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Joseph C Mar 2014
In and out and in and out

He talks like a dead radio
The years are skin and bone
The chalk outline beat faster
Than the blades of the helicopters

But in and out and in and out
Taking in the ****
Suffocating the starfish
No exit from this route

The twilight folk are breathing
In and out and in and out

I discovered on the spiderweb
When the noon sun kicked me out of bed
Let Winter beat back Spring
So the bees and spiders stay asleep

Nobody's gonna talk me out of this
But I wish they'd try
Push the pills into my mouth
Only waking up surprised

I'd rather be sleeping next to you
With my cracked lips painted blue
In and out and in and out
Taking in the ****
It's better not to live through this

In and out and in and out
The cradle is rocking endlessly
Till the babe inside gets dizzy
In and out and in and out
Joseph C Jan 2014
Ohio is for lovers
And I'm the jealous type
You'll be lucky
If you leave it alive

Wringing dead palms like wedding bells
No bouquet on an early grave

Winter came on December the 7th
Prayers from the penitentiary
I begged them to close the gates
Hoping that you would freeze

Ohio is for lovers
And I'm the jealous type
You'll be lucky
If you leave it alive
Joseph C Apr 2013
The sun is drowning in the horizon
Flailing its brittle breaking rays
The Oakridge girls sweat in the factory
Sisters of Mercy in a hospital 10,000 miles away

Chasing down a wailing ambulance
Inside, a patient who swears he's still alive
His eyes are crying milk white protein
The Priest and Doctor insist to him he die

And I've become so lonesome
Now that the Oakridge girls are gone
The dusk is blood red in the East
But a celebration is started with the dawn

Nothing, no nothing ever changes
Quick and clean if you are blind
Charlene will turn your heart to stone
But the Oakridge girls are always kind
Joseph C Mar 2013
I dreamed last night that I spoke with the Earth
And it said in my time of dying and in my fever dream
There were cyber punk priests and their god complexes
And congregations of honest men itching for trigger time
The carnivores from my childhood came with molten teeth
And my fever dream swept clean around the earth

Then she said I felt as you did often
Like a magnifying glass when the red ants took revenge
Joseph C Nov 2012
She took the midnight train out of Neverland
Straight into the morning light
She kicked off her heels at the platform
Wearing the stains on her dress with pride

She said "You were just a little lost boy...
I never asked you to fall for me
And Jesus may have died for all your sins
But only Luke bothered to save the thief"

We made love in the dead of winter
I touched her like a rosary
When spring came she licked the fat off my ribs
Pieces of apple stuck in her teeth

She said "Dust I came from and dust I will go to
And I will go in vain
'Cos the only thing I gave back to God
Was Abel and Cain"

My dear, why are you so smitten with the idea
That the wax that sticks your bones together
Don't whither away with the wick

She disappeared after that party on the beach
I thought she just ran off with some rich man
But two weeks later her body washed up on the shore
And I can still see her footprints danced into the sand
Joseph C Aug 2012
One eye open
One eye close

My body is a ghost town built on pillars of salt
And I can chew my way out
Standing at the top of a broken staircase
Holding up my heart, derelict of
Trying to cradle it wildly
Running home to find it suffocated and squished

No one saw what I have for the world to see

And my feet leave the ground

Over the waterfall
Into the undertow

I open
I close

One eye conquering
One eye conquered
Joseph C Aug 2012
It is the dog door and the picket fence.
It is the malicious world destroyed in you.
And your name is writ in dust
Spelled out in coils of your sloshing yellow belly

Eve smiles at you from the kitchen table
Pieces of fruit are stuck in her teeth.
A river of spittle pauses on her chin
And drips down onto her warm breast.

It is the kind of happiness
The dog door happiness
That inspired the snake to eat its own tail.
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