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Jan 2013
I bit the bullet,
But I feel gassed;
All the thing I've missed
With all that has passed.

I stand here alone,
A warrior on my own;
No one to call friend,
No place to call home.

I was happy for a time,
But that has all ended;
Nowhere to go,
Desperation, I befriended.

Don't laugh at my problem,
I'll spit in your face;
Love is a silly notion,
My feelings, displaced.

I can cry all I want to,
Reality still there;
Giggling in laughter,
Life is not fair.

I thought I loved you,
I thought you cared;
And now I realize,
You weren't actually there.

I miss my childhood,
The simplicity;
Without any blood,
I was simply free.

I'll get there one day,
I 'm still young yet;
But I know when I'm older,
All I have is regret.
Written by
   Pure LOVE and Nicx
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