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Jan 14 · 32
devante moore Jan 14
Face purple from choking
Slap away helping hands
To afraid to open
Emotions rusted
From the lack of being used
Lips once a healthy brown
Now turned blue
To late to change
Pain is like glue
Once dried and settled
It’s hard to remove
And I’m stuck
Unable to move
To think I’ll be fine one day
Hard to believe
Holding my breath for so long
I can’t breathe
devante moore Dec 2019
I don’t want to fight
Or be at war
But you
You drew you sword
Ready to charge
Contempt in your eyes
You rather us shed blood
Just to protect you pathetic lies
And there I stand
Pen in hand
Fueled by anger
Slowing pulling me under
Hate building in my heart
Eye swollen
Because of the inability to cry
You’ll never know how I feel
Unless I put them between the lines
Ive alway hid how I feel
But even faced by your steel
I still
Rather write my truths
Pass them on
Then directly expose my secrets to you
Blamed you
Like I’ve done no wrong
I could at least commit them to paper
But you chosen to slash
And split my skin
Then expose what you’ve kept within
And even if I die
What I’ve wrote will always be found in between the lines
But your sword will eventually rust and crumble to dust
Nov 2018 · 181
devante moore Nov 2018
Your screams of help
Gets lost in the depths
As the waves of the murky water come crashing in
You tried to hurt me
And a congratulations is in order
Because it actually worked
But now it’s your turn
I hope your lungs feel like they’re in flames, as you struggle to breath
I don’t know if I’m maniacal
Or just an evil genius
Leaving all of your limbs but one free
Your sins are what bound you here
I just brought the rope
I don’t want you to die
But the water is already passed your throat
Still I walk away
With no shame
Wondering how will you go
Will it be from the high tide
Or the weight of your own ego
That made you think
You could toy with me
And keep living freely
Nov 2018 · 151
High tide
devante moore Nov 2018
Feet in the sand
I can still feel myself sinking
Water cold to the touch
The tides roll in and out
Past my ankles
Now up to my knees
And out in the distance
The ocean is as blue as the naked sky
They both seem to never end
Lost in a gaze
The water has risen a bit higher
Now tugging at my hands
Playfully pulling me down
But still in place I stand
Tamed by how calm the water has become
Now that it’s grown
Wrapping itself around my waste
The breeze amplifies it’s frigidness
And now my body starts to quiver
But I’m rooted
And can’t escape this aquatic landscapes
Up above
The last signs of life
A group of seagulls
Passing by
As the water has risen up
Past my neck
Covering my eyes
Nov 2018 · 120
devante moore Nov 2018
My memories of you don’t seem to age
I can still remember your full name
I can’t seem to forget
And it’s the one thing I regret
Thoughts flash like lightning
And leave just as quick
I drown in them
Sink all the way to the bottom
Like a damage battleship  
Unequipped with life rafts
This wasn’t a war I expected to lose
But you out witted and tricked me
**** these human emotions
I quit
I can either live being taunted my these vision of you
Or set ablaze this dynamite stick
And blow myself into oblivion
Nov 2018 · 105
The sunflower
devante moore Nov 2018
Should I replenish your thirst
Or just let you wilt
Wait until the ground **** you dry
No remorse felt
Your bright yellow
That could attract a crowd
Slowly turned to beige
Your core
Once a perfect brown
How quickly you’ve seem to age
At a distance I watch
Beautiful once
But anyone else would think you’ve rot
None knowing what you need
Oct 2018 · 495
devante moore Oct 2018
She asked me
“Now that I’m gone, how does the sun feel’
It feels unreal
Like it’s not even there
There’s no radiating warmth
And when I stop and reach for the sky
It slips through my fingers
I’m just grabbing at air
But when I stand motionless
Does the earth stop spinning
Do the birds that dare to challenge the sky
Do there wings stop flapping midair
Would the fish in the sea
Stop swimming because of me
If I stop moving
Would animals stop living
Would a lion stop haunting
Would a dog stop digging
Would the moon
Escape from its orbit
And head towards earth
If I stopped moving
Would the world even care
Oct 2018 · 924
devante moore Oct 2018
Retract and hide
Someone is showing interest
Close the door
And lock it
Blasts music until blood drips from your sockets
Do whatever you can
Just don’t let them inside
Sep 2018 · 177
devante moore Sep 2018
All my ex’s drink
Was that because of me?
These are my last night thoughts
And if that’s the case
Take a shot for me
For the time you wasted
Take a shot for me
For the countless nights I couldn’t sleep
Take a shot
For all those times I didn’t eat
Because the stress was to much
All the food forced down
Would end up coming back out of me
Take a shot
Until your kidneys explode
Take a shot
Until the regrets you hide
Pour out of you like the lies
And the empty bottle you drown in like ocean tides
Drink until your liver fails
And your stomach swells
Take a shot and don’t stop for me
Sep 2018 · 238
devante moore Sep 2018
Be cautious were you lay
Because often we betray
She said she loved me
But every action she ever portrayed
Was erased
When I found out she was kissing another on the lips
While his hands found a home on her hips
Sep 2018 · 260
devante moore Sep 2018
I told you
I’d die for you
That’s why I didn’t fight it
Or try to stop it
When you jabbed the knife in my chest
I guess this is what happens
When you tell someone
Your heart is there’s
Sep 2018 · 2.7k
Only regrets
devante moore Sep 2018
My only regret
I didn’t stick it out with you
Promised I’d fight
But when things got congested and tight
I walked out
Wish I never did
Wish we didn’t live on two different soils but we did

My only regret
I didn’t leave you when I had the chance
I couldn’t eat
Nights without sleep
Never thought something like this would happen to me
I was faithful since day one
But that still didn’t stop you from cheating  

My only regret
Falling in love
Despite the thoughts in my head
Warning me
Don’t do it
Falling in love is stupid
And when it’s over your going to feel useless
Realizing love is a combination best served without you
Aug 2018 · 798
devante moore Aug 2018
I started losing my mind
When everyone that said they loved me started leaving
I started gasping for air
When I realized I stopped breathing
Carpet burns on the forefront of my toes
As a result
Of trying to stop myself from swinging
I couldn’t call for help
Because the rope around my neck stopped me from screaming
Couldnt come up with a title... opened to suggestions
Aug 2018 · 262
Alter ego
devante moore Aug 2018
I don’t smoke
It’s uncool to choke
And it would probably calm me down
But I like being angry
And I like being down
Trying to pick my words carefully
But I have no filter
So it all flows out of me carefree
And steadily like a stream
Whatever pops in my head
I say it
And I meant it
I’m burden with foul language
When someone flips my switch
And I lose my ****
Deep breathes
Can’t let this loneliness get to me
It just might cause insanity
I’m ok
My persona
Is just a loner
I guess this is just me though
But the person who’s talking
Is my alter ego
Aug 2018 · 169
Never welcomed
devante moore Aug 2018
Sometimes I wonder
Why I bunkered down in a den full of wolves
Being the only sheep
And hoping
Their belly’s are to full of raw meat
For them to worry about devouring me
Multiple chances
I’ve had to escape
But I was never the type to flock to my own
Or crowd up like sheep
Being lead in a herd is just not me
And I always felt as if I was never welcomed
Jul 2018 · 218
devante moore Jul 2018
You’ll never find another like me
And that’s not me stroking my ego
Because I know
I’ll never find anyone
That drove me crazy like you
Jul 2018 · 713
devante moore Jul 2018
Don’t wait till I’m laying in a casket
To tell me how you really feel
Save your tears
And the sobbing you’re doing across my lifeless chest
Quit the yelling
And the heartbroken distress you’re in
You’re only disrupting my rest
It doesn’t matter what you reveal
It won’t return the life and color to my skin
No my eyes won’t well up
From the revelation of feelings you’ve been hiding within
My face would stay as dryer as desert snow
Its way to late
Jul 2018 · 306
Praying for me
devante moore Jul 2018
Who’s praying for me
Because I step out of bed
Into water that’s ankle deep
And as I look around
I’m still stuck at sea

Who’s praying for me
Because there’s this emptiness
In the pit of my stomach
And I feel it only getting deeper
And constantly expanding

Who’s praying for me
Because I constantly thirst for love
Like someone who stranded in the desert
And haven’t seen water for days
But I don’t know which is more deadly
The thirst
Or the deficiency

Who is praying for me
If you are
Please stop
They’re not helping
Jul 2018 · 407
Spaceship spaceship
devante moore Jul 2018
Where should I go
I’ve left earth
Couldn’t live with the humans anymore
I got tired of the deceit, in the white of their smiles
And the lies that sat in the pupils of their eyes
where should I go
Maybe to Mars
Highjack the rover
Let myself become engulfed in the ongoing
desert storm
Falling harder then Minnesota winter snow
Being around these beings for to long
All they do is steal
And **** each other meaninglessly
Please take me away
The farther the better
I cannot stay
Jul 2018 · 295
devante moore Jul 2018
With no seatbelt on
Eyes glued to this technology
Who cares about the road
It’s not considered suicide
If I accidentally crash my car into a light pole
I’ve always been a bit reckless
When it came to me
Jul 2018 · 245
It’s okay
devante moore Jul 2018
If you don’t love me anymore
Tell me
Its okay
Because this
That’s settled in
Will eventually
Tear me A  P  A  R  T
Jul 2018 · 509
The lies we tell
devante moore Jul 2018
Most people say
“You don’t know what you have till it’s gone”
That isn’t true
We know exactly what we have
We just never think it’ll leave
And then we try and make up for how we treated that thing we had
And most of the time it’s to late
Jul 2018 · 211
My dear lover
devante moore Jul 2018
She stares at me
With her hands on its hilt
Holding on to the knife she’s jammed in my ribs
But still
I kiss her soft lifts
In response she ****** her hands in my chest
Crushing my heart
So I wrap my arms around her
To bring us closer
But my neck
Only ends up cuffed between her palms
I smile
Even though I’m almost out of breath
My dear
Why do you try to **** me?
Can’t you tell
I’m already dead
Jul 2018 · 218
Never settle
devante moore Jul 2018
Stop chasing her
When she doesn’t even look back searching for you
And stop trying to impress him
With makeup
That hides the true beauty in your eyes
And the tight clothes
Doesn’t matter how **** you dress
He still looks past you
No instead
Go after the girl
That that will run beside you
The one that will stop
And rest next to you
When you’re gassed and out of breath
Look for the guy
Who will giggle at you’re crazy hair
Because it can’t be tamed
Stay with the guy
That will lay in bed
For as long as you do
And reply to your messages instantly
Because these days
No one really do
Stop chasing her beauty
And his rock hard abs
It often false advertisement
Because the burden they carry
With be the end of you
devante moore Jul 2018
Running frantically down a vacant street
Dashing through puddles
As they splash beneath my feet
And squirt from in between my toes
Why am I not wearing any shoes
I’m in a rush
But my destination is a secret my mind has hidden from me
I guess it’s been raining for awhile
Everything is soaked
From the buildings
To the streets
The cars
And even the trees
Who leaves hang like her wet hair
But it’s finally starting to slow

And what the wilting rain unveils is unnerving

Finally I get a glimpse of my surroundings
But the scenery before my eyes....
The street lights
Desperately hanging
Its last few wires hold on tight
But the green is as dim as her eyes
On the verge of going out for good
Stop signs bent
Posters on brick walls
Halfway torn down
Cars parked randomly
The paint faded
Covered in scared
That seem to reach all the way to her bones
Building windows cracked
Open signs
Fizz,spark and blink

Not sure if this is a dream, or foreshadowing
But before I can think
It starts to rain
Jul 2018 · 186
Animal kingdom
devante moore Jul 2018
Humans are suppose to be the most evolved species
Top of the food chain
But there are some animals that mate for life
While us
“Evolved species”
Can creep and cheat
On our so called “soul mate”
Night after night
If you ask me
We are no better then the animals we eat
Jul 2018 · 689
Love birds
devante moore Jul 2018
Two distant birds
Land on a branch of an old tree
Cooing and bobbing they’re heads in synch
And just before they could touch beaks
The branch snaps violently
Jul 2018 · 185
devante moore Jul 2018
Igba o lọ bi orere

rien n'est éternel

nada dura para siempre

Nothing last forever
Jul 2018 · 183
Not like I do
devante moore Jul 2018
It’s weird
Almost poetic
That’s listening to a song in a language I don’t understand
Is what sparks thoughts of you
And now
I’m about to say things I’ve been trying to avoid
I’ve locked up the memories in a vault
Deep within me
But bits and pieces still seep through
So here goes

I don’t want anyone else loving you
Because no one else knows
How much she hates her nose
And how terrified she is of taking pictures of her toes
No one will appreciate the beauty In her imperfections like I do

I don want another’s lips touching hers
Because it’s where mine should be
I don’t want his hands playing in her hair until its messy and covers her face
I don’t want another guy staring into her green eyes in my place

No one knows the things she told me
So when she has multiple finished cigarettes at her feet
Or when she’s getting high in the evening
And drinking alcohol when she should be sleep
They’ll never know what she’s hiding
He’ll never know when you’re hurting
Not like I do

You’ll think it’s weird she draws a unicorn smoking ****
While I find it funny and cute
You won’t know what she goes to Mc Donald’s for
He won’t know her favorite drink

You wouldn’t know how stupid she feels
When she pronounces a word wrong
You won’t laugh out of love like I do
You wouldn’t tell her to say it again
Because you just loved the way she talks

There’s so much more
That he wouldn’t know
He favorite color, he favorite show
I don’t want any other guy knowing her like I do
Because even if she’s gone, she’s still belongs with me
Jul 2018 · 366
devante moore Jul 2018
You’re nothing more then a temptation
That twist and turn my stomach  
Almost sickening
One look in your eyes
And my heart convinced me this is meant to be
Ignoring my mind
Constantly screaming
True love is fiction
It’s the same as a drunk man trying prove he knows karate
Someone is going to end up hurt
But any man who kissed your lips
His virginity would cease to exist
I got insnared in your musk
And I would’ve walk through the fire
Kicked down the doors of hell
If you were trapped behind them
I would’ve packed my bags and flown to any destination
If you were there
So Entangled I didn’t think clear
But now my flesh can touch yours
Without me getting lost
I paid the price
It wasn’t money
What I paid with
Will be more costly then I thought
Jul 2018 · 160
I fall apart
devante moore Jul 2018
I seem to keep falling apart
With each step I take
I lose another piece of me
The first to go my warmth
Doesn’t matter how many layer of clothes
I still feel cold
And I can’t get it back
Not that I try
And I want someone to hurt me
Break my heart
You can’t
I’ve lost my emotions
Woke up
And they were gone
There’s no sadness to fuel any tears
No anger to heat the hate I once held
There’s no love to touch my heart
Because I’ve lost my heart as well
I’m as empty as a crab shell
And if I had any confidence
Maybe I would try and retrieve what I’ve lost
If I turn around
Pieces of me
Laying on the ground
But the worthlessness still clinging
Convinced me there’s no point
So I’ll just keep on walking
Until every bit of me is gone
I don’t understand why we let life beat us so down to the point we’re willing to just throw any and everything away just because we don’t know how to handle it.. doesn’t matter if what we we’re losing makes us happy or special doesn’t matter if it’s love or joy.. doesn’t matter if it’s friendship we let it go because when we’re suffering we let it take ahold..
Jul 2018 · 189
devante moore Jul 2018
I love the rain
Not really sure why
It’s only water falling from the sky

It’s relaxing
And I often feel stress free
Listening to how it sounds

It pounds on the windows
And splat on the ground
Thuds on the roof

Nothing can escape it
Everything is within its reach
You can’t hide, you’ll get wet eventually

I love how everything scatters
Trying to get out of its way
No birds flapping or animals scurrying around

I like watching others react to it
Some people run
Others walk

Some skip, some jog
Others hop over puddles like they’re logs
And some avoid it at all cost by hiding in cars

I love the rain
And if I could
I’d watch it all day
devante moore Jul 2018
I tried it your way
I even behaved
But I was only left feeling betrayed
Now I hide in my room
Like it’s some sort of a dark cave
And I only come out
To rebuke happiness
And curse all your names
No one should be alone on Christmas?
What about all the other days
This is also one of my favorite Jim Carrey movies ever :)
Jul 2018 · 144
devante moore Jul 2018
How she felt

Could never compare to his

Feeling miserable shouldn’t be a competition

But if it was

He’d surely win

He couldn’t escape his emptiness

It was hooked to his ankles

And his wrist like chains

He would hide in music

Blast it in his ears

Hoping to rebuke it

He only felt emotions as the songs played

And as soon as they ended, he immediately felt alone

But he didn’t know where to turn

And often flirted with death

In the form of a loaded gun and a bottle of pills

Sitting on the shelf

He could never do it

As much as he hated life

He wanted to live

So he’d laid in bed and wondered

Why he felt dead inside
Didn’t know what to title it
devante moore Jul 2018
I erase you
Because you erase me
And it’s how it should be
But wait
That’s not how the movie ends
Would you like me to tell you ?
This is one of my all Jim Carrey movies.. And it’s a perfect representation of a current situation :)
Jul 2018 · 154
What is destiny
devante moore Jul 2018
I don’t understand destiny
And all this everything happens for a reason
It just seems like a bad excuse to accept how things are

So if you stumble upon a dog and it’s dying
Do you watch it die
And say It was meant to die
Or do you do whatever you can to save it
But then again we’re you destined to find the dog?!
Lol this is what happens when I decide to stay home and not go to work
Jul 2018 · 168
devante moore Jul 2018
I never walked away
Because I didn’t want you to see the knives in my back
I couldn’t understand your pain?
Maybe you just didn’t know mine
Jul 2018 · 130
devante moore Jul 2018
I thought I just saw god
But I was wrong
It was just headlights from a car
I was searching for something good
That’s when he sent me an angel
And it’s angle
Fix the loneliness in my heart
For a moment it worked
I submitted to love
Once my loneliness was gone
My angel
Sent from heaven
Turned into a demon
An agent from hell
And its goal
Was to leave me depleted
It snatched away the love
Leaving my soul
Not broken
Not in pain
Not full of rage
No it’s goal was for me not to feel anything
I felt the heat from love
Only for a moment
But now
I’m cold
Jun 2018 · 154
I’m doing just fine
devante moore Jun 2018
Everyones scared of death
Because they don’t want life to end
But I welcome it
With a smile on my face
Sometimes I ask why am I alive
Why am I here
Hoping for an early death like it’s some sort of a prize
Or a twisted blessing
What’s wrong with me
Can’t convince myself that I’m good anymore
But if anyone ask
Tell them I’m doing ok
Jun 2018 · 158
Hurt me
devante moore Jun 2018
Some people cut
But what I do to myself is much worse
My scars will never show
I’ve gone after my heart
And the things I do to it
You don’t want to know
I couldn’t even put it in words
Hurt me
I’m worthless
Trying to convince me otherwise
Is useless
I’m worthless
One day I woke up
And now I hurt less
I know it’s dangerous
But its also beautiful
I’m not the only one stressed
I’m not the only one who’s life is a mess
So pity me not
Just don’t stand in the way
If you were once a friend not anymore
I’ve chosen to walk away
No one deserves
To suffer along with me
Hurt me
Jun 2018 · 219
Hello Poetry, Goodbye
devante moore Jun 2018
I’m sorry poetry
But you can’t save me this time
I use to scribe to you
Until I lost track of time
And the bad feelings went away
As soon as I was done
I didn’t do it for fun
I wrote to you to save me from myself
But now
You no longer help
When I put the pen down
I don’t feel healed
Or cured
I always felt empty inside
But now this time it’s real
Hello Poetry, Goodbye
I use to hate feeling so empty inside.. Poetry was the one thing that never left me.. but this time not even it can make me feel something when there’s nothing to feel.. I’m truly empty I wish it was an understatement
Jun 2018 · 238
I’m sorry
devante moore Jun 2018
My faith in us
Like a Christian praying on his knees
Nothing can defeat us
As long as we believed
As long as I fight
I thought you’d never leave
I thought love conquers all
But now
All is lost
I don’t blame you
I blame me
I thought I could save you
Strip away your pain
I thought I could motivate you to fight
But that seed never sprouted in your brain
I thought I could pump your heart
But it’s hard to love behind a screen
I was foolish
You were 18 years to young
And all the wisdom I’ve gained at 24
Still want enough
I was selfish and stubborn
To think I myself was enough
I’m sorry I could help you
I’m sorry I failed
Your pain has you shackled
I’m to weak to carry your chains
I’ll always love you
I’m sorry I wasn’t the cure to your pain
I was stupid... why do I always think it’s my job to save someone...I’m sorry
Jun 2018 · 186
devante moore Jun 2018
When did I become so numb
You could shoot me with a loaded gun
I wouldn’t even flinch
Stab me with the sharpest knife you could find
And I wouldn’t even yell as I bleed
You could punch me in my gut
I wouldn’t fall to my knees
Gasping desperately trying to breathe
You could do whatever you want to me
And I wouldn’t feel a thing
Because inside I’ve become paralyzed
Jun 2018 · 334
devante moore Jun 2018
I can see it now
I’m forcing myself to be there
When all you wanted to do was be alone and sink
But I pulled you out the lake anyway
And now I’m the one who’s going to drown
Jun 2018 · 159
Death of me
devante moore Jun 2018
I’ve never felt so alive
But trying to save you from yourself
Will eventually be the death of me
Jun 2018 · 211
devante moore Jun 2018
I don’t want you to leave
But forcing someone to stay
Was never my way
So if you must leave
Don’t be afraid to go
It’ll hurt
Inside I might cry
My heart my ache
But I won’t stop you
Jun 2018 · 327
Friendly advice I guess
devante moore Jun 2018
I once read

You shouldn’t fight to stay with someone
Who does nothing to keep you
Maybe this is true ?
Jun 2018 · 172
devante moore Jun 2018
The last time I saw your face
It was naked
Now you bare a beard
It’s weird to see
How much you’ve aged
All your black hairs, outnumbered by the grays
The skin on you face seems to sag
Even your gold tooth looks beige
But what you fail to notice
Is the rage in my eyes that’s hidden behind the black shades
I don’t hate you
But the resentment in my heart
Makes me want to serve you with a right hook
And I wouldn’t be satisfied
Until I felt the snap of your bones
And crack of your teeth
The adrenaline blazing through my veins
Would convince me
The throbbing in my knuckles isn’t real
But as much as I want to inflict pain on you  
I can’t
Because today is my baby sis graduation
Which is the only reason
We’re standing here face to face
Jun 2018 · 298
devante moore Jun 2018
I’m loyal!
You assured me
I’m as faithful as they come
You won’t ever have to worry or doubt me
I’ll prove it to you watch me
I’ll believe you
Let’s go outside for some fun in the sun
A few minutes later
You turned alarmingly warm
But we haven’t been out here that long
All of a sudden
The veins under you skin started to bust
I gasp in disgust
You tried to grab onto me
But all the bones were gone
Liquid started to gush from your ears
It appeared your brain was melting
You tried you yell
But your tongue boiled and turned to jell
Even the thing in the back of your throat exploded
You seem to be corroding
Melting like plastic
I guess on the inside
You were really fake
Everyone claims to be loyal.. most ppl don’t even know what it means
May 2018 · 178
Je t’aime
devante moore May 2018
I still see your face
When I’m awake
Stare into space
And at night when I dream
It’s like I can’t get away from you
No doubt you stole me heart
But I would’ve gladly given it to you
I don’t know which I fear more
Loving or losing you
Who knew
I could love and fear someone at the same time
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