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 Sep 2013 Elisa
Sienna Burroughs
i leave pieces of you where ever i go.
you are my foot prints, you are my shadow.

i still feel you in my chest,
you can still steal my breath.
 Aug 2011 Elisa
Louise Johnson
The beginning is a vicious start.
Of tears of joy and an open heart.
But we are fighting the inevitable,
As the fear of death can be incredible.
we will always be judged by our beauty
as people feel like it's their duty
to speak about us in horrible ways
do they not know that the sadness stays..

but although life can give you greif
you've got to go on with the belief
that through life you will learn from failing
and life is an ocean that you are sailing.
Sail it well as you've got one chance
live it like it's your last dance.
 Aug 2011 Elisa
Jon Tobias
Gag gag and gargle
Draggin’ through the muck of
That place you said you’d never go back to
Screamin’ like a devil in the dark

The bump and grind of his *****
Bump and grind
Got you buckin’ backwards like a
But we both know you should’a’ never brought a dog
To a gun fight

Too late for tears darlin’
Bite lipped quivers never saved a soul
Can hear the fear in the breaks for sobs

The door to his apartment never beckoned
But you broke down the doors
Like you had something to prove
Bent you bilaterally like
The corner you backed yourself into

So perfect in your symmetry
Till you left me for him
Now you got the heart-sag
Jaw dropped
Dope fiend look

Tearing up at the sky
And the flowers
White powder pluggin up your nose holes
Can’t smell the **** on your knees now
Or the muck you got stuck in

You said I wasn’t as fun as he was
As he is
I never wanted to save you anyway
I just thought it was beautiful
The way you praised me for the things I say
And the way I say ‘em

Ya know
I got blasted backwards
By the backlash of you leaving
Kicked up so much dust in the rubble
And left me dizzy with the rumble
Of your feet fleeing the song of some ***** stomp
Farther and farther away from safety

At least I was safe
I wasn’t bitter
Even my bite was gentle
Kind enough to remind you I still got teeth
But I won’t use ‘em

So before you leave me
Take the burden
The baggage
The weight of my shoulders
The wait for the phone call sayin’ you finally
****** up and died on me
The mix tapes
The t-shirts
The memories of every moment my heart kept sayin’
“She won’t stay
But hold her for as long as she’ll let you”

Take it all
And go
The reason for the title is that I was listening to that style of music (dubstep) while writing this.  I wanted to put into words the way the music makes me feel. As a good friend of mine describes it "*****" and "gritty". I wrote this for him.
 Aug 2011 Elisa
James Wisp
 Aug 2011 Elisa
James Wisp
hold onto the slow
know it’s good
when it goes
let go
of ethereal edges
and feel the smooth
gentle waves
fold into your soul
 Aug 2011 Elisa
 Aug 2011 Elisa
A life so dark; a life of illusion
A life that had to be born.
A life unwanted, a life of hate
A life that nobody wanted.

Because you tried, you cared, and cried
Everybody turned away
A diluted life; a delusional life
Another knife in the back.

You are not wanted, you are alone
nobody can ever love you.
You're the embodiment of Grey...
The embodiment of emptiness.

I am like you, for I am nothing.
And yet I feel like everything.
A spinning ball, out of control
All that remains is this Grey.

A demonic past, a lack of future
this is where we are.
A nation falling, my life is falling
As the graves continue to be filled.

The color Grey; a place unknown
A place where we can live.
The life of peace, it can never be
for we can never forgive.
Copyright: 2010
 Aug 2011 Elisa
Joseph C
 Aug 2011 Elisa
Joseph C
The point of Haiku
Is to twist poetry's arms
And snap them like twigs
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