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Z Jul 2019
‪I’m no good, ‬
‪too far from being a saint‬

‪atleast I’m trying,‬
‪to be there for everyone else‬
‪atleast I’m trying,‬
‪to not find faults from others‬
‪atleast I’m trying,‬
‪hard to control my triggers‬
‪atleast Im trying,‬
‪to make some little things right.‬

I’m no good,
but I’m here trying
to make a point in this life.
Z Jul 2019
Be good
your whole life,
then do a single thing as
you were done

Trust me
they’ll all judge you,
for the only time you decided to
put your halo down

—live as you please anyway.
Z Aug 2017
You think stepping on other woman's relationship,
makes you badass?
Oh dear think twice,
Karma will make you realize.

Look how lowly you are,
Staying a committed man's sidechick.
Stop kidding yourself,
You ain't gonna be the one.

The mites in your head,
keeps eating all your tiny brain cells.
Don't fool yourself,
You can never get my man.
Z Aug 2017
On your 26th year,
i'd like to greet you happy new year!

Love, you are now older and very wise,
I am assured you will have a good life.

I've seen the changes you promised to make,
and this happiness inside I just couldn't take.

Know that I will still be your jealous baby,
but now wiser and ready to be your queen.

Oh just make sure I'll be your only lady,
and we'll be living happily than we seem.
Z Aug 2017
I met you at church,
you we're the ultimate guy

I couldn't even mumble a word,
but I tried even I'm shy

You were a snob,
and I was a bit dissappointed

And not too later,
You approached me instead.

Oh how funny life goes,
that was almost 9 years ago

Still I find you my ultimate boy,
and I'm proud how you have forego.
Z Jun 2017
The string that ties us both,
Keeps the union despite aggression.

Letting go was on loath,
Together we'll define the notion.

If this is love we really oath,
then maybe we can stop all the motion.

Start trusting the growth,
understand the range of emotions.
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