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Matthew Feb 2012
I still love you though you're dead
I cannot help that I ripped off your head.
I watched it bounce, I watched it roll.
Just watching it, gave me a pole.

I tried to catch it, but it got away.
who knew that even a dead girl, wouldn't stay.
So here I sit, I start to sob
I feel so sad, so I join the mob.

Even in death, she gave good head
it's such a shame that she's dead.
I never wanted it to be this way
But what the hell? It's still okay.

I bounce her head upon the ground
I laugh and play, I run around.
I love my soccer, but I have no ball.
This is what happens, when you fail to call.
Matthew Jan 2012
He was a good guy, she was his heart and soul.
These things he had always known.
She fought so hard, and fought for so long;
and then she finally stopped.
She was weak and he was strong, he held her ever so close.
She cried filling his arms with tears.
He cried, a piece of himself died along side her.

His love was strong, as she gasped for breath.
Her time was quickly coming fourth.
His love so strong, her heart and pulse so weak.
His heart ripped right from his chest.
She closed her eyes, and there she took a last breath.
He gradually picked up his knife.
With a jab to the chest, he stabbed where his heart once was,
and then he fell to the floor.
He clutched her hand saying "God please forgive me."
All grew darker, into her eyes he stared.

His breath then left, on that floor they died.
Hand in hand they were gone.
Sorrow fills that room, the place where loved once thrived.
In that room, they still hold hands.
Without her, his soul was lost. Without him, she was gone.
Even through death, they both still care.
And in death, he is still there, right by his Angel's side.
Matthew Sep 2010
The lies we're told, the friendships lost
the things that hurt us the most.
Deception of the heart, often cold as steal.
The lies we often tell ourselves...

The blood pours, the heart rips in twine.
Another soul is forever lost.
The cold steal stabs, stabs me in the heart.
I feel my life going before my eyes.

The blood stains on the carpet, on the bed.
A constant reminder of you.
The cold steal on the floor, in my heart.
It's almost to much to bear.

I see the door out of this life, my chance to go.
I decide that I shall open it.
I pick up the steal blade, and ram it deeply inside.
Things quickly become dark now.

The light is fading, the light is fading;
I'm surrounded by the darkness
I shut my eyes, death slowly creeps in;
With one thump, my heart stops...
Copyright 2010 by Matthew
Matthew Jul 2010
A heartless realm we live in.
This place we call our home.
We are here-this realm of hell,
But to each shall hold his own.

The statue stands, it stares at me;
tormenting me with its soul.
This place I'm in, this evil land,
a place I never wanted to go.

The Raven hears my hollow words,
and mocks them back at me.
The statues cold, they stare at me
for they will never let me go.

This courtyards' dark, the buildings cold.
The statues' stares are of ice.
A glance so cold, a glance so frail
It sees and yet it cannot.

It's mourning me, my forgotten soul.
For this much I am aware.
It's eyes are cold, they stare me down
I begin to lose control.

The statues wings, I didn't see before.
I watch as the shadows grow.
The land grows darker; the land is cold
and yet I stand alone.

My cloths of black, my heart of stone
I feel without feeling.
I see myself, a reflection in water.
I now understand their glares.

This place I'm in, I'm one of them
A statue that is so cold.
I will see myself, never again
for I now belong to them.
Copyright: 2010
Matthew Jul 2010
Little by little, I'm losing my mind

I'm slowly going insane

Oh, my brother, who was so kind

Please help me end this pain

I'm alone within this darkness

I think I might be in hell

Somewhere beyond, can you hear that hiss

Can you sense that horrid smell?

somehow how or another, you think I'm insane

I think it's quite contrary

It's not my fault blood falls like rain

it was my friend I shot and buried.

Little by little, you pick me out

I think you know to much

I must **** you, without a doubt

and serve you as a lunch.

Little by little I'm losing my mind

I'm slowly going insane

It's over-rated, don't be so kind

Or I'll stab you with my cane.
Copyright: 2008
Matthew Jul 2010
Around the grave, they all gather, as they quietly begin to mourn

In the middle of their hearts, stands a lonely thorn.

Poking and stabbing, and jabbing away, everything seems so lost.

Though it's winter, it's so cold, they don't mind old Jack Frost.

A man has fallen in a war, something that shouldn't be fought

But the government has it's lie, freedom should be bought

Around the nation, the people wonder why they need to mourn

It's the lies, it's the lies, being told by this lonely thorn.

The weapons blast, people die, blood spills upon the ground

Some people die, gone forever, their bodies are never found.

War is war, there are no sides, nobody can truly win.

But thanks to him, the war goes on, this should have been a sin.

The battles rage on, people fall, and families start to mourn

For the lies, that were told, now people are getting scorned.

There's a lesson in all of this, but nobody will ever see

It doesn't take blood, nor mass death, to continue to be free.

And so the family begins to cry, they slander that one thorn

The bell goes off as they leave, darkness is what they worn.

God stands next to them, trying to give them comfort

It's okay, my lonely child, I'm sorry for the hurt.

War is hell, hell is war, this is what we know.

People die, in the end, and the rivers end it's flow.

All shall stop, not a sound, except from a single horn.

Thanks to them we are dead, and now we are your thorn
Copyright: 2009
Matthew Jul 2010
This girl I like, in a odd kind of way
and yet we've never met
I cannot hide, not from her
I find this to be strange

I've never seen her in my life
only on a screen
This darkness fades; it's now light
Something from inside

What is this, tell me God
I am so unsure
Help me God, Help me please
Save me from myself

I am here, and she is there
and yet we are the same
I'm not sure, what I should do
I'm going to lose my mind

I'm so confused, I'm so lost
I don't know what to do
She is there, and I am here
How can we feel this way?

We talk, we laugh, and we talk
about what cannot be
For I am here, and she is there
I guess I'll never know
Copyright: 2009
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