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Johnsdavidburg Nov 2021
this world
made of heroes
made of villains
made of regulars
made of you
made of me
made of chaos
made of structure
bred from purpose
born of reason
among wonder
among mystery
the mundane
among the impossible
the recycled
among creation
into absolute
and complete
and such is life
and so is death
and so is memory
to be forgotten
made to live
then made to die
this is the world
this is our life
enjoy the ride
the end's the same
Johnsdavidburg Aug 2018
let go of your hatreds
never look back in anger

forgive all the world, forget all the pains
but remember, every one of their names
and learn,
from every single mistake

to let go of your hatreds
to grow unabashed

without judgment,

into a better person
from what you are today
into a better world
before you leave tomorrow

Johnsdavidburg Jun 2018
to be that
silly fool
quiter failure
loser *****
meek and scared
you don't have to

. . . be that
big fat mistake
that you once made
maybe a dozen times
it doesn't have to
define tomorrow

as today
is not yesterday
and this year
is not last year
as this life
can be almost anything
moving forward

if you try
and just...
show up

for every single day
can be almost anything
Johnsdavidburg Jun 2018
they'd all grow up to be lunatic *******
and if i happened to put it there
no women i know is quite dumb enough
not to have that abortion
is why i would never have children
Johnsdavidburg Jun 2018
do you care?

what i do
far away
far from you

do you fret?

over these
things I do
things unlike you

do you anger?

over that
which is said
unlike yours

do you sleep?

sounder still
knowing all
must be like you

would you take?

that which makes
me from you
to call me ******

would you condemn?

not endorsed
by a silly book

that you barely knew

beyond. . .
what you wanted to

beyond. . .
what is just, like, you
Johnsdavidburg Jun 2018
Sail away with me; come sail away with me; fight with, for, or against me with honor;

'Till Valhalla!

Rocking violently encased in metal on heavy seas, still safe, peacefully so; like some kind of Zen Buddhist ****... (peaceful frustration). The journey might **** us. Though We still get to go. That's what it means to fight, 'till Valhalla!

Our pilot may doubt us but not in our endings; there is no room for doubt come our last day. Come Valhalla!

Crushingly optimistic he's our steam roller baby. He pilots because he has to, because we are finite, Because the premise of our story is that it Begins and Ends no matter who's doing the writing or The Dying or finding or lying or even The Killing. Our course is set;

'Till Valhalla!

Forget the word mistaken at your own peril on the open waters. Mistaken, this is a world full of Peril. Still, it matters for naught at The end, not for us princely warriors. There is a place where all geodesics Collide, where you and I can finally embrace without Malice. For where we would have arrived is Valhalla!  Great hall of the dead, where wars leaves its warriors to dine among gods and forget they were men.
"What sort of dream is that, Odin? I dreamed I rose up before dawn to clear up Val-hall for slain people. I aroused the Einheriar, bade them get up to strew the benches, clean the beer-cups, the valkyries to serve wine for the arrival of a prince."  Skáldskaparmál
Johnsdavidburg Jun 2018
call it, cell division restrictions
with heavy implications
on age limit correlations
old and decrepit
one day your fingers will become brittle sticks
wrapped inconsistently in thin wrinkly papers

approaching uselessness

every page gets turned slower
understood less and less often
as everything begins to be forgotten

watch out now
here comes genomic instability
aka the road to an old death
or a cancerous death
or a radiation death
maybe a chemical death
or from sharp metal or heavy stone
perhaps from the claws
or teeth
of another clever beast
(an inaudible noise)
whatever's clever, it's all ******* death
when it starts...

it progresses (pray for quickness)

please dear
have a little neurodegeneration
with that
it won't matter, you'll forget
and **** your pants
maybe she's born with it
maybe it's recombinational DNA repair error
either way we're all on our own way into cyclic deficiencies of repair
that night shift mr. fix it staff
the stupid intern who makes the copies
gets the coffee
eventually, the manager hires his nephew
and outsources the night shift to mental patients
things then start to unravel
as all things fall apart
sometimes it's exogeny
other times from within
endogenous like  
anyway,  it's all "whatever"
("it's not a tuma!")
these things that are eventual, tend to be tragic
universally so
the upper limit to individual "forever's"
this could be law
when that which you cannot see stops doing what you cannot believe
you tend to die
and everything has it's time to die
everyone of us becomes due in time
to become one spectacle of a tragedy
or another
like you've never seen before
like you would never believe

until it happens to you...
when you go,
when you hear,
ha... that,
(inaudible sound)
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