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Nov 2015
I was a free spirit.
At the age of 4 child’s play
was my joy and weakness.
When I was 5 it never
mattered to be 6.
Between 7 and 10, reflection
of mother nature was born in me
like a half-fledged thing
I found security in materialistic image,
became nothing in Messiah’s kingdom
walked in the depth of recurring death
I was 11 then ...
with tears of anxiety and deep depression.
I reached 12
tall in flesh but little and empty inside
I hid from textbook illusions and false affection from loved ones.
13 became 16 in a split second;
lessons became a routine than
blessings building from within.
I make countless of mistakes,
constantly reminiscing over the good and bad trials of my life cycle
when I should be progressing
and indulging my vision
how typical!
17 is an era I make up for everything
I am because God is
and it’s time I revolutionalize my generation
because my spirit is timeless, and my time is now!
A king that is I was born on this day .. and I'm ready to channel my vibrations. 16 was bittersweet, 17 is a new era.

#energy #happy #heart #life #love #peace #prosperity #soul #words
Written by
Elijah  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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