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Denise G Jan 2015
I fell in love not with your tongue
though with the scintillation in your eyes
and the almost unnoticeable unremitting sighs
the ones before you slide into a soothing sleep
withal the way your lips fit mine
and intertwine between my inner needs
the way i weaken in your grasp
devouring me with each gasp
You sir, are the one i want to please
and beholds the heart to be seized
Denise G Mar 2014
As my lips wrap around yours
I begin to plummet in a sea of no color
Something so tranquil and so plain
Not even a speck of grey

My walls spin till no end
All thoughts have met no mends
You sir have managed to touch the smallest of nerve
Breaking my very curve

I now dance upon the tip of your finger
Grasping your tongue with words that linger
Denise G Dec 2013
Silver linings
Bells a ringin'
White doves forever singing
Illusions are amongst us
Or at least my soul whimpering in the dust

I am a year older
Yet the warmth still shivers colder
Don't you see, this **** is all wrong
Blindly living like a **** jingle bell song

Yes, I am disappointed.
Constantly having my body disjointed
Misunderstood, confused
Always banging my mind 'till it's bruised

Officially slipped in an enclosed cage
Suffocating myself in my own pessimistic rage
Denise G Nov 2013
Simplicity is beautiful
It's easily carved and shaped
Lists are short
Dreams dance on pedestals
Art splattered on vacancies
Turning minds to light bulbs
Ability to recognize details
Grace your body
Your soul
Words rolling off the tip of your tongue
It's quite fascinating I have to say
Your world, you know
A box full of discoveries
Denise G Nov 2013
feeble minds

and such young souls

tortured by the growing holes

fate woven between the vanes

kids diminishing like ******* lanes

cuts, bruises, scrapes

nothing the simple bandaid will escape

eventually settling into a state of decay

frail bones breaking away
Denise G Nov 2013
i don't need compliments
and lavish words to bathe in
nor do i need to be taken care of
as if i'm not able to handle myself
i'd rather stand in the middle of the road
where a car can take my last breath
while you weep on the curb
and drop to your knees
than suffocate myself under your wrath
so don't offer me a hand
as though i'm suppose to *accept it
Denise G Nov 2013
Walk over to the cabinet
Barely scraping your feet against the kitchen floor
Grab a tall glass
Pour it slowly till it's full
Drink it
All the faults
Tilt your head back against the wall
Slide down
Lay on the ground because that's all you got
Slip away for a few moments
And realize you got a hell of a lot more than most
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