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December Jul 2017
Wrong is wrong,
Right is right
When you've been wronged
Stand up to fight.

The winds always change,
The tides can be low or high;
You can be happy,
Or stifle your sighs.

This is your moment,
Your life is all you got;
Do you want to lie down?
Or say that you fought?
December Jul 2017
Gently, she sways,
To music unheard
Her mind speaks volumes,
Without her saying a word.

She awakens each morning,
With her heart on her sleeve;
And by the day’s end
She will lay down to grieve

There is beauty to her sadness,
A brutal truth in her lies.
She hides from the world,
Yet she has telling eyes.

Invisible battle wounds,
Scarring her mind;
Searching for a healing,
She has yet to find.

In this crazy life,
She will learn to live
Learn to take
And learn to give.

She is you,
She is me;
She is trapped,
She is free.

Everyone has battles,
That nobody sees;
Say a prayer for those who lose,
And those who feel empty.

I hope you make it through
I’ll see you on the other side;
But stay here for now,
And enjoy the ride.
December Jul 2017
Every time I close my eyes, you are there. Suffocating me into life and bringing my fresh air.

I don’t know how I got this far, without you by my side. But now I saw the edge and I’m ready for the ride
My arms are above my head as I let you wash over me, sending me exhilaration, making me be free.

I’ll lie down and sleep now and dream my life away; for it is a dream for me to have you here to stay.

You are my soul, my life, my breath; I will be seeing you and being you until my very death.
December Jan 2013
I bit the bullet,
But I feel gassed;
All the thing I've missed
With all that has passed.

I stand here alone,
A warrior on my own;
No one to call friend,
No place to call home.

I was happy for a time,
But that has all ended;
Nowhere to go,
Desperation, I befriended.

Don't laugh at my problem,
I'll spit in your face;
Love is a silly notion,
My feelings, displaced.

I can cry all I want to,
Reality still there;
Giggling in laughter,
Life is not fair.

I thought I loved you,
I thought you cared;
And now I realize,
You weren't actually there.

I miss my childhood,
The simplicity;
Without any blood,
I was simply free.

I'll get there one day,
I 'm still young yet;
But I know when I'm older,
All I have is regret.
December Jun 2011
She's the one you want.
The one you can't have.
With her everything is music.
Everything is clear.
You can't touch her.
Even though she longs for it.
She is alone.
Surrounded and alone.
You can't reach her.
She's beyond you.
Far far away.
Even if she's right there.
Theres happiness in her heart.
Sadness in her soul.
Eternity in her eyes.
Wisdom in her smile.
She is the whisper in the wind.
The ripple in a wave.
When she walks away,
She was already gone.
December Jun 2011
Listen to hear
Instead of feeling those
Vibrant hums.
Touch to know
Instead of touching to
See to sense
What goes beyond
Your reach.
Taste to experience
the flavors beyond
Breathe to understand
The world.
Dream to hold
The power of
Knowledge in the
Midst of your mind,
Buried in the bowels
Of humanity that borders
the line of fantasy.
Let your world come to
Life as
Reality crashes around you.
Embrace the colors
between black and white.
Open your mind
And let the light flood the world.
December May 2011
I'll take this all,
One day I'll give it back,
Sorry if most my words,
Can't make up for what I lack.

I thank you for your time,
Though that I think I'll keep,
Sometimes I seem to need it
On the nights that I can't sleep.

I don't have much to offer,
Except that I am here;
Doesn't mean much to most people,
Unless I were to disappear.

We don't know what we have
Until it's no longer there;
But I wouldn't want to be,
So that someone would finally care.

I like to live my life,
And sometimes I laugh a lot;
It's the loving part
That I haven't really got.

All these things run through my head,
As I stare at the breaking dawn;
Hopefully I get some sleep,
I think as I loudly yawn.

When all my thoughts quiet down
I'll finally get some rest;
Though my life seems cursed,
I'm actually very blessed.
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