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i am
whoever you say that i am,
and that's all that i'll ever be,
(to you).
 Sep 2013 Diana Iriz
Georgiana S
Imagine a world with plenty of air
Which doesn't care less
That your lungs strive with pain.

Imagine a world filled with sunrise
Which doesn't care less
That your eyes cry senseless.

Imagine this kind of water
Which doesn't bring mildness
To your dry, dusted lips.

Imagine the world I imagine...
Sights painted with unknown,
Words in brackets tortured and thrown,
Twisted sounds in mirrorr unfolded,
Lies in black bags, stories untold
Thoughts like salted sands, fears unhold.

There are many the things I see
In the "too many things I can't see".
I imagine too much, too many at a time -
Then reality falls in a deep distress.
Imagine a world with air, water and sunrise
Or create our own universe
Which doesn't care less.
 Sep 2013 Diana Iriz
Max Petersen
clench your body when you think of your past
sit back and ponder all the **** that you had
the good
the bad
those ******* friends that you hated
but it was fine because everything was elated
by the chemicals we shoved deep in our brainstems
made everything fantastic again
like were kids
running around
not trying to understand how we stick to the ground
ignorance is a blissful mindset
you don't have to think about all of the *******
if you don't see it
it doesn't exist
so lets run
and not have to worry about anyone.
 Sep 2013 Diana Iriz
Gone were the days that I fretted
Gone were the days that I got so immersed with careless fun
They all perished with a purpose
They all wrecked with no memories remorse.

All of these happened with no intended casualty
All of these came into being with no accident
For you came, first unnoticed
Yet, now the most beloved as fate meant.

Each moment spent is a day in heaven
Each day treasured is a bliss of Nirvana
With you, love is endless, timeless and limitless seemingly
All these words I say, simply lovely.

Could hardly imagine a life without you
Could barely think of an impure love
You put a mark on everything that is of me
Significantly, you did all and made me happy.

Reality checks in our circumstance
Reality brings reasons and pains
Parting is what we're destined
You serve your task across the seas.

I remain here waiting and hoping
I remain here praying and remembering
My blessed heart is your gift
A lifetime for me, forever cherished.

A promise has been made between us
A promise has been left and an undying trust
You'll be here soon, and that I foresee
Love shall blossom and be kept binding.

A deep gratitude, I shall reward
A deep gratitude, I shall say
For presenting a new world and meaning
For always being there when I need thee.

If I be permitted to write my fate
If I be permitted to draw my stars
Then, you'll be my other half forever
And my heart shall be blessed by you and a prayer.
 Jul 2013 Diana Iriz
i am a little in love
mind you...
only a LITTLE
with a deaf boy...

he says things with his eyes
you wouldn't believe
and touches me
like you would never understand
i don't even
he is so sweet

i have never liked boys
who don't hear me out
who don't listen to me
it is

words are
ive never met a deaf person. he is a wonderfully handsome sweetheart...he just can't hear me. and for once, i love it.
she gave me an empty book
in which to write poetry.

she told me she made it.

she told me she didn't use line paper because
lines only limit us.

without lines on the pages,
my poems would surely flow more freely

in all directions.

i couldn't tell her
that when my world is spinning out of control (which is often)

that lines are the only thing that can give me direction
 Jun 2013 Diana Iriz
Adeline Dean
With hearts sublime, they do take flight.

Into the darkest depths of night.

Their weapons readied, set to fire,

Their footsteps silent through the mire

The trap is sprung, the enemy caught.

And through the dismal night they fought.

Blood spattered the starry skies.

And with it poured countless lies.

The blood-red sun rose across the plains,

There were too many losses, and too little gains.

And with their hands bloodied, and their uniforms singed,

A Battle has been won--and a War now begins.

And as they left the battlefield,

The wind seemed to whisper to the remaining some;

Injustices left alone and undone--let them end you,

One. By. One.

But these words did not stir them, and not too late,

Those fearless soldiers finally met their fate.

And with their chins held high, they marched into war.

It was ****, or be killed, and nothing more.

And they were, one by one, struck down with cruel blows.

Slaughtered mercilessly, while mocked by their foes.

And as their lives ebbed away into the soil below,

They knew there was one last code left to follow.

Then the night was filled with the thrums of song,

As they hummed their last words, smiling all along.

Their words slowly faded, heartbeats gradually died,

As their spirits soared into the Heavens On High.

"I've served my faith well, and that is my relief,

I've filled the hearts of each child with belief.

And as my soul finally fades away into the skies,

I know blessed are those who believe, for indeed they shall thrive."

And the old general sat, as he'd often do.

And pondered in thought, over who had served who.

Then his eyes swelled with tears as he realized the truth.

"They died not just for their country, but for us too."

His sad red eyes closed as tears fell to the floor,

"They lost the battle, but their peace was restored."

With army cap in his lap, and a quill pen he bore,

He wrote the first tales of those brave men before:
 Jun 2013 Diana Iriz
Denise G
The air I exhaust is the breath I long for.
The desire to be emasculated by your every touch.
Your endeavor has gone more than noticed.
I come alive at black to stare at a gleaming light to try to understand your dreams.
My every minute is spent in a stage of being absent-minded.
I inexorably begin to discern what I crave.

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