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Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
like a thief in night

his words evaporated;

vanquishing hearts

emotive caliber, yet,

love still lingers upon

flesh like a breeze

traipsing through

Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
mind drifts within evolutions
pull; enclosing thoughts in
earth's many wonders, causing
brainstormed emotions into
ideative air pockets; casting
kaleidoscopic prisms to realms
of life's many gifts as we
intellectually ruminate cognitively
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
of those moments alone,
thoughts wander to him;
I feel for him beside me
another reminiscent moment
in glow of moonlight...

his touch a tender moment
entwined in strong arms of
sultry heat, molded to
his desire; his essence
whispers enchantment
against me....

a moaned breath...mine,
where his lips held me elegant;
painting me with ambrosia
stained kisses in adoration of us
love in naked shadows of moonlight...

blushing in sighs of pleasure
bound; soaked in sheets of desire,
moments of fluency still wet from
thoughts of his lips, arching into
his essence...loved
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
light from his eyes
encompasses darkness
in moments of us


stars reading our intricacies
like silk spun webs; an appetitive
effervescence allure

of promises...

as gentle breezes glide against
glistening flesh under moonlit

demurely blushed...

moaned breaths, soft lips slide
licking lush curved landscape
of silken flesh

starlit eyes...

traipse a contoured pout; tasting
its beck and call as hips rise
beneath seductions ache


succumbing to masculinities
pull, trembling against him, naked
within his promise; deep in his

smiling within my moans...

animated ripples rush his
whispered urgency, softly; in
out pulsing deep in wet chasm

screams of pleasure erupts...

I widen across his light,
blissfully welcoming his warmth
surrendering to milky way's deluge

love blooms...

allowing moans to escape parted
lips, hands slip beneath raised
hips; slowing dips as night became
ours under star blanketed skies

in surrender we slip...

he whispers from this moment on;
it's written in the stars
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
I remember the first time I laid eyes on him, that
emotive whirlwind within at the sight of him

I swooned inwardly, blinking...

overtaken by the moment, a radiance connected us;
his visage emanated strength beyond his brawny
physique and his handsomeness

our dawning...

love awakened at the sight of him; keeping bedroom eyes
mentally closed, but, longing to feel him against me
became a resting place in my heart

his eyes were so, tender, I wanted to finger trace his lips,
slowly, allowing him to taste the first breath of our moment

one moonlit night...

he approached, another swoon moment, I melted in his
arms as he whispered in the arch of sultry heat uncovering
the fabric of my being

love aroused...

and our essence melded; one breath...ours mingled,
became precious as wet stained kisses rained
upon upturned pout

taste of him left me adorned, in naked shadows of midnight,
love found; bound by blushed sighs, in demureness I lean
into manliness breathing shades of his love


in syllabic whispers, drenched in poetry of us, where want
dawdles at the door of need as desire entwines igniting our
flame and I melt between the folds of Him and I


in the archway of love at first sight
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
caught a young lady staring at me
one morning; with a look that said  
I want you, but, I was with my wife;
she was beautiful and I thought to
myself, if, I wasn't married I lick her lips


the next day went to the supermarket,
and there we caught each others eye; I
couldn't look away, she winked with a ****
smirk, under my breath I had to repeat
I love my wife


that didn't stop me from wanting to flirt;
every time she moved her buttocks jiggled,
inwardly I cupped her jiggle and she giggled
moving closer; her scent hypnotic to say the least,
calling me to touch her taut *******


sent a ripple up my spine and my mind whined,
but, the vision of my wife popped in my head as
I saw myself sliding one finger at a time across
her luscious behind; wanting to wine and dine,
her movements were about to blow my mind;

again inwardly drooling...

I cut a corner in the produce aisle to settle my
ache, I felt lust showing all over my face
I followed her down each aisle acting like I was
looking for something and bumped into
her on purpose, just to get another whiff of her
scent, for a man I blushed flustered; stumbling
over my words saying excuse me

in the meantime...

I wanted to just taste her full lips; run my hands
through her long curly locks, she turned towards
me saying it was ok


my wife popped in my mind again, I blinked twice;
fore, she had no clue of what I wanted to do to her,
mentally and physically, if, I didn't have a wife; she'd
never knew to this day I still salivate whenever I see
her, she was definitely a sight to behold but, she
wouldn't give me the time of day, especially, after
seeing me with my wife

anyway, a man can daydream
Debra A Baugh Jul 2013
his movement against me
rocks me within the array of his

that wet entangled embrace
delicate; deep within our elation,
unraveling my entirety as I bend
in the arch of his chivalry

assuaging me...

In the breath of his passionate
lips; tasting, leaving scorching
trails against hardened *******

I blushed...

and he licked each bud, tongue
tipped flutters, heated breath,
poised beneath bulge; awaiting
slow quick dips coaxing, labials
welcome lips open

appeasing me in rages of his
passion, aching for release;
urging his yearn with each dip

wet of want screams in euphoria,
piercing, entwining as I lay before
him spent naked exposed to
pleasures unknown

awakening our lust, rocking me
within loves breathless embrace
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