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Days of Dawn Dec 2014
What if I sat down here,
and didn't get up?
Would anyone care,
would anyone notice.
Just sit where you are,
and don't move away,
wait until someone notices you.
It may take some time,
but you should know,
someone will always come.
someone will always notice.
It's never too late to stop.
Days of Dawn Dec 2014
This isn't a poem
this is a protest
This isn't equality,
it's injustice.
America the brave
America the free,
Where were you,
When he said, "I can't breathe?

How are we
the leading examples
so rooted with prejudice,
it's time to turn tables.
How does one be such a threat,
at one hundred and thirty five feet
that they must be shot,  Six times,
It a miraculous feat.

Since when did murderers get off
without trial,
I mean even Republicans
won't give denial
America the brave
America my foot,
where were you,
"Hands up, don't shoot"

Its not all lives matter,
we know the white ones already do,
it's about giving others
what they're due.
Black lives matter,
Martin Luther King
gave his speech fifty years ago,
yet we're still fighting.

Have you heard the policemen,
they have no remorse,
the literal demonization,
and its going to get worse.

unless we can stop it,
and I'm hoping we can
Mike wasn't a thief,
this god forsaken land.

How are we so quick to judge,
Russia, Korea, China and more,
yet we **** innocent people,
and racism soars.

You want change,
you're blaming Obama?
Change it yourself,
Family means ohana

Yeah that's A children's movie,
but wait a moment yet
we could learn a lot
from children I bet.

They don't have biases,
they're only three
in their small minds
everyone's free.

But thats not the truth
It's cold and hard,
just the bodies
of a bright future,
Mike Brown
of a boy with a hoodie
Trayvon Martin
of a Twelve year-old boy
Tamir Rice
of a husband and father of six children
Eric Garner
You won't be forgotten,
as long as this world I'm living in
as long as it goes on,
you'll always be thought of
and what might've been.
Days of Dawn Dec 2014
Can you hear
the sound
of change.
All around us
it flows like
Young boys being
killed by
Stolen from
the ones
who love them.
Why do they die
and I
What makes us
The color of
skin shouldn't
But we all know
Why do murderers
walk around
And innocents mowed
down like
When will the change
grow to a
When will life
When will we not
Change is
But only we
can make it
Will you sing
its song with
Or will you stay silent,
You feel
Well then,
are you
Days of Dawn Aug 2014
This is a poem
for the boys who've blown
Their chances,
And ended up on the taking end of a cigarette.

A poem
for the girls who picked
the wrong one,
And mouth of their body meets the mouth of the bottle.

A poem
For the outcasts, the loners
Who die everyday from the words of others,
And end at the end of a razor blade.

This is a poem
For anyone who
Hurts, cries, laughs, tries,
Who ended their lives too soon.
Days of Dawn May 2014
I wish I could be a mirror for you
So you can look at yourself the way I see you
Perfect and beautiful
Broken inside
A mirror of glass
So strong and clear,
No lies anymore
Days of Dawn May 2014
Why don't you meet me
Under the willows by the river
Where quietude is common
And birdsong the only sound

Come watch with me
Watch the willow branches in the wind
And the sun glinting on the river
Like hammered silver

Read with me
Under the weeping trees
Away from the world
Sperate and secluded
Days of Dawn May 2014
How can the sky look blue,
When space is black?

How can the sun be shining,
When I'm not with you?

How can I feel happiness,
When you're gone?

How can I be alive,
When you're not?

How can life go on,
When you can't witness it?

How can I be so alone,
When I'm surrounded by people?
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