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Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
a cloudburst, penetrated our world
with thrusts as deep as the eye of our
storm, coasting over us in heaved
passion; unleashed with each
dip and sway


our core in showered felicity; tasting
euphoria's longing, titillated to the tips
of our toes; saturating her soft spots,
her rain and I were one curled, pelvis
to hip

sliding in out as hands caressed in rhythm,
wanting to taste her rain once again;
cultivating in her delicacy, nibbling tautness;
remembering moments our lips said hi

besieging me...

as her raindrops seeped, causing our
steam to rise, each drop in hunger;
I'd delve deeper into oblivion,losing
myself in raged deluges of her

rain's cloudburst...
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
fingers caress like
etched calligraphy
leaving teased


in shameless seep
as lips sheathe its bud,
heatedly erupting

raging forth...

upon tongue; its fragrance
titillating senses, hands
travel length of curvaceousness
in hungered voracity,

trembled peaks rise

won the Gold trophy in contest of Simply Sensual In Brevity in 40 words...
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
Sweet whispers against
thighs opening

baring taut affluent ***,
a pleasurable tremor
rises without touch

his mouth eagerly finds
femininities universe

libidinous tongue...

affinity begs, arched
in ecstasies moan

an amorous plait woven
in a pulsating knot

as we're completely undone

my universe succor
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
fingers sink deep
while lips imprint
with tease

her aroma

leaving me awestruck
in beggary and I
weep with hunger

slowly mouthing my
need to embrace
her femininity
in satiation


tasteful inebriation
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
his voice beguiles me, weakening me
in whispered warmth of breath, fingers
trace trembled want of hungry lips

tasting me...

Closing my eyes; I arch into need of
his touch, his voice of seduction breathes
against skin, teasing me

licking my tremors...

I moan in ache, my ripple upon his tongue,
my essence rises lingering within his mouth;
roughly kissing me and I kneel before him,
taking him in slowly suckling; tasting him tip
to pearls licking his veined pendulum swirling
in warmth, vigorously in out

loving his shudder...

he whispers as his fingers tenderly tweak ******
softly, inebriating my senses; aroused horniness,
entering my paradise, firmness weaves flesh in
breathless swells, igniting our twine; like tongue
licking heat of mouth

pulsing in wetness...

searing between open thighs, I ache for his plunge
engraving me, knotted within his arch; deluged in
fluidities flush as lips brush, tongue trails taut nips,
I blush beneath his fiery breath, still teasing

rocked to my foundation...

unraveling me in utter passion, our bodies aching;
assuaging yearn, calming quivers in wet want;
shuddering each abraded ******, loving its aftertaste
in trembled release enlivening; our lust still entwined

within wet ecstasy...
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
in state of REM a succubus looks
upon me as if, I'm tainted; the
intensity of his stare mars my


every thought of self-elucidation
and I cringe under his watchful
eye; raking my skin with daggerlike
curiousity, sniffing, while I crumble
in openmouth terror.

he descends upon me swiftly; eyes
darting from head to toe piercing me,
into a trance I fall, as if, Dracula has
entered upon spread wings


to full humanlike form and stained
teeth sink deep in vein *******
life's blood like a cool soda pop
fizzling with every sip.


its pungency in dark delight,
smelling me like I'm a blood
tinged rose.


and I awaken upon soaking wet
sheets in trepidities blood
curdling screams.
another dark poem contest regarding nightmares
Debra A Baugh Feb 2013
dawn vanished in darkening skies
annihilating his green eyes
leaving me a sinister view;
of haunting thoughts, snared
in his mind as he whisper his
want to imprison me in his world

taken unkindly in the middle of night
burying his fangs deep across throat,
a ghastly sight dripping blood upon
my rose, my thoughts wander striking
a pose as darkness descends stripped
naked; he knows I'll forever be stricken
by his entrancing pleas

condemned to his dark minded lures,
teardrops of blood shakes me to my core;
drenched in his crimson need, I beseech
at salvations door; no-one knows his power
beckons deep within, tearing into the breadth
of me his urgency at the smell of warm blood

with his devious darkness satisfied, he moans
against warmth of neck as if, sipping dark
lullabye's; while I silently beg for sunrise as
we lay in repose till night awakens his dark
passion; embedded within
I don't usually write on dark poems...this was written with the prompt of a white rose dripping blood
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