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1.6k · Aug 2017
Z Aug 2017
You think stepping on other woman's relationship,
makes you badass?
Oh dear think twice,
Karma will make you realize.

Look how lowly you are,
Staying a committed man's sidechick.
Stop kidding yourself,
You ain't gonna be the one.

The mites in your head,
keeps eating all your tiny brain cells.
Don't fool yourself,
You can never get my man.
761 · Jun 2016
Adenium Arabicum
Z Jun 2016
It's amazing how a single flower could mean so much.

I don't know,  maybe she's just that shallow.
Kalachuchi was just as ordinary as her,
not until she received his first flower.

She kept a notebook only for those.
Every pages well versed with a side note,
stating the date and a mad love quote.

And as each flower wilted,
every memory of them she knitted.
Side to side, ring to ring, there, she made it.

Never ever will be forgotten.
Never ever will she bargain.
Each of those were all special,

Because for her, his love lies on every petals.
#foreverlove #Kalachuchi
626 · Jun 2016
The Great Tragedy
Z Jun 2016
A girl once believed in forever
Had her heart broken to give justice for her love to a dancer
Never thought she'd give too much
She was left crying with quiver
Then one day she woke up and changed everything
She learned to love herself more than ever.
My first try.  :) Hope y'all like it.
609 · Jul 2019
Z Jul 2019
‪I’m no good, ‬
‪too far from being a saint‬

‪atleast I’m trying,‬
‪to be there for everyone else‬
‪atleast I’m trying,‬
‪to not find faults from others‬
‪atleast I’m trying,‬
‪hard to control my triggers‬
‪atleast Im trying,‬
‪to make some little things right.‬

I’m no good,
but I’m here trying
to make a point in this life.
581 · Jul 2019
Z Jul 2019
Be good
your whole life,
then do a single thing as
you were done

Trust me
they’ll all judge you,
for the only time you decided to
put your halo down

—live as you please anyway.
499 · Nov 2016
Cold War
Z Nov 2016
A moment of silence with invisible swords,
that is how we burst out,
we speak with no words.

We knew our tongues can make us suffer,
Froze us with the truth behind our cold shoulders,
Wish we need not to utter any anger.

Just like an ice made to melt in our hand,
Let our prides be gone!
Whispered a little prayer, "Please let us both understand."
474 · Dec 2016
Brief Solace
Z Dec 2016
I was a great mess
and you were a solace

You comforted me in a way
Like you felt the same misery

We were on the same boat
But can never go far

A familiar face and a brief gaiety
That will only remain bizarre
354 · Aug 2017
Z Aug 2017
I met you at church,
you we're the ultimate guy

I couldn't even mumble a word,
but I tried even I'm shy

You were a snob,
and I was a bit dissappointed

And not too later,
You approached me instead.

Oh how funny life goes,
that was almost 9 years ago

Still I find you my ultimate boy,
and I'm proud how you have forego.
342 · Jun 2016
Self Love
Z Jun 2016
Today, she saw old pictures
some old emotions slowly creaping beneath her eyes
She thought she could use some liquor
'coz it still hurts her seeing his old levis

She said,"Old souls can never forget"
and she meant everything she wrote
It's sad how every pieces could mean regret
but she stands firm and realize,

self love could never be bought.
292 · Nov 2016
Good Woman
Z Nov 2016
In my head, I wished to have killed you countless times
Or choked you with a rope made of your lustful desires
You are lucky I chose to be a good woman.

I have spoke to you in righteous ways and told you "back off!"
But you don't seem to understand the word, you really wanna **** me off
You are still lucky I chose to be a good woman.

Yes, I could have dealt with the devil and trade your soul
Good thing this so called "conscience" carves deep to my core
You are so lucky I chose to be a good woman.
You are one lucky girl.
270 · Jul 2016
One Sunday Morning.
Z Jul 2016
It's bittersweet,
lying next to you but not knowing your real intentions.
Is it love or is it lust?
maybe this is just one of your games, you don't want to last.

But i'll take it anyway.
Just to be with you even just a single day.
Heaven knows how I'd love to be taken back,
but you never said the magic word, and so it's all blur & black.
257 · Jul 2016
Z Jul 2016
This pain is self-inflicted
Seeing you happy as expected
Ofcourse you'll never suffer
Too many girls would want to offer

Offer you a kiss,
offer you a hug
Offer their everything,
you're like their drug

And as you lay under their sheets,
Would you even remember?

I was your first heat,
And you were mine
we made high fever,
we intertwined.
243 · Jun 2016
Z Jun 2016
He was my definition of sunshine
Wrote songs for him I'd long to sing
Scribbled words that wouldn't rhyme
Waited for the day he'll call me "mine"

Well, It did happened
The boy I dreamt became my man
He called me "baby" instead of "mine"
It sounded better even beyond time

But I guess that's how life goes
People change as the wind blows
And even the sweetest lines would turn sour
And love stories turn memories, just like ours.
236 · Jun 2016
From A Distance
Z Jun 2016
Let me trace my fingers over your dreams,
drown me with the plans you have for your future
and as long as you continously do what makes your soul sing
and bones quiver,
I will love you, even just from a distance.
212 · Jan 2017
Cold Shoulders
Z Jan 2017
This chest about to erupt
I don't know how to stop

My heart's about to burst
your cold shoulders made me confuse

This ignoring game,
left my emotions untamed

I just can't contain,
how you left me in  vain
206 · Nov 2016
Z Nov 2016
Inside its rib cage,the heart pounds wildly.
Seems like one is about to erupt violently!

This **** situation is making her insane,
*Yes! On the verge at the worst way it can.

He begged her on his knees to take him back,
but when she gave him the chance, he twist the scenes,oh good luck!

She don't even know if she ever really know him,
He's so good with words, he can turn lies into his truths, that's how it seems.

And her reality crushed before her eyes,
She gave this fake human another try.

Now she's doomed, ranging in anger,
*Already consumed and harshly torn, she'll never be the old her.
206 · Aug 2016
Z Aug 2016
Few months ago, I feel like I couldn't make it,
and now I'm here, feeling so giddy on this new life.

One day, you thought t'was the end of the world,
on the next day, you feel so alive.

Life is funny that way.
202 · Nov 2016
The Truth
Z Nov 2016
This is me, trying not to cry.
This is me, writing without disguise.

Somewhere along these situations,
I agree I am so good at choosing wrong decisions.

I gravitate to the worst,
I initiate compassion to men without remorse.

Every now and then, I would think
Maybe I was born to give out my self.

I was raised with too much love,
And so I should get my heart torn apart.

Maybe that's my reality, maybe that's my truth.
But then again, No! I must change and enjoy my youth.
197 · Sep 2016
Sad Truth
Z Sep 2016
You are such a good manipulator.
You could twist things easily at your favor.
I have tried so hard to keep myself away,
But it seems like my hard work won't pay.

I know I've matured a bit.
I can now create happiness without depending on you.
Made my self busy,
even thought somebody new could replace you.

But my walls came down when you gave me that sad stare,
Made me think "Am I really ready to leave this boy?"
My heart got me so scared,
'coz I thought I was really that sure.

Oh boy why you do this to me? Why now? Why today?
I hate myself so much for being weak.
No matter what I do,
you seemed to always have this part on me that no one else can take.
My thoughts on that month of August to fist week of September  2016
193 · Nov 2016
"The Misunderstood"
Z Nov 2016
The worst tragedy for a poet is to be admired through being misunderstood.
To be labeled as hazy and vague,
that's what they think we should.

They said it is a writer's punishment for having disturbed the reader's peace.
The greater the disturbance,
the greater the possibility of misunderstanding increase.

What they must know, a poet and a writer makes the most unraveled art.*
Ain't like any other artists,
we speak the deepest realms and most truthful parts.

For some, we are irrational people who just don't know how to deal with reality.
They'll demand us to stop this insanity,
because they can never comprehend our inner vitality.

We mean what we write, and it speaks for our **** right!
*To express and to be understood,
which the tongue could not utter and construed.
Just need to write this up!
185 · Jan 2017
Tell Me
Z Jan 2017
Tell me how to do it,
To forget everything and run towards you

Tell me which way,
To just start anew and give this a chance

Tell me if you want to,
to give this a shot and make it last

Tell me.
180 · Jul 2016
How will I Know?
Z Jul 2016
"The most important career decision of a woman
is choosing her man",
they uttered it to my face too many times,
heard it thru movies and series,
if I could judge, it's their favorite line.

"Choose your husband wisely,
or you only have yourself to blame"
every line makes me think, how will I know?
How will I know if they're true or just wearing a mask?
How will I know if it's me they would want to last?

How will I know If I chose the right man?
How will I know if he's a good one?
Then my mama said,
"We'll never figure all of that,
but baby, follow your instinct instead of your heart."
This is when my mama told me to always choose the man that loves you more than you love him. Choose the man who will obviously shows off how he loves you. Don't just follow your heart, 'coz your heart don't think. Follow your instincts, 'coz it will know who can love you more than himself.
179 · Jul 2016
To the Boy I Once Loved
Z Jul 2016
It felt like forever to get over you
or maybe I won't ever loose feelings for you
but I have decided to give my self a chance
Be someone to explore my universe that you just peeked in
Be that someone to love myself whom I wished was you
I don't know If I'll ever love like I did to you
But I will surely give myself time to trully know what I deserve
And to the boy I once loved,
May your dreams come true.
Honestly, I will never forget you.
175 · Jun 2016
To Love And Be Loved
Z Jun 2016
Indeed, love is too complex to be describe
Giving us all these emotions we never desired

Sometimes it gives us the warmest feeling
On another day, it is one reason for killing

Maybe we are all just caught up with this concept
But at end of the day, it's the only thing we would want to accept

To love,
and be loved.
I'm loving this site! #2ndpoem #LoveAsWeAllSeeIt
171 · Jun 2017
Loath to Let Go
Z Jun 2017
The string that ties us both,
Keeps the union despite aggression.

Letting go was on loath,
Together we'll define the notion.

If this is love we really oath,
then maybe we can stop all the motion.

Start trusting the growth,
understand the range of emotions.
157 · Jun 2017
Z Jun 2017
The sound of deep emptiness
filled her shallow chest
She couldn't  breath and depict
if it is loneliness or just mere congest.

How can a woman not know how to feel?
Maybe she has been through a lot
Maybe she forgot
Or maybe, just maybe, she just had enough.
143 · Aug 2017
happy new life
Z Aug 2017
On your 26th year,
i'd like to greet you happy new year!

Love, you are now older and very wise,
I am assured you will have a good life.

I've seen the changes you promised to make,
and this happiness inside I just couldn't take.

Know that I will still be your jealous baby,
but now wiser and ready to be your queen.

Oh just make sure I'll be your only lady,
and we'll be living happily than we seem.

— The End —