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Edmond Aug 2014
Call me raven
for I am sensitive
to human persecution.
I'll run away from man
and hide in the wilderness.

Call me crow
for I mock man.
I thrived on his sociality.
I laugh at his face
and at his impotent attempts
to **** me.
Edmond Aug 2014
I drank in dark water
and my soul blackened.
I have been baptized
by darkness.
My eyes shed
the blindness
and now I see.
Demons surround us,
they rule the world,
there is no escape.
They control the direction
of the winds,
they control the world.
They feed us lies
and we call them philosophies.
They entered our minds
and our hearts
and we called them gods.
They offer us happiness
but no tomorrows.
We gave them love
but they don't give love back.
They keep us
in chains
made of fears and superstitions.
They made us
their slaves
but some of use are too dumb,
blind to see.
We are sheep
going to the slaughter,
We say, we are on top of
the food chain
but they are above us,
demons love to feed
on us.
  Aug 2014 Edmond
Can the rainfall translate into words of love
in the same way your heartbeats always patted
out the same old beat, I love you
I love you too

  Could the wind through the trees
ever whisper as softly as you did at 3 am
when we stayed awake all night just trying
to remain alive?

  The heavy breaths I felt on my chest
before you would awaken and kiss me a little too hard
were always the most calming sounds I believed any
human could make

  The storm clouds don't really exist anywhere
outside of my mind, and the lightning struck lovers
that we always were just had to see the sunrise
one day
  Aug 2014 Edmond
it wasn't enough to hear you say that you love me,
I needed proof, hard proof, evidence
that a being like yourself even had a heart inside that skeletal cage,
does it beat? Or just lay still
like your body when you're beside me.

I know you don't love me any more,
your heart stopped beating at least 3 months ago
and before that I have a feeling it was black, and cold as ice, anyway

you'd beg for kisses, and more, and tell me you love me
as you collapsed in a heap next to me
but never on me, there was always distance between us
even when we should be the closest one human can get to another

but I felt the space between us, turn from a crack, to a gaping hole
you never told me you loved me when I kissed you, or when I had to blow your nose
because you were too sick to even move your arms

you never said you loved me when I cooked us breakfast on a rainy morning
and you listened to me humming our song, under a breath laced with regret
and that morning I let you wind your arms around my front, and you whispered in my ear
I thought you'd say you loved me, you just told me the eggs were cooked wrong
  Aug 2014 Edmond
For most of my life
I wanted to help people
I wanted to be a superhero
I wanted to save people
From everything that was hurting them
I wanted to fix up people's wounds
But then I found out what it meant to be a savior
It means you spend every day worried
That your best friend may not be alive tomorrow
It means second guessing
You say to him
It is being told you are the only reason he is alive
It is spending nights awake
Because being someone who saves
Isn't as rewarding as you thought it would be
Edmond Jun 2013
Poetry is

Poetry is the
poet's philosophy.

A poet lives by
a poetic philosophy.
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