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Mar 19 · 41
Dawn King Mar 19
When did freedom start
Feeling so confined
How does pure desire
Find its way to shackles
  Wade so deep
Codependent indecision
     Just settle in
      With how you've been
        Don't worry child
         Life's never mild
           Don't make it bigger
            Than it needs to be
             To have a reason
              To run and flee
               It's OK child
                It stings
                 When you feel
                  Hungry on Tuesday
                   & by week's end
                    Diving off the deep end
                      Do not be alarmed
                           It's just your
                            Beating heart
                            Earning every drop
                            Of love you've
                            Fought for
                            Dropped for
                            Stopped for
Oct 2022 · 62
No Rebound
Dawn King Oct 2022
Why don't you look right
In front of you..
Is it so hard?

  Quite the little shard
   Of annoying glass
    That wedged itself
     Into the most
      Ridiculous uncomfortable spot
       Right beneath
        The chemical burn
        On your minds eye
        That happened
        From the
        Battery acid leak
        On the night
        You touched it
        To your tongue
        One too many times
        And you felt
        Up your spine
        There is no going back
        To a conscious
        Decision landlocked
Within the

        Inner space
        And time
        Before ---you threw
        The dime
        Onto the ground
        With no rebound
        No rebound
Apr 2022 · 207
Dawn King Apr 2022
Accept, claim, & take

When you're ready
When you know

Need I be so bold?


Will rush every
Crevas of your body
Like luscious
Bathable liquid gold
Apr 2022 · 188
sequentially driven
Dawn King Apr 2022
you're in my head
i can feel you coming on

you're in the blood
that rushes to my lips

i know when you're near
i smell you in thin air

and did you know

the connection is
Inherently like trance


you say something profound
and it falls through the air like
a poetic dance

mental happenstance

i'm captivated

you are
what the sound of a
beautiful prophetic whisper
would look like in my dreams

it's enough wonder
to ignite sparks

that would
uncover hidden
sequentially driven

unparalleled stories
of infinite wisdom
universe has written

Dec 2021 · 346
3 6 9
Dawn King Dec 2021

One more time
I'll do just fine


Three things
The power it brings


6 times
I'm grateful it's mine


Nine seconds
Grandeur beckons
Apr 2021 · 283
The Chapter
Dawn King Apr 2021
This chapter is over
I put the book down
I walk into the sun
My feet on the ground

This chapter is over
Let it not make a sound
Aug 2018 · 245
Bridge Keeper
Dawn King Aug 2018
Come walk with me
Let the river wind
The Shamans twine
Interlock & unravel
Infinite travel
These are the
Ancient ways
Step into the haze
Bridge keeper
Go deeper
Do not fear what
The other worlds hold
Need I be so bold
In each life
There is a price to pay
You must give over
To the Shaman way
Entranced, enchanted?
You wish to drink
From this flask?
Drop your ego
Wear the mask?
If this is
Where you belong
You have to want it
You must ask
Giving over to Shamanism
Jun 2018 · 215
Self Help
Dawn King Jun 2018
The raven came to show me the way

We flew above the simplistic rotating animation
of the charcoal pencil drawn globe,
while a stitched together familiar
held space by trotting the surface

Santa Muerte arrives shortly after viewing
a dark brown leather bound book with 4
black half circles on the cover
that are decorated by intricate chain

A page in the book reveals a gleaming seal

I face Santa Muerte and speak
“I called you to put death to my fear. I know
that’s what you love to hear.”
Oct 2017 · 352
That time then
Dawn King Oct 2017
The darkness sets in
As it always does
No more to do
But remember what was

Perhaps I'll weep
Maybe dive deep
Into my soul
Ask gaia
Remember my feet
Where they stood
When I called her in
That time then

Perhaps I'll wait
Maybe escape
Into dimensions
Of altered states
Remember my roots
Where they grew
On sacred soils
That time then

Perhaps I'll die
Maybe this night
Surf the veil
Benevolent scales
Remember my breath
Where it formed
Golden intensions
That time then
Oct 2017 · 112
Dawn King Oct 2017
I am there
In the place
Sacred space
The guides come in
We begin to sway
Weave brethe
Tendril intertwine

She arrives
Feminine divine
I have seen her there
In painted dreams
Summoned by soul
Many moons gone by

Obsessive reflection
Deep direction
She takes me there
To the dimension


It all happened

exquisite ways

violet rays
Aug 2017 · 43
Dawn King Aug 2017
It runs around under my skin
Trying to claw its way out

When will I see through this
Dense energy cloud

I wanted to go with him
On that one Saturday


He floated away from his
Physical self
I saw his Siren
Pink hair & vampire smile


Gave way to the lilies
Among the light

His ancestors arrived

He reached out for them
As the morphine swam
Through his blood

We chanted him to
The other realms
Swaying in and out
Of the veil

Gone but not lost
This Siren must sail
Jul 2017 · 331
Dawn King Jul 2017
Time to go
Slowly now... woe
Easy goes into
Walk with me
Tread carefully on the road
Take note of
Cautious abandon


It to be confirmed
Time to go
Slowly now... woe
Step with me
Close your eyes child
Be watchful now
Of the way of all things


Jul 2017 · 370
Cosmic Dust
Dawn King Jul 2017
It was riding on the tail feathers of the violet ray just beyond
a red dated warning label amidst a portion of the dark void and
six of them sat upon the steps in white hooded robes
two with galaxies painted into the irises of their eyes

A humanoid standing about 12 feet in height with dry winds
moving as rifts through his waist long strategically tangled hair,
reveals no more or less than any should know.
Jun 2017 · 196
Sliced Kites & Spider Bites
Dawn King Jun 2017
Some of those
Simple fears and
Paper doll dreams

Are merely

Spindly seams
And down a hole
Tunnel screams

From quasi dangerous
Appeal to me schemes
To those scary memory
Ceiling beams
Jun 2017 · 323
How are you doing?
Dawn King Jun 2017
"Yes, I understand what makes you feel this way; but, what are you going to do about it?"
May 2017 · 374
Walk The Path
Dawn King May 2017
Read the elements
Animal speak
Call the dieties
Alter the energy
Manifest destiny

Align the chakras
Vibrate higher
Heal the healers
Protection rituals
Become habitual

I do no harm
Do none to me
I work for source
To set you free

Of the demons
That grip you
Quite literally
May 2017 · 1.3k
The Hoodoo
Dawn King May 2017
We crossed into Louisiana
Right about witching hour
The energy there
Invades the aura
Years of compacted sorrow
Combined with the
Old ways of root doctors
And esoteric power

You take the Hoodoo
To the crossroads

We're in the back roads
Of Monroe
They talk to you there
Ya know

I put my bare feet
To the swampy grasses
At the railroad tracks
Illuminated by the waxing moon

Hail Hecate!
We envoke thee
Commit this wax and ash
To the earth
Blessed be )0(
This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
And once I was a poet
Dawn King Mar 2017
And once I was a poet
Words poured out
Just as waterfalls do
Among the fauna and flora

And once I loved a man
Tears poured out
Just as scorned ones do
Among the lie and injury

And once I was a scholar
Dreams poured out
Just as the progressive do
Among the movers and shakers

And once I was a hussler
Schemes poured out
Just as survivors do
Among the users and takers

And once I was a nomad
Splendor poured out
Just as free souls do
Among the winds and gods

And once I was a poet
This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Feb 2017 · 550
Dawn King Feb 2017
Shattered broken fragments
Scattered about the floor
I've touched each one
And the ones before


Forming a whole;
I'll touch them no more
This is an original work by Dawn King and must not be copied.
Jan 2017 · 544
Dawn King Jan 2017
They wounded you with
such precision and concise
motive that you didn't even
notice the tidal wave of
emotional atrophy seeping
into your bones like a reticent
relentless trepidation
that left you so
inexplicably guarded
that you view even the
most exquisite act of
persuasion as an
ulterior motive.

I pause with
inclination brought on by
the defining moments in
time that your cloaked
soul was visible yet
inescapably sublime.
Dawn King Jan 2017
Transient action
I wonder if he wanted to
Geometrically pinpoint constellations
Pastel hues in a camouflage fashion
Springtime daisy blooms
What wicked way comes
If she thought she could auto not
It was a choir singing harpsichord
In street trash gutter subterfuge
The tops of trees swayed in the winds
With the gated cage striations
Nov 2016 · 519
Medicine Work
Dawn King Nov 2016
It’s a happening that begins to unfold
Unlike any other multi part plot filled book you’ve ever read
The happening begins when you actually begin to live
The happening happens over and over again
Each time more in depth within itself
We empower others to do their work
Each day, we play these roles
On the one day, when all of everything is lined up in your favor
That is born from chaos
And there is no way to take another breath
When you cannot stand on your two feet any longer
There are people placed in your path to breath life back into your lungs
That is the place in the happening
Where by the happenstance of timing
You fully comprehend the meaning of humility
And know no other way
Than to give yourself over to those that
Do the medicine work
Fully, without regard or thought
This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Oct 2016 · 261
Dawn King Oct 2016
The signs are there
Like a prophetic
Supernova dream
What are signs
Without vigil
Without signal
This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Sep 2016 · 772
Dawn King Sep 2016

Whoever you are
Sitting in the dark shadow
Of the black widow
That hovers atop your

Second sight

I'll find you in the
Ego-less corners
Of the 3rd dimension
Department of duality

This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Sep 2016 · 642
Dawn King Sep 2016
Full Pisces moon
Equipped with eclipse
Perceptions swoon
Brain waves tip
I begin to ride
Beat of the drum
Ancestors appear
Body succumbed
Questions answered
In high gear
The veil is thin
Hawk spirit within
Two world trance
Sacred dance
Drumbeats quicken
Time to return
Point of entry
The journey is done
Sep 2016 · 493
Dawn King Sep 2016
They the three,
when all were there,
went out,
out and on down,
down to the ground,
grounding rooting,
rooted to,
all that is,
is embedded,
as one with,
the bedrock,
rocks and soil below,
so the seed,
germinated seeded,
above as below.
Sep 2016 · 571
Truth in the Lies
Dawn King Sep 2016
Oh these seasons and how they turn

Are you torn inside

Or holding dear a golden child illusion

Speak your inner truth and bare your soul to me

I hang on every word when you carefully pour them into the irises of my eyes

And might I discover my contribution to your affliction
Sep 2016 · 303
snake oil
Dawn King Sep 2016
over there is a death practitioner who rides upon a dust covered sheet metal wagon with a squeaky wheel

comes and goes checking in like some kind of manic sales man

he's 6 foot 4 with a bald head that skims the door
heavy footed
eyes like a hawk
drinks a lot of whiskey
talks the **** talk
he's killed so much of me
not much left
but people can't tell
i'm a total wreck

he gives me the potions that are stacked up and poorly arranged in a quasi rusted pharmaceutical despensery and labratory

sometime in the dead of night when i sleep and the cats and crows won't make a peep
Sep 2016 · 341
Dawn King Sep 2016
Ultrasonic sensual
Bare skin ritual
Crown connected
Spirit injected
Kundalini erected
Guided limbs
Perception swims
Devine feminine
Carnal halls
Angelic walls
Cosmic gifts
Earthly rifts
Highest union
Ethereal fusion
Delphic fruition
Reposting previously removed work. Could not come to terms with the title, so will remain untitled -
Aug 2016 · 1.4k
Hecate at the Crossroads
Dawn King Aug 2016
When you have met the point of intersection where doubt doesn't exist in the mind

And you have left evil eye and imprints of the dead at the center point

At the moment that the high self is just slightly altered and the total manifestation begins to trickle down into the autonomic functions of the ego

It begins an infantile form of self forgiveness that is void of nested spaces that house an association to the systematic map of words and actions that held trial and judgement

Somewhere in the particular dimension Hecate facilitated the depths of soul to be worn about the outer rims of the aura while fastened securely to the glow of high heart chakra

And the soul can depict the source form energy peering into its center with white eyes
This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Aug 2016 · 408
Your poetry
Dawn King Aug 2016
To read your poetry
Is to feed the hole in my heart
Because when I read your poetry
I can view the single most
Stunning points in my life
The ones that went unmentioned
Left me without speech
Yet carved permanently
On the walls of my mainframe
How could you have known?
Aug 2016 · 610
A process of thought
Dawn King Aug 2016
When one is merely trapped within the caverns of the mind; thoughtless, or in a raging battle with self analysis

In those moments there, arises opportunity to find complete listlessness

Provide reason to question; if any of it is worth a **** to the self or a single other

Allow contemplation of ideas concerning wasting away while we become the molded version of others

The others are the ones that we systematically seek out to assist us in the culmination of interaction needed to arrive in this place of thought

Yet somehow retain enough of the self to exist
Jul 2016 · 392
Dawn King Jul 2016
Just like landscape
Set in stone
Blend right in
Vaperous bones
You didn't see me
I already know
Jun 2016 · 334
King's Crossing
Dawn King Jun 2016
The heat is relentless
I wait around for dusk to arrive
While waiting for
Reprieve to arrive
While my father is fading
We are waiting
He is wading in
Still waters
Between the worlds
He says the words
Of peyote guides
In the crystalline skies
I saw in your soul
That time at the crossroads
And there are blue auras
About the land
I know not who
Heard echos spoken
They didn't see
How many are broken
Jun 2016 · 749
Dawn King Jun 2016

I listen
I watch
I analyze
I compare
I find pattern
I detect the ways
I take note of the days
I make calculated determinations


Game changing speculations
Ascertain the ramifications


Behavioral articulations
This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
Everyday Alchemy
Dawn King Jun 2016
I can see you
Standing down there
Like some kind of
Cryptic dream
The evening sun
Seems to arrive
With an ****** haze
As if the immediate
Called quarters & circle casted
I am but a mere
Remote viewer
Of an unseen assembly
And it all simultaneously
The elements coincide
In innumerable ways
Simply impossible
To perceive with the mind
Jun 2016 · 306
Dawn King Jun 2016
and how delicately
should I handle
that which has
been left to
rot away
May 2016 · 826
Dawn King May 2016
In the one thousandth
Subatomic cohesion
You walked close to me
Spoke softly
Opened the other realms door
Set the red dragonflies free
Fluttering wings
Brushing entities
Orphic embrace
Commixing like lace
The southbound breeze
May 2016 · 1.0k
Breathing Poetry
Dawn King May 2016
There are those seasons
Of the life
That a happening unfolds
When a poets table turns
The life in the living
An extended group of
Each one
A profound poetic moment
Shaped of divinity and vibration
Feb 2016 · 712
Soul Prints
Dawn King Feb 2016
It’s somewhere in the astral plane
The dwellers there don’t call it by name
The basin is dusty, desolate
Within it a carnival
Where many congregate
Light is dimming when I arrive
I feel an approach
Turn to look, as you appear
I’ve known you
From an earlier time
Yet never seen you
In this life
You’ve arrived there
To bind into my eyes
And take soul prints
Never breaking my stare
Feb 2016 · 1.3k
Meet me in Cheyenne
Dawn King Feb 2016
In September some years ago
I drove through Wyoming
Chasing the sun to California

I stopped over in Cheyenne
Breathing in her energies
The sign was 4 large crows

I had been there in oil painted
With one uniquely like me
While the messengers arose

And in the winter time letters
As awareness to the soul ID
Ascends to its peak

From one time traveler
To another I wrote,
“And one day we will meet in Cheyenne”
Feb 2016 · 475
to and fro
Dawn King Feb 2016
non essential
sequential repeating
patterns of
non comprehensive
pensive Poe
like pretentious
non sequitur
numb humming
status quo
Jan 2016 · 864
Dawn King Jan 2016
Out past the ghost borough
In the seat of the dunes

There stand a gate
Which I travel through
To hear of the old ways
From Gaia’s womb

There are others there
We remove our shoes
And dance on tree roots
As told by the runes

Here we come up on the full Wolf Moon
The spells I wove no longer loom
From the mid autumn journey
I took with you
Jan 2016 · 740
Inner Phrenic
Dawn King Jan 2016
My poetry is a
Dangerous place to be
I’m so in love with
Your story
I forget all the fragments of me
So I read, and reread
The caverns of the mind
How the vile side winds
Captivating fixations
Tangle and bind
Ferment and remind of
The here and now
As the north winds howl
Futile hush muzzled
Omens from the
Incubus vagrant brow
That follows me
On down to
The mountain edge
The city street hedge
Clock tower ledge
My poetry is a
Dangerous place to be
This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Dec 2015 · 976
Serpentine Tongues
Dawn King Dec 2015
When men are from mercury and not from mars
It means women are from unmentioned galaxy stars

When you give me your messages
In multitudes of melodies & Curious cacophony of cranial codes
Dare I decipher this disconcerted data
Massive mainframes of masked mental material
Hidden honeysuckle hints buried deep within
Lust covered lurking lexicons in libraries of linguistic whisper hints
Love innuendos in serpentine tongues
Like a brainwave barrage by day & Titanium telepathy attacks by night
You stop at nothing to remain in my sight

I never told you I was from unmentioned galaxy stars  
You’re a man from mercury and not from mars
This poem is an original work by Dawn King and my intellectual property. It must not be copied or used in any writings, publications, photos, or online platforms without my express permission.
Dec 2015 · 317
Dichotomy [10 Words]
Dawn King Dec 2015
I am merely an alter ego of a former self.
Dawn King Dec 2015
Did you ensure
Your qualifications


A load bearing wall
Before attempting to lift


Injured bird
Off the ground
Dec 2015 · 730
Dawn King Dec 2015
it’s the sensations
that are most satisfying
an almost painful pressurized dance
between throat and chest
the way the process is felt
in the finite muscles and glands
that take their own actions
about the mouth and
interplay between the desmosome & basal
layers just beneath the eyes
yet the single most intriguing
part of the process
is the temperature of the fluid
and how it caresses each topical segment
of derma on it’s own path to the earth
Nov 2015 · 666
Null & Void
Dawn King Nov 2015
I once wanted to know how I was viewed through your eyes
could only imagine a transient apparition
clouded visions of denial.
Nov 2015 · 783
Dawn King Nov 2015
You are so intrinsically fascinated
with romancing the
idea of dancing with
your deepest desires
yet hover on the edges
of realities where
the immediate surroundings
provide chronic cessation of passion;
that you cannot fathom
a minute idea of how to forge
a plan.

Thus the interim loss
of fleeting moments that pass
like whispers giving
hints, hues, and clues
originating from the very
actions taken corresponding to
the growing organisms within
that fueled the
creation of rapture.
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