into love.
5:04 pm
Emma Livry Jul 2017
And I
In my infinite wisdom
Just replied
That I'd love to see you again.
Emma Livry Aug 2017
You are as fickle as a newborn
Causing the rain to
Start and stop
Start and stop
As drops fall down my cheeks.
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