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May 2011
I'll take this all,
One day I'll give it back,
Sorry if most my words,
Can't make up for what I lack.

I thank you for your time,
Though that I think I'll keep,
Sometimes I seem to need it
On the nights that I can't sleep.

I don't have much to offer,
Except that I am here;
Doesn't mean much to most people,
Unless I were to disappear.

We don't know what we have
Until it's no longer there;
But I wouldn't want to be,
So that someone would finally care.

I like to live my life,
And sometimes I laugh a lot;
It's the loving part
That I haven't really got.

All these things run through my head,
As I stare at the breaking dawn;
Hopefully I get some sleep,
I think as I loudly yawn.

When all my thoughts quiet down
I'll finally get some rest;
Though my life seems cursed,
I'm actually very blessed.
Written by
   Silver Dreams
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