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Jun 2010
A life so dark; a life of illusion
A life that had to be born.
A life unwanted, a life of hate
A life that nobody wanted.

Because you tried, you cared, and cried
Everybody turned away
A diluted life; a delusional life
Another knife in the back.

You are not wanted, you are alone
nobody can ever love you.
You're the embodiment of Grey...
The embodiment of emptiness.

I am like you, for I am nothing.
And yet I feel like everything.
A spinning ball, out of control
All that remains is this Grey.

A demonic past, a lack of future
this is where we are.
A nation falling, my life is falling
As the graves continue to be filled.

The color Grey; a place unknown
A place where we can live.
The life of peace, it can never be
for we can never forgive.
Copyright: 2010
Written by
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