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Donald Berwaldt May 2014
You make me smile…

When I hear you
When I see you
When I'm with you
When I kiss you

When you kiss me
When you miss me
When you're with me
When you lift me

When we're texting
When we're talking
When we're biking
When we're walking

When we're going
When we're staying
When we're moving
When we're laying

When you smile
When we smile
That's when I smile

            …all the while.
  May 2014 Donald Berwaldt
Her name is love...
She is the most truthful person
you will ever meet.
She is small...
She is beautiful
I am big yet young,
compared to her...
I love her with all my heart.
She is my one and only...
She is my sister
She is my true love...
I love her...
She loves me...
Though she can't say it
nor show it,
I know its true.
She will never lie to me,
She will only love me.
She is my sister,
is Lyndie.
She will never speak, nor show affection
but I know deep down,
She and I,
have a true connection.
This is a poem about my older sister Lyndie. She has a rare genetic disorder called Rett Syndrome. This makes it so she can't walk or talk or control herself in anyway. She can crawl and and laugh and scream but that is about it.

— The End —