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Diamond Mar 2016
I look into your eyes and I see a stranger
Someone that I do not know
Those hands, those lips
They had never touched me
And I do not know where the you I yearn for has gone
I am unsure if the flame inside you has burned to ash
Or if a flame was truly ever lit in the first place
Whatever engulfed the him that I remember
Has chased away his inner soul that I once had in my grasp
And I don't even think I want to try and run and get him back
Diamond Feb 2016
here we are
chest to chest
wandering slowly out of the untold world of
immeasurable addiction
he's done it again

heavy breathing, messy hair and sweat beads formed on the top of your brow
reveal our very true tale
of The Dance with Two Backs

you lay in absolute silence
so peacefully and elegantly
I feel urged follow in your lead
I can't help but begin to admire every crevice and beauty mark
painted across your skin
taking in the moment

your fingers are now interlocked with mine
your eyes are closed and your naked body revealed
I see you clearer than I ever have before
and I am unsure if what I see is even my reality
our reality
it is just too good to be true

why is it that when he gets his satisfaction
he still will not stop until my body shakes with joy
why is it that even after we finish
kissing and caressing each other until day break
he takes a second to grab a hold of my face
to ask if I am okay
really okay

he does not scurry off or make haste to leave my presence
he holds onto my hand
and falls into the deepest sleep
ensuring that our body heats combine into one effortless force of happiness
and while our high is coming down
the love we share continues to rise
Diamond Feb 2016
As you glide your hands across my naked body
you leave behind the mark of the beast.
We let lust get the best of us so easily

because with every stroke comes so much power
and moaning that continues to get a little bit louder.

So as your fingers continue to dance across my skin
My temperature rises in the name of

Diamond Feb 2016
Laying in your arms
is my personal retreat
and man

have I been stressed out.
Diamond Feb 2016
Your true beauty is seen when I look into your eyes
Beauty that is seen
even by the blind
Beauty that doesn't take much effort for you to show
Beauty that is reflected from deep within your soul
Beauty that can trigger hopes for a mental connection
Beauty that is absolute coincidental perfection
Beauty that could make any goddess jealous
Beauty that could make any mortal overzealous
Beauty like the first flower of the year in full bloom
Beauty that captures the focus of a full room
Beauty that somehow beats all of the odds
Your beauty is a true work of art from our God

True beauty is the repetition of flawless excellence not only in the physical sense but more of a soul sense and I ask myself how is shawty so bad yet she gives my soul a cleanse....she possesses the type of beauty to make any ***** want to cherish her the same way the he should cherish his mother equipped with the beauty to make him only have eyes for her & blind to any other.
Another *** could have a bank account full of money yet he wouldn't pay mind to any other.
Another shorty could be the only one in a room with a watch and he still wouldn't give her the time of day but...**** they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and behold-- it is her and her beauty is a work of art like a painting by van gogh or da vinci and she holds the amount beauty to make a ***** say **** I hope she's into me
don't mean to offend you mona lisa but
what man wouldn't want to get into ya
inside of you
to glide on you
ride and collide into you
But personally
I'd rather make you *** mentally that's when feelings are true but in a world full of feelings that most of us seem to hide it's hard to reveal your inner beauty when you know it wont be appreciated and I
know you never know what its like to be appreciated
but here I am sitting in the corner of the classroom watching you write notes about a subject that I cant even focus on because
your beauty completely captivates my mind
body and
I hope that a man looks at you this way, some day.

— The End —