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December May 2011
I feel like I have spoken,
All the words I've never said.
Though I know that I am living,
I mostly feel dead.

When I reach my destination,
I don't know where I am;
I care most of the time,
But don't give a ****.

I dream a lot,
But I never really sleep.
I'm calm with my chaos,
Just not the havoc that I wreak.

I like the freedom of choices,
But hate to make a decision;
I'm walking against traffic,
Waiting for a collision.

I laugh when it's not funny,
It's funny because you're serious;
Most of the the apparent things,
Are actually quite mysterious.

All these woes and trials,
I'm smiling through it all;
I'm constantly off balance,
But I never seem to fall.

This is just a little insight,
To the person that I am,
I'm sorry if you don't like it,
Frankly, I don't give a ****.
December Mar 2011
Everything is connected,
Knowledge is the disease;
So let's all get infected,
Instead of doing what we please.

We always are ready,
Planned excuses in our mind
Even though its unsteady;
Cuz really we are blind.

Everything has an effect,
Or does that start with 'A'?
A current defect,
Doesn't matter anyway.

We are bathed in idiocy,
Which really doesn't make sense;
Sooner or later you'll see
That's the real consequence.

I'll leave you with a thought,
It's really simple I swear,
Every line starts with a dot
And ever lines as thin as hair.

Careful where you tread,
You could just lose your toes;
The beauty of the future,
Is that nobody knows.
December Mar 2011
Yesterday I freaked out.
She told me to breathe.
But that didn't make sense.
I breath all the time.
At least if I held my breath,
I could get high off of it.

I once met a guy who was high on life
He ate the sun
And bathed in the wind
He might have worn tree bark
But I think he was just *****.
He said in order to be one with yourself
You have to be one with all.

I don't think anyone wants to be one with
We love other people's attention to much.
Thats why we stand in front of a mirror and list our flaws
That way we actually have something to talk about
I could bend over backwards to look
But all I'd see is everything upside down

I don't like being upside down
Cuz I know the other way is right side up
I don't like the other way
I like my way
Its luxury of design
I draw my life...sometimes there is sketch marks
But that's cuz I'm not a printer.

I don't particularly care for printers.
They make odd noises that sound too much
Like invader robots.
I've seen too many machine rising movies.
And I think I have seen the printer glare at me.
Probably cuz I kicked it.
It printed obscenities at me.

Speaking of obscene
You're probably wondering if this little piece of writing
Has a purpose.
Without further suspense I'm glad to announce it doesn't.
Why you even  read it I couldn't begin to answer.
Why I wrote it is as mysterious as bologna.

I don't have much time left to write.
Probably a good thing because I don't have much
Write left to time.
But I implore that if you have read this that if any of it made
Its about time to switch therapists.
December Feb 2011
Bright lights
Fast moving car
A girl walks down the street
In the dark
She smiles at passerbys
Hiding her face all the while
Many thoughts fog her head
While the smog of the city
Is lit in an orange tinge
In the sky
Nobody knows her secrets
They're hidden behind her eyes
She dances behind closed doors
And sings when the moon is full
iPod on full blast
She envisions her life
To the theme of the song
Wondering just what it would be like
To be normal
She was left behind
But she only looks ahead
To the mysterious abyss
Of her ominous future
She walks without hope
Her shoulders slumped
As the sun rises on the horizon
Her potential is locked away
The key hangs on her neckalace
Always with her
A constant reminder of everthing
She can be
And everything she isn't
December Jan 2011
I spent five bucks,
On 20 cancer sticks;
Anticipating the moment,
When my lighter flicks.

I'm met with ***** looks,
But I don't really care,
As I puff on my cigarette,
Polluting the clean air.

We're an elite force,
With our smoking breath,
Killing ourselves slowly,
Breathing in Death.

I've been told to quit.
Its a nasty habit they say.
But I think for a little while,
I want death to stay.

As the cherry reaches the filter,
I flick it away,
For a little while longer,
Keeping death at bay.
December Dec 2010
I see your truth in disguise
The ******* in your lies
Deception in your eyes
That no one really buys

I see distortion in your head
Every line you've ever fed
All the things you ever said
For you the truth is dead.
December Dec 2010
Go to sleep
A world on the mind
So many secrets
To be found in time

Wish for more
In a world of redundancy
Don't believe everything
That you see on T.V.

A secret kept
On a pretty pink mouth
Just wishing for some way
For it to get out

Sit on the edge
And flirt with danger
Live laugh and love
And speak to a stranger

A whisper
Taken on a sudden wind
A friendship lost
And found again

Written words
And words never said
Trapped inside
Of someone's hurting head

A strum of a guitar
and a lyric sung
A soul unraveled
And thoughts undone

A shy smile
Come to light
A lonely child
Afraid of the night

A sudden beat
In a heart's desire
A bottle smashed
A raging fire

A swingset
Sitting all alone
A missing item
To the world unknown

A burning want
For the things unmentioned
A lowered voice
To catch your attention

A glance to the sides
And cautious words
The power there
To heal or to hurt

Secrets are kept
And secrets are told
Some of them new
Most of them old

In the shadow of the day
And the whisper of the wind
Your secrets wait
To be found again
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