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3.7k · Sep 2014
Elijah Sep 2014

it was love at first sight
the very first time my mind found a different path - positivity
i'm a free spirit focused on levels of having fun
relevant choices, relevant decisions
in a point of insouciancy
a peace of mind acknowledged .
#peace #soul #life
3.3k · Feb 2015
I long for your touch
Elijah Feb 2015
I long for your touch
I want your scent to find
it’s way through my nostrils
I want your soul inside of me
I wanna be in sync with your thoughts
share memories with you
and leave love notes on every corner
of the house to remind you of my love for you

I long for your touch
for your words to comfort me
and renew my peace mentality
I want your hands engraved
fully inked with passion on my canvas
I want to converse with you
become intact with your dreams and emotions
become infactious of your fully-fledged spirit
that is allowing me to love you.
By: Elijah & Ofentse Tsie

#ILongForYou #Happiness #Love #Life #Soul #Spirit #Touch .
2.7k · Mar 2015
I’m a lone wolf
Elijah Mar 2015
I’m a lone wolf
howling in the woods
drawn into darkness
blinded by mere mysteries
I am that I am
because you are of what you made me
you’ve dispersed me into wilderness
you’ve made my soul as hollow
as a ill-treated tree of life
you are my weakness
you are joy
you are a demon implanted in me
I’m somewhere between psychotic and ironic
misunderstood by defiants ...
sometimes I don’t relate to my thoughts, my skin, my walk, and smile
sometimes I don’t know freedom;
is it reluctant obedience towards a fiend or constant countless breaths of a new life?
I’m not death
for I live in the presence of life
you were almost the death of me
but my artistry became the saviour -
the saviour of my soul, my mind, my heart
I’m a lone wolf
howling in the woods
where darkness was drawn to light.
Confrontation between my mental illness and I, in my darkest room.
“I’m not giving up my art without a fight.”

#broken #darkness #death #depression #heart #life #sadness #soul #thoughts #wilderness
2.5k · Jan 2015
Elijah Jan 2015
craving intellect rain of thoughts
surroundings filled with serenity
recalling life introspectively
respective to the cores and layers of earth
positive energy and abstract propane reflection
vibrations of a hero
self-consciousness reaches selflessness
victory at the palm of his hands
grace as the structure of his body
windows of his soul as bright as the healing moon
he listens.. to the creator that never slumbers
freedom released the light worker in him
peace and blessings were a product of his faith
remincsement of the reluctant wisdom power
self-motivation inspired in his final hour
mind is as grey as the trees' shades
confort inn beginning of purity's blades
life begins. . .
Note To Self
#converse #mind .
1.9k · Aug 2015
I am
Elijah Aug 2015
Soul is immortal
Thick skin is embodied
Mind overblown with intuition
I am a spirit creature.
Ever so sunkissed by grace
illuminating rays carry my bones
through tribulations and wrath,
I’m conquered by warm winds
of pure divinity and
constant love of nothingness.
I’m a spirit creature
#art #energy #happy #life #love #mind #poetry #soul #spirit
1.7k · Jan 2016
In Your Presence
Elijah Jan 2016
You are made more precious than fine gold
spiritually refined in the essence of being bold
Worthy you are
A light reflection of the cross of Calvary
A masterpiece of a raw art gallery
Worthy you are.

Sweet child, free your mind
You carry two arms; your will and mind
Divinity is a mystery of your faith
A spiritual reflection of God’s grace
Allow yourself to be uplifted
Allow God within you, and be gifted.
Let go and let God resonate in your daily life. It is by His spirit that you're healthy and alive today. Appreciate. Believe. Perceive.
1.5k · Nov 2015
17 [Growth]
Elijah Nov 2015
I was a free spirit.
At the age of 4 child’s play
was my joy and weakness.
When I was 5 it never
mattered to be 6.
Between 7 and 10, reflection
of mother nature was born in me
like a half-fledged thing
I found security in materialistic image,
became nothing in Messiah’s kingdom
walked in the depth of recurring death
I was 11 then ...
with tears of anxiety and deep depression.
I reached 12
tall in flesh but little and empty inside
I hid from textbook illusions and false affection from loved ones.
13 became 16 in a split second;
lessons became a routine than
blessings building from within.
I make countless of mistakes,
constantly reminiscing over the good and bad trials of my life cycle
when I should be progressing
and indulging my vision
how typical!
17 is an era I make up for everything
I am because God is
and it’s time I revolutionalize my generation
because my spirit is timeless, and my time is now!
A king that is I was born on this day .. and I'm ready to channel my vibrations. 16 was bittersweet, 17 is a new era.

#energy #happy #heart #life #love #peace #prosperity #soul #words
1.4k · Jun 2015
I just wanna be free
Elijah Jun 2015
I just wanna be free
its been hard to escape these voids
its been an adventure to fulfill my thoughts
how reluctant it has been to lose
the only effectual quality of freedom.
As I walk through the dark valleys
painted fragments of fantasies and
written scripts of anxiety had a
brush of the murk of insanity
all over the canvas that was my mentality.
The desire to feel the warmth of free
gave birth to the scotching feeling
to eradicate all forms of fear...
I was born a vibrant fire
conscious to the day of light
happy to shine my released soul
happy to be the soul that releases
liberation to the world,
happy to be free.
#bittersweet #breathe #free #happy #liberty #soul.
1.3k · Dec 2015
Be Radical
Elijah Dec 2015
Love is the root of missions
and sacrifice the fruit of missions
Glory to the anointed King
the creator of a chosen offspring.
Ever so delighted to be enlightened
by the ignited spirit that is heightened
from the light rays of a new dawn
til the warrior within is born
The essence of being radical
is the will of good
the conceptual of a root
rooted and built in God’s image
a fully-fledged seed of Abraham
As Apostle Paul’s spirit
overflown with thanksgiving
his objective was to implement change
strengthen our faith and live in peace
Pieces of greenpeace
misunderstood by malicious-minded creatures
I recall hollowness
dearly engraved in the
hearts of many
superficial increment in
today’s youth
often inferiorated from the truth
they’re spiritually pretendin’
to be naturally defendin’
Oh, lily of the valley
make their minds pure.
Do you ever wonder how God sees you?
A radical Christian who’s simply a quality
of a New Testament normality
it is in your core to be pure,
to be called by the Lion’s roar,
to not live but to live who’s in you.
Apostle Paul’s awakening
was radical
thought-provoking sensation
as being biblical
the words he spoke were profound
his temple so refined
yet his view on earthly living
was actively passive to godliness;
to live is Christ
and to die is gain, he said.
The ideology of being radical
is to live in the sense God created you to be
politically and socially,
its force is to make you philanthropic
boldly empathic to the notion of being rhapsodic.
I am artistic
poetic instincts in the fullness
of embodying metamorphoristic mystic.
Theology unfolds a mystery that
we should be the change we want to see
a generation that profiteth free
a ministry holistic as can be.
Be vigilant.
Be diligent.
Be practical.
Be radical.
My first official spoken word poem. Reveals the character you're born within. We were made to be great, to create and radiate. We are the light of the world and the salt of the universe.

#art #creation #divinity #evolve #free #holy #happy #imagine #life #light #love #meditate #peace #soul #spirit #thoughts #words
1.3k · Oct 2014
Pretty bird
Elijah Oct 2014
Pretty bird
you sound so pretty when you cry
Do you cry 'cause. . .
You lack the wings beside you,
you can't self-express yourself,
you feel nothingness in your precious heart?

Pretty bird
please don't die
spread your light and love to this unnatural universe,
we need your life. . .
I worry, why're you so pretty yet can't fly
Please don't be defiant to yourself

Pretty, pretty bird
Please don't die
for you sound so pretty when you cry
you cry 'cause I plainly paint my words in recreation of our wilderness,
'cause together we flock in time
don't be shy, for I'll be your wings
that neither the rain, nor the heavy cold winds will stop you & I.
Inspired by Jhené Aiko's “Pretty Bird” .
#pretty #life #love
1.2k · Dec 2014
on this paper
Elijah Dec 2014
on this paper confesses my pen
about my love for you on these hands - your protection has secured my mind,
your permanent place of bullying me
your affection has tormented me
to never escape these exit wounds
your love has boundaries
to either enter a beautiful nightmare
or arrive in a darkened reality
i hope you reach and mend my fragile heart
take my hand and i'll show you around the world
and i'm sure your beauty would
make a rush hour stand still
like the globe does
where your floral securities blend
with my lowkey subtlety
creation becomes our very own nature
infatuation is nothin' new to your flaws
radiance and ambiance
to thee verse i preach of your soul
when a goddess is walkin' down
the streets of love
allow me to be yours and yours alone.
Courtesy of Ofentse Tsie _ thank you .
1.2k · Jan 2015
Elijah Jan 2015
art isn't a thing
it is a fractured composure
misunderstood by defiants
yet rises to better expectations of reliance

art is praised
through the melodies of random kindness
through the pictures of story-telling
through the written speech of your imagination

art is a soul
that is purely intoxicated
pre-judged with mere perfection
consoling the lightworker in you

art is you
bestowed to eradicate mediocrity
created to being inanimacy to life
distinguished for an exciting simplicity.
Note to all kinds of artists; you can be whatever you want to be, as long as you put your mind to it.
Treat art with respect, and you will receive divinity abundantly.

#Art #Believe #Soul #You #Love.
1.2k · Jun 2015
I wanna . . .
Elijah Jun 2015
I wanna . . .
seek stars in a moonlit night
free my skin on the seashore
radically paint fragments of soul discovery
in the rarest, most deepest ocean
throwing my thoughts underwater
mind as blue as my emotions
poetry as sandcastles in my eyes
music so pure, the ocean breeze sounds
and majestic art of living in cosmic presence as meditation to an undying spirit.
#freedom #life #love #poetry #purity #sanity #soul #spirit
1.1k · Jan 2015
behind closed doors
Elijah Jan 2015
in love with your smile
the way you make me laugh
and make me happy
my heart’s been shaking lately
dark clouds upon me
demons fighting my little faith
seeking for inner peace through
these puns and metaphors

in love with your soul
the way your spirit easily depicts
my elastic emotions and illusions
my heart finds comfort in all the lust
watch me enter the room of doom
where books and dreams descend
before me like your sins directing me
to your forest of mystery and captivity
'behind closed doors' by Elijah & Ofentse Tsie
Contemplation took charge in the room filled with lust, fairytale woken by mystery and reality arose the peace in thy spirit .

#BehindClosedDoors #Love #Lust #Mystery #Peace #Soul #Spirit
1.1k · Nov 2014
Soul Redeemed
Elijah Nov 2014
Come clean, soul
comfort thy heart and make it whole
call your redeemer and make Jerusalem your home
count your blessings, may the grace cover that hole

Come clean, soul
breathe in serenity of meditation
birth a mentality of pure levitation
break the intoxicated deception

Come clean, soul
repent, crave for wisdom and more
rebirth, crave for peace and glow
rebuild, crave for a righteous path and grow

Come clean, soul
comfort thy heart and make it whole
call your redeemer and make Jerusalem your home
count your blessings, may the grace cover that hole.
#soul #redeemed #rebirth #clean #Jerusalem #heaven #wisdom .
1.1k · Jan 2015
my mine
Elijah Jan 2015
my words; my weapon
my thoughts; my trigger on this paper
my canvas, my heart
my consoler; your thighs
my comforter; your chest
my escapism

your mind; my escape
your body; my fortune teller
your energy, your special subtlety
your hands; my resting place
your eyes; my luminous path
my mine
Collaboration by Yours Truly & Ofentse Tsie.

It all begins with love.
#mymine #love #words #heart.
1.1k · Jan 2015
nostalgia meets love
Elijah Jan 2015
nostalgia calling my name
my heart racing
my mind searching for inner peace
let's make love while the moon's still dancing
bite my lip and allow me to engrave
myself into your soul and memory

melancholy waiting somewhere behind the morning
my soul drowning
my mind flattered by an aurora
cover my skin with the spirit of saudade, frowning
touch me and remind me who I am
in the lust of ever after.
Collaboration by Yours Truly & Ofentse Tsie.

#nostalgia #love #lust #melancholy #soul #heart #mind.
1.1k · Feb 2015
I’m Addicted to you
Elijah Feb 2015
Addicted to your lovin’ ways
vibrations goin’ up my spine
because of the melody of your voice
let’s be together and plan our future

Yellow flowers are the perfect
reminscement of my infatuation to you
because of your light energy
that’s intact with my lovin soul
and your praiseworthy temple that lets me bow down in worship

Stars shinnin’ 'cause of your beauty
the moon dancin’ 'cause of butterflies in my stomach
wind energy is in motion
like the sailing waters in the ocean
heavy breathin’, night lights
love strokin’, passion rights
can I be yours alone
my heart longs for your touch.
Elijah x Ofentse Tsie.
Let your soul sail in the presence of your loved one/s.

#Art #Earth #Light #Love #Passion #Soul #Spirit
992 · Jan 2016
Last Friday Night
Elijah Jan 2016
Last Friday night
across a summer’s night
the moonlit afire of cosmic presence
endured a promise of good peace.
As I entered my home, 9.13PM
I received a text from my dad
informing me that he’s been
involved in a car accident.
My flesh was worn out
from the day’s activities,
and melancholy added pressure
to my bloodstreams due to
my dad’s unfortunate event.
I could feel uncertainty
filling my unconscious mind,
drowning in sadness ‘cause
for the past six years
its been a normality for him;
facing insurance policies, getting medical treatment, a few calls
from family and friends ...
and he’s okay.
I threw a heavy stone
in my heart
and it broke me,
tears kissed my face
and I cleansed my soul with them.
Few minutes later he texted:
“in 20 min. time I’ll be home,”
and I wondered if this will
happen for the sixth time,
if he’ll survive another tragedy.
But whispers of hope said,
“you’re blessed, he’s blessed. be grateful. all is well.”
And I was okay.
A recent mishap bottled my emotions and I wrote this piece to express how I feel. My dad was involved in a car accident, and mind you its not for the first time, and I don’t know how to deal with this. Thanks be to God he is well and alive. I shan’t take any moment now for granted.

#bittersweet #broken #heart #life #love #night #poetry #sadness #soul #thoughts #words
989 · Aug 2015
Indigo child
Elijah Aug 2015
As coffee moonwalks on my tongue
and consciousness breeds my mind,
energy accumulates my soul
to a spiritual dimension of peace.
I see the future
when my eyes are awakened
to the mystic power of moonlight energy
stargazing to the change of weather
an epitome of an indigo child.
Blue emotions and harmonic motions
reflect the sounds and images
of a creative asylum, the universe.
"consciousness is nothingness, and nothingness is well."
#art #creative #indigo #life #love #mind #mystic #peace #poetry #soul #spirit
984 · Feb 2015
wounded me
Elijah Feb 2015
my heart is fragile
my smile is broken
my soul is tortued
my eyes have turned blind
my fingers got burned cause of cupid

my wounds are open
my throat is dogged up
the pain is flowing
my insides are burning
(let’s just keep going)

my mind is fidgeted
my thoughts are caged
my bloodstreams are bursting
introspective is weakened
unanchored sailing takes place.
wounded me
By: Elijah, Julieta & Ofentse Tsie

#broken #death #fragile #thirst
959 · Apr 2015
Inhale, Exhale (Part VI)
Elijah Apr 2015
consciousness breeds a new life
to a dying mind, body and soul
it is in your concern
to develop love and knowledge
towards the beauty of cosmic energy
consciousness attains one’s mind
for constant elevation and meditation.
take countless of breaths
and contemplate on the newness of greatness
elevate your spirit and mind
through the art of letting go
take countless of breaths
and focus your attention on being free
let your soul sail in living waters
and your heart abide in complete sanctuary.
#breathing #consciousness #contemplate #energy #exhale #heart #inhale #life #love #meditation #soul
947 · Jul 2015
I’m a wanderer for you
Elijah Jul 2015
this new beginning is really beautiful
but the temptations aren’t easy
my heart is here
but my mind is out there
reminiscing about the old
times with another goddess
help me escape this trip of thoughts

2am, we’d crawl to the stars
we’d let the galaxies illuminate our scars
you’d undress your temple
and feed mine with the art of passion
my thoughts finally feel vibrant,
my words finally nurture
the walking astrology thou are.
— Elijah & Ofentse Tsie.
#art #feelings #heart #life #love #passion #poetry #temple #thoughts #words
943 · Jan 2015
perfect imperfections
Elijah Jan 2015
the connection we had
the beauty we saw in stars during
the night of making love to one another
your body reaches my mindset on cloud nine
every inch of you is impeccable
thinking of how you got me
wrapped 'round your little finger
would be the sweetest mind trip
i'd have to explore
feeling so nostalgic right now
cause the type of moon that's crawling in the sky is your favourite
and it reminds me of your beauty
the perfection of your seduction
the infatuation of your intoxication
the earth itself appreciates your presence
endulging the blue scent that is your soul
peaceful, truthful .. glorious source of energy
your voice haunting my thoughts
losing myself to the melody
my heart plays when you find
comfort in my hands
and let me slide into your thighs
where my emotional senses are retraced
as i continue to embrace the edges of your temple
i recall your perfect imperfections.
This is the third collaboration by Yours Truly & Ofentse Tsie. It's really an honour to work with this young gentleman. We represent Courage, Gentleness & Love.

#love #perfection #sensual .
931 · Feb 2015
Forgive me ..
Elijah Feb 2015
Forgive me, I know I’m not perfect
my loving ways aren’t perfect
but my love for you is real
fear may have concucted my mind
fortune tellers may be redundant in this matter and somewhere along the way I will hurt you
but don’t let the hardships change the way you perceive me
the way you turn my imagination into reality
my soul recognises your scent instantly
my heart has countless beats
when I pour my feelings to you
when I contemplate on the windows of your soul
that lets me into your garden of mind
that lets me rest for a while in your deep breaths
'cause really what’s life with getting the wrong direction
I lack patience
sometimes I ride way too ******* my sense of humour
I’m misunderstood of my sarcastic ways
of my ironic mindset of love’s understanding
ups and downs mend our connection
melancholy, interestingly, keeps us intact
forgive me, for I am not perfect
speak up, might wanna change my ways.
By Elijah & Ofentse Tsie

#Heart #Love #Melancholy #Soul
924 · Jun 2015
hey, sad child
Elijah Jun 2015
sad child
where’s the love that made you
you withhold such a shattered canvas
with memories that decipher your path
you know not the comfort of peace
the sweet fragrance of freedom
has lost its taste
you know not of happiness
captured in teenage sappy
holograms of love’s collapsebility
humbles the kindness you had,
the focus you embodied,
the smile you embraced,
because of the sadness you carry.
severe depression made you whole
constant anxiety was your home
your mentality was wounded
your spirituality was fidgeted
your fragile soul
became, just, an unanchored spirit.
.. It’s just a journey of pursuit of happiness ..
#anxiety #canvas #depression #life #mental #sadness #soul #spirit
924 · Jul 2016
Elijah Jul 2016
Lives killed by the creation
Pathological action againsty humanity
Where is the peace?
#blacklivesmatter #haiku #humanity #life #love #peace #poetry #soul #violence
921 · Apr 2015
Inhale, Exhale (Part VII)
Elijah Apr 2015
Meditation is freedom
it releases peace in agony
and portrays a levitated spirit.

Meditation is a way of restoration
in reminscement of God’s perfect nature
and portrays the redemption of a soul.

Meditation contains inhalation and exhalation
elevate your spirit by inhalin’ positivity
and release your soul by exhalin’ negativity.
#breathing #energy #exhale #inhale #life #love #meditation #peace #soul #spirit.
900 · Jul 2015
sweet serenade
Elijah Jul 2015
these keys have your name
written all over them
I can feel the energy coming out of them whenever I play our favourite song
sweet serenades pouring out of my heart
as I voice my vibrations through my art
you’re a part of me,
my muse and art speaks through you
you become alive in my stripped sessions
where love is reached and lively
these vibrations are for eternity
this love that we have is forever
‘cause my spirit keeps it alive
we uplift the universe with our mystic energy
harmonise the souls with our pure nature
my eyes never wander
because you make up my retina
and my ears never slumber
because you silence mediocre.
— Elijah x Ofentse Tsie.
#art #create #energy #harmony #heart #life #love #music #peace #purity #serenades #soul #spirit #thoughts
891 · Jan 2015
Elijah Jan 2015
pain in my thoughts
love sounding like something
that’s perfect to tie up with bitterness
reluctant sadness breeds in silence
consciouness germinates in the darkest fantasies
“who am I to thine soul?”
my thoughts dipped in regret
my heart dipped in darkness
my voice swimming in lies
and my lips drowning in deception
my mind sinking in sudden death
feelings wading under water
where I retract our intact desires
and restore our dying connection
hurt me until you feel the satisfaction
deceive me for as long as you can
play mind games and rip my heart apart
contradict the blindness of our love
or damage the salt of my soul
with the murk of your demons.
Collaboration by Yours Truly & Ofentse Tsie.

#bittersweet #sadness #love #lust.
818 · Jul 2015
spotless mind
Elijah Jul 2015
spotless mind, that’s all I had
she looked me deep in the eyes
with tears overflowing from her eyelids
burned incense, hoping
I’d get my creative juices
flowing because that moment
was to never be overlooked.

a wanderer I had become
in the mind-blowing, creative asylum, love-making conscious forest
she searched deeply in my soul
became an imagery metaphor
of the greener pastures
I declare as our inevitable paradise.
— Elijah x Ofentse Tsie
#art #creative #deep #hope #life #love #mind #metaphor #paradise #poetry #soul #thoughts #wanderer
817 · Feb 2015
Am I broken or nah?
Elijah Feb 2015
I’m a broken soul
my heart’s shattered into sharp pieces
I’m not good for you
or you wanna change me into
a better somebody?

I’m a broken soul
with a shattered canvas
my air breathes to the
fantasies of my imagination
allow yourself to latch onto me
to create something beautiful

Your tongue spits fire
through the metaphors you lace
please fix my broken heart
I miss being in love
can I get that feeling again?

Embrace my skin with the
touch of your hands
awaken my dreams with an
enlightened reminscement of
your precious temple
allow me to get that feeling again.
Am I broken or nah?
By: Elijah & Ofentse Tsie

#Art #Heart #Imagination #Light #Love #Soul
788 · Nov 2014
It's My Birthday
Elijah Nov 2014

A new life is born
in reality of a new dawn
towards higher diligence
and the soul yields for better intelligence.
6th of November 1998, a legend was born into greatness, in an enchanted paradise.

#scorpio #birth #november #ThankYouJesus #newdawn #newlife :)
788 · Apr 2015
Inhale, Exhale (Part IV)
Elijah Apr 2015
As I took a leap of faith
in the moment of honour
I took a glimpse in the mirror
to make sure if I’m still whole
nothingness occured
as I stirred my tears within my soul.
As I took my hand towards my heart
my palms shivered in poetic justice
(breathe in, breathe out)
my mind recovered its mental stimulation
my soul dwelled on the spirit
of true peace and self-control
I have found my purpose
in lowkey and meditative reliance.
#divinity #exhale #faith #inhale #life #love #lowkey #meditation #peace #soul #spirit .
758 · Apr 2015
Inhale, Exhale (Part IX)
Elijah Apr 2015
In a silent night
conquers loud whispers of realisation
my soul seeks for answers
from the spirit with virile power
my mind’s cleansed
with visions as clear as the moon
I look to the skies
and my eyes are enlightened
by the free nature of meditation
I pierce my heart near the stars
and mend my consciousness
with breaths of patience and peace
(breathe in, breathe out)
I find closure and clarity
in the knowledge of the unknown
I’m outgrown by the outmost emotions
and creativity is my ultimate resurrection.
#breathing #creativity #exhale #inhale #life #love #meditation #peace
752 · Apr 2015
Inhale, Exhale (Part VIII)
Elijah Apr 2015
“O Father, teach me to realize Thy
nearness behind the voice of my prayer. Teach me to breathe Thy
breath in my own breathing.”

I’m swimming in the bed of comfort
where I soul search for clarity,
in the presence of my present woes
it’s in my darkest hours
that I reach out to my third eye
in retrieving my wisdom kindness.
I’m at ease with my mentality;
as I crave intellect rain of thoughts
in the scent of Your spirit.
I recalled Your gift to me,
the gift of giving and being given
it’s in my darkest hours
in the most rarest cold nights
I find a peace of mind.
#breathing #exhale #inhale #life #love #meditation #peace #prayer #soul #spirit
748 · Aug 2016
silent tears
Elijah Aug 2016
silent tears resemble a woeful creature
silent tears carries the loudest pain
silent tears brings pursuit of happiness.
#art #life #poetry
#depression #sad #tears
744 · Sep 2014
I Am
Elijah Sep 2014
I am a soul
with a formidable character
with a haven-piercing eye
a heart made of a *** of gold

I am a king
with everlasting authenticity
with a roar of a lion
fearless, like a peacock's feathers

I am audible
with an aroma filled with audacity
strange oke living in simplicity
with a mind travelling in Paradise city

I am a child of God
born of the Holy Spirit
in thine I bow in obedience
thus attitude of gratitude is lived.
#iAm #Ebulience #Testimony #Soul .
714 · Feb 2015
Elijah Feb 2015
my pen has fell in love with you
now the ink writes in your favourite color
my heart does back flips whenever you smile
cause of the joy you bring me
my arms are ready to warm you up
my mind is ready to always think of you

my pen has fell in love with you
now the ink writes in your favourite color
my soul sails gracefully into you
searching for the potent subtlety
swimming in your pond of desire
my mind is conscious of your weakness
for it develops a secure kindness .
'Fallen' by Elijah & Ofentse Tsie.

#Art #Life #Love #Poetry #Soul .
712 · Apr 2015
Inhale, Exhale (Part V)
Elijah Apr 2015
Lately I’ve been filled with intricate emotions and unwanted
thoughts that left an unconscious mind wandering in selflessness
drawing a thin line between death and life
I became alive towards society’s hollowness
and dead towards serenity and self-kindness
my spirit was reluctant to my soul
as my divinity drowned underwater
underwater, where I found new peace
because I realised that nothingness exists
I realised that to give in was to let go.
As I arose the sky gave me a new aura
the air gave me mental stability —
I inhaled acceptance of the universe
and exhaled carraige of nothing of this world.
#blossoming #death #divinity #exhale #inhale #life #meditation #peace #soul
711 · Jan 2015
Constant love
Elijah Jan 2015
How dare you go ghost on me
been left with holograms of love's perfect picture
How dare you **** me dry
been left with inanimate liberty of love’s collapsebility
I’m empty and afraid too
aren’t there traces of me stuck on you
cause your presence still lingers over my soul
I’m empty and gloomy too
my body would take countless shots for you
cause your spirit collides with my inner peace.
Collaboration by Yours Truly & Rhema .

#Love #Peace #Happiness #Life
700 · Apr 2015
Inhale, Exhale (Part I)
Elijah Apr 2015
Existence is cautious under the moonlight
how I embrace its essence
as its energy is to enhance spells and projects
and re-define divination in the earth’s objects
I feel safe in its presence.
Though I walk in deep shades of darkness
as my shadow departs me
thick skin is embodied
all forms of fear get cold
as I breathe them out.
#inhale #exhale #divinity #life #meditation #prayer #poetry #peace #prosperity .
648 · Jun 2015
Palms remain still
Elijah Jun 2015
hold onto something
that unfolds mysteries
hold onto something
that uproots reality
stop, breathe, think ..
of mystical empathies.
hold onto thoughts
they enlighten words to existence
abundantly essential to a
garden of imagination and free
hold onto dreams
their vision is as clear
as identity’s knowledge
to sublime grace and eternity
hold onto peace
an upliftment of joy and humility
a radiating field of harmony
hold onto your hands
they carry the midst of pain
the indulgement of passion
the sensation of pleasure ..
they remain known
to a nation of nurture and feeling
they remain crooked
from a lost love’s limitations
they remain still.
#breathe #creation #dreams #empathy #eternity #hands #happy #peace #pleasure #poem #poetry #soul #thoughts
627 · Aug 2015
I can barely breathe
Elijah Aug 2015
Reluctant sadness
was hidden in the essence of my skin
I am dressed in black
for the walking mysterious, feaful,
recurring death I have become.
No one can see my tears
or feel my soul;
they just walk on my fractured heart
that has become a broken glass
unswept in my coffin of thoughts.
I can barely breathe
when all I inhale is toxic cosmic
my vision is blurred with lines
of obscurity and anxiety.
I am down to feeling sappy,
happiness is fake smiles in daylight
and wet pillow at night
fiction truths arouse in my dark room
as I depict a dark twisted fantasy.
My soul is darkened
as my spirit reminisced over my dark ages
when I was a soulless temple
with no cups running over me
no spiritual reflection,
no mental redemption
just a broken sculpture
who can barely breathe.
#anxiety #dark #death #depressed #fear #fractured #heart #life #pain #poetry #sad #soul #spirit
627 · Jul 2015
respect positivity
Elijah Jul 2015
the mind frame is pure
thoughts as white as snow
feelings are vibrant and cured
serenity attains a free flow.
positive energy activates constant elevation — peace.
#calm #energy #feeling #happiness #mind #peace #positive #serenity #thoughts
613 · Jul 2015
Peace (revisited)
Elijah Jul 2015
It was love at first sight
the first time my soul
took a leap of faith
in the sweet prints,
most essential nirvana
the universe freely offered,
a sightseeing forest.
Prime echoes of forever after
as my heartbeats builds a
symphony of melodic serenity
I feel liberated
for my consciousness enhances
a peace of mind,
a piece of nature
recreating my art.
My heart is sanctified
purely surrounded with
nature’s calming energy,
divine connection so lively
in my spiritual activities;
burning the incense
to revive the earth’s essence
grasping the sage,
qualities of an indigo child.
#art #creation #divinity #energy #freedom #indigo #life #love #mental #nature #nirvana #peace #soul #spiritual #thoughts
608 · Jan 2017
The Beginning
Elijah Jan 2017
I surrender to the God of liberty
who makes me lie down in eternal love,
and the malice-infested swamps
dive in my peace
trying to impurify the
esteem of my being.
Here stands a society ready
to annihilate me
their guns point with rage
trying to contradict my black skin
into the depths of sin
I am not a badge of shame.
I always kept myself locked in
became a fiend of my own mind
suppressed in the name
of slavery and injustice
my roots were planted in a dry harvest.
My heart is worn out,
dogged up is my throat
when my speech is unable
to cultivate the capacity of my ethnicity.
Where is the pride?
Where is the peace?
Stay woke, my people.
We need to develop
inherent worth and dignity
resist conformity of the regime
revive our immortal spirits
and begin to breathe in the cosmic of superiority and solidarity.
Black people, we are magic.
'The Beginning' is an introductory piece to a poetry project collective by Elijah which focuses on black consciousness and pride. Inspired by the Black Panther Party movement in 1966, this collective is set to bring awareness to society that black people are human too and we deserve respect. Titled BLACKACY: Black Legacy, Black Excellency , this collective will bring the sense of unity and love within the black community and we shall rise above anything because we are untouched.

#art #black #blackpower #life #love #poetry #respect #soul #unity #worldpeace
600 · Dec 2014
Elijah Dec 2014
Love penetrates through a brokenheart
Peace elevates a soul to meet its art
Happiness creates a home of loving arms

Love penetrates an origin commonality
Peace elevates a lost soul's spirituality
Happiness creates an acknowledged personality.
A blissful moment eradicates impure thoughts, and creates peaceful memories.
#moments #blissful #peaceful
590 · Nov 2015
17 [Art]
Elijah Nov 2015
When I was 4
my folks would say
I was born a human fireball
I graced the presence of the
people in my hood with
rhythmic movements of dance.
5, 6 ...
I never grasped into the knowledge of music, until
I played some neo-soul records
in my aunt’s home
was it love that I was developin’?
or a passion I was embracin’?
or both? only God knew.
Literature came to light as
I was 7, always in my phase
of knowing the unknown.
Teen spirit fever
causing a ravishing sight
in my 13 as I opened my eyes to the beauty behind art.
15 was my age for
my spirit to fit in
creative waters flowing from within
the deepest ocean of my heritage.
I am 17 now, with poetry as my sightseeing forest, freedom in the cultivating mantra of peace,
a peace of mind causing refinement in the living of my soul.
I am 17, an artist,
ready to sanctify my heart and
awaken my generation
in the path enlightened
with wisdom and love.
17 is a new era.

#art #creative #divinity # evolve #free #happy #life #love #mind #peace #poetry #soul #spirit #thoughts #words
577 · Jun 2015
Am I at home?
Elijah Jun 2015
Before I swem in subdued clarity
I cried in hollow nights
you were a product of my woes
misunderstood on a daily basis
attracted anxiety to my smiles
feelings got messy
like a home filled with nostalgic happy
you were bitter, and I was sweet
together we built pensiveness.
#bittersweet #hollow #sadness.
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