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S Aug 2023
How fleeting is the sound of the neighbours hammering
And how sustained is our rage at the sound of it
S Jul 2023
why can't I shake this terrible feeling
of feeling so lost and stuck
I don't know what to do with myself\I can't even think straight anymore

I've never felt more confused about everything and i think i've just shut down

I just don't see a way out
I just don't know what to do
S Jul 2023
Life has a light that never fades but we just keep closing our eyes for too long
S Jul 2023
I think my wasted potential is really a heartbreak
I have so much to give to the world but nothing useful wills to pour out of me
I feel frozen

I don’t know how to unlock myself at all
S Jul 2023
You know things are bad when Dostoyevsky says something and you can relate
S Jul 2023
When I think about me I think about him
S Jul 2023
As the night closes in I think about how  loneliness is not about the absence of people in our lives, rather it is the people around us and our lack of interest in them that makes us feel lonely
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