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S Feb 25
i feel distant from myself
i feel distant from God
i don't feel like a friend
this has to be self torture right?
it is my hand that is crushing my windpipe RIGHT?
i know everything is by the hand of God
but it feels like i'm hurting myself badly these days
but the pain hurts so good
sometimes it doesn't even feel like pain
that's the problem
the lines are so blurred between the two that i can't see where anything begins or ends anymore
how these lines get crossed
how everything blurs into one
how i am slowly making a descent into nothingness
how fast i am fading..
it feels like i'm free falling
and the hand of God, invisible and mighty, cushions me and slowly, very slowly is lowering me down
so i'm not falling..
i'm not crazy
Feb 25 · 37
it'll pass
S Feb 25
oh man, i'm so TIRED
feeling the weight of life is exhausting and i can't wait for the next moment that i forget about it
Feb 25 · 37
S Feb 25
my old friend, Im not sure much has changed
what else did i expect
from myself?
from life?
from others?
i don't know

there's so much i want to say but at the same time i find myself silent
i find myself zoned out
seeing the curser blink every so often


why am i always hurting
why does it always feel like i'm on the other side of everyone else
why am i always begging
it feels like everything that i want demands my blood, sweat and tears and even then it's not enough, i still don't get it
i mean **** it, i don't even want or need half of what i want
i just
why does everything feel so difficult for me???
raw and insufferable complaints
S Feb 25
i think i blink too much or
much too slow
it seems that i can never let enough of life's light in
and i want to let the light in
i so desperately want to let the light in
Feb 25 · 35
i'm so sorry
S Feb 25
nothing is the same
nothing was ever the same again
everything has changed
everything just changed

everything in my life has claw marks on it
Feb 25 · 36
starless sky
S Feb 25
my silence is the pain that makes me crazy, yet it is also the salve that makes me soulful
S Feb 25
always looking over my shoulder
always keeping an ear free
always opening the window just so I can breathe
S Feb 25
you once told me that I make you feel the most alive
but that i have an amazing ability to make you feel really alone

I understand now
at the time, i said "that's really beautiful" and he said "its's the truth. The truth is beautiful"
Aug 2023 · 55
S Aug 2023
How fleeting is the sound of the neighbours hammering
And how sustained is our rage at the sound of it
S Jul 2023
why can't I shake this terrible feeling
of feeling so lost and stuck
I don't know what to do with myself\I can't even think straight anymore

I've never felt more confused about everything and i think i've just shut down

I just don't see a way out
I just don't know what to do
Jul 2023 · 430
S Jul 2023
Life has a light that never fades but we just keep closing our eyes for too long
S Jul 2023
I think my wasted potential is really a heartbreak
I have so much to give to the world but nothing useful wills to pour out of me
I feel frozen

I don’t know how to unlock myself at all
S Jul 2023
You know things are bad when Dostoyevsky says something and you can relate
Jul 2023 · 60
S Jul 2023
When I think about me I think about him
Jul 2023 · 480
When you know, you know
S Jul 2023
As the night closes in I think about how  loneliness is not about the absence of people in our lives, rather it is the people around us and our lack of interest in them that makes us feel lonely
S Mar 2023
I've always gotten lost in my head, thinking about all the ways I could cut my flesh open and destroy myself, to finally end myself
some time elapsed and I finally realised that it is not death that I long for but just pain
I want to take myself apart piece by piece
to feel at peace and feel that sweet release
Mar 2023 · 63
x marks the spot
S Mar 2023
the highs of mania and the lows of depression are harder to ride as time goes on
especially when I can't find any answers
especially when I can't understand myself or the world around me
suffocating on my emptiness
I walk around
yet I am nowhere to be found
Mar 2023 · 108
I wonder where you are
S Mar 2023
S for say
say something to me
I miss your writing on here
Mar 2023 · 188
S Mar 2023
somewhere between the drink that burns my throat and Anderson Paak's voice, i find my thoughts drifting to the same place they always do
S Mar 2023
i dream of having a piano in front of me so my fingers could dance across the keys instead of my neck
fun fact, I would never keep something like a piano in my house because if I heard it playing at 3am I would pass out - some ghosts are just musical but that just scares me even more <3
S Mar 2023
this isn't what I wanted at all

i feel like one day you just become an adult and you have no idea what to do with a life that you really didn't want
as in the life that you live isn't the one that you wanted
what do you even do with that? because I feel like life really isn't what you make it
life happens no matter how much you try to shape it

I guess i have no real idea about what I want
most of my life has been spent knowing what i don't want as if that ever made a difference
there are only a few moments in my life where I can confirm I have actually been alive
but mostly I think about the fact that I just exist, just like a lot of people, just like everyone actually
Mar 2023 · 82
S Mar 2023
you wished for so much and you got it
now enjoy it
Mar 2023 · 332
story of my life
S Mar 2023
Loneliness is not about the absence of people in our lives. It is actually the people surrounding us and our lack of interest in them that makes us lonely
S Mar 2023
going straight on airplane mode to just stare at myself in the mirror because I look really quite cute tonight.

I feel like i have something interesting to give tonight, just no one to give it to
S Mar 2023
always disappointed to see my sluttier posts get attention and drive anything meaningful that I show the world into obscurity
Mar 2023 · 51
S Mar 2023
I used to love talking to you at night when you were in your study
even though we were miles away and I wasn't there it felt like our special place
because you spent all night there talking to me
bridging the gap whilst you were away
and you would tell me so many stories
and find old things in the drawer of your desk
and on the other side of the world I was in my childhood bedroom
whispering so my parents couldn't hear
but let's face it, I was always loud
and somehow never got caught
I guess because it was the summer holiday, they knew I didn't have to think about school just yet
you captivated me
and let me into a world I was interested to see
a world I didn't really need to see just yet though
Mar 2023 · 285
would you like to play?
S Mar 2023
at night I think about being your glass table girl <3
Mar 2023 · 75
S Mar 2023
looking at the shattered tea cup on the floor feels so familiar
do you think if I reached out to touch it, that I would feel a gentle caress on my own skin?
if I swept it up
and heard it drag across across the floor
would I make a sound? what if I moaned ever so lightly?
how would that make you feel?
and if I left the shattered pieces to just lay there
would you pick them up?
I imagine you standing over them
towering, with your 6ft frame
I know you would see the beauty in the mess
you might smile
you might bend down for a closer look
maybe you would even touch me
of course you would
maybe I would ask you to
maybe I would beg for you to pick up a piece
maybe I would scream for you to clench your first around it and feel the stabbing pain that comes with blood flow

in the hallway of our minds place lays a shattered tea cup
and in the palm of our hands lays a piece of it
and in the gaze of our eye is one another
and the only name on your lips is mine
For I am yours
and you are mine
and I am you
and you are me
Nov 2022 · 179
S Nov 2022
I think the worst thing about the way I’m living these days is that my self destruction isn’t even fun
S Nov 2022
I keep trying to remember being a child
I feel like I need to look for something in those memories
Nov 2022 · 89
S Nov 2022
I want to be free
Nov 2022 · 113
Solitude and the sea
S Nov 2022
The biggest lie I ever told myself was that I didn’t need anyone
That i had myself
That I was enough for me

and it sounds scary right. I guess it is but I can’t feel the fear
I am sinking, in a sea that swallows me
It’s getting darker
I’m not even aware of the surface above me
So how can I break through? No
I don’t want to break through
I can’t
I shouldn’t
I am sinking
I am fluid
Life is still, not peaceful
but still
My eyes are closed and I’m floating
Barely there as a person
Though you see my body that the sea has swallowed
My soul has dissolved
S Nov 2022
You’re all I have, I said to the wall in front of me
The wall did not respond. It just stared back
Blankly, silently
S Nov 2022
A human does the tango with desire and gives the most disgusting performance of a lifetime
S Jun 2022
Maybe I could turn my radio on and listen to the static, it means you’re there somewhere right? If I push that button to talk, you’ll hear me right? If I hold my radio tight will I one day hear your whisper through the interference? Are you there? Do you copy? Do you copy?
Jun 2022 · 92
S Jun 2022
Is it possible for a human to feel so sorry?
Feb 2022 · 85
it just passed
S Feb 2022
a moment passed
and then there was nothing
Feb 2022 · 78
in my eyes, and yours
S Feb 2022
pale skin
shining eyes wet with fresh tears
cherry lips
cold skin
warm cheeks
a sharp stare
dark hair
your finger in her mouth as she cries
or shaking
her hair frames her face
move it
your nail digging into her cut lip
the blood running down her chin
feels wet
a metallic taste
a delicious taste
so strange
fear in her eyes
increase it
pleasure in your eyes
you can't hide it
it can't get any better than this
improve it
keep going
I can't stop
control yourself
let go
you're being violated
take it
I can't
do it
keep going
don't you dare
this is mine
i'm yours
who am i?
I want this
I need this
i need you
I needed you
Feb 2022 · 258
a cry for help
S Feb 2022
when will this shadow stop following me?
I know that it brings me comfort
but i want to be free

I want to be free
S Feb 2022
I always wanted to know everyone's stories
I wanted to know if their stars were the same as mine

If you have a story, will you share it with me please?
S Feb 2022
God, I am calling out to you
though I am not begging on my knees
I wish I was

Instead I look up at your moon and ponder my existence
Nothing comes of it
My soul just grows more restless
But you know that already


God, I am calling out to you today
To free me from the shackles of myself
To let me breathe your sweet air everyday and cherish it

Please cleanse my heart and give my soul nourishment
Allow my eyes to see the beauty of your earth
and to feel the hum of life vibrate through me once again

I have grown restless, ungrateful and wretched
Let me fall into your beauty
Let me see the beauty that I am blind to


I want to see again
I want to feel again
I want to feel the sun on my skin
and only focus on the feeling of now

I want your forgiveness
I want your acceptance
and I want your guidance


I may be lost in this maze
but I know my destination, I have never forgotten nor can I forget
All I can do is ask that you make my path clear for me
I know I'm bad
But I still believe
Doesn't that count for anything?
Feb 2022 · 82
save this for tonight
S Feb 2022
close your hands around my throat and god don't let me go
writhe against me in the grey light
it's fast but I know you feel it slow
Feb 2022 · 61
S Feb 2022
i miss being able to sleep
but my heart hurts when i'm not chasing the night
Feb 2022 · 76
S Feb 2022
I let you see me and now I can't see myself anymore
Feb 2022 · 371
S Feb 2022
Loving someone is never a waste
Feb 2022 · 78
S Feb 2022
when you can have everything, why want more?
Feb 2022 · 62
I still think of you
S Feb 2022
S for say something to me
Feb 2022 · 71
S Feb 2022
Do you think I’m crazy?
Feb 2022 · 68
S Feb 2022
The feeling of my hand around my neck is so familiar to me
Like a mother’s touch

My nails scratch the surface of my tight skin
And they move back and forth, pacing gently
They wait so patiently
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