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Joe Black
"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." ― Plato Amateur.
Lora Lee
I am a writer, of both poetry and fiction, since as long as I can remember. It is simply a part of who I am, ...
F/Toronto, ON    Just a small town girl, still trying to figure out how to be an adult with too many emotions and not enough paper.
Timothy Ward
22/M/California    Student, 22, surfer, majoring in architecture+creative writing and happen to be gay if you really wanna know! Exploring and creating sacred spaces both physical and ...
Prabhu Moorthy
India    A common man, who likes to read, write and share thoughts.. Hi.. Hello.. I'm glad we had this conversation.. Welcome to my world..
david mitchell
24    an idiodidact.
Daniel Ospina
Gainesville, FL    I'm a Nuclear Engineering student at University of Florida, but I find myself needing to tap into my artistic/ creative side after doing so much ...
25/F/Philippines    Someday you will find me..

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