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All begins in clarity
Not knowing
Not black versus white
The first step away is
The awakening
Of consciousness; the
The absence of difference
Is not darkness versus light
It is clarity
For there is no near nor far
You know no separation
No self from others
You could call it peace
but it before even such
A knowing of the word
Which ever harkens back to
Our time in the womb of God
When you gotta take a chance
'n its a matter of life or death 'n
You gotta live 'n to live you've
Gotta take a chance  even if it
Means you gonna die anyway
Then it is after all God's Will
You are his faithful dog even if
Sometimes it is kinda hard to bear
You chose to live 'n always tried
your best  but 'still you died had to.
May you hear at the end: "God
Rest his soul" and know it was for
Your Peace He took you home
Some where I heard it said>"Not
My will but Thy will be done"  And
When the bell tolls for me I will come
Then may I hear welcome home my child

For all who choose to live and
Who fight against the dying the
My father liked his beer but was
Sober in his soul.  He was brave
Fiercely loyal.  He was quiet but
Loved to laugh; worked hard for
His family.  Showed not all his
Cards but never bragged that he
Always won.  Loved dogs. cats and
All little animals including children
Loved to fish; to be near the water...
Was a  a volunteer life guard all thru
My early youth.  Suffered pain with
Little complaint.  Was a friend of many
But said when I commented on this that
One makes only a few real friends in this
Life.  He let me be excepting for sassing
My mom.  Apologized when he was wrong
Loved great writing but made no pretense of
Intellect,  I see him  now as a child, looking
Out over the Sound at the Westport Beach,
Compo where he lived as a young man....
He is Looking into the far distance at the far
Horizon seemingly searching for Forever
watching for, a drowning child perhaps
My eyesight has never been as keen as his
But as he would say a lot of water has passed
Under the bridge since those times-So many
Memories I cannot tell them all.  In my heart
It seems like it was only yesterday but I know
It was a long time ago but Dad I hope you still
Know I love you

 Till then...

I love you Dad  I hope you know
Work is prayer
With a little
Mixed in
The folly of children is better than the wisdom
Of men.  Be humble.  Lean not unto your own
Understanding but rather travel to Another  place
Innocent beyond all your knowing-beyond your humility
Travel in dreams and revery to your childhood unremembered
Heedless go unasked to that other place of first times-traveling
Until you are born again and you know not what was before
Let go all the pride of knowing for it cannot take you to there

Now turn again to love and to be loved; and crying say I am  And should
A day  far hence come to you bearing too great a burden of pride of knowing Here is How It will end You must be born again for the first and only time.  

For My Mother who sweetly told me
I should not be such a little "know it all"
Dear Mother Happy Mother's Day
Wherever you heart is...
Remember to forget
Forget to remember
Eternal life must be
Lived one moment at a time
War Plague Famine The end
Nostradamus be ******
With every happy thought
Every piece of bread that
I hungrily eat.  Thankfully
I praise God for His grace
His goodness His salvation
For the gift  of  life with all
Its promise yet to be; written
In His blood Love's Victory

For Ira a priest of David
My friend  in Berkeley California
From Brooklyn  N. Y; Morning Star
Commune  Long time ago...
I think we keep each other alive with
just the hope that we will be together
Again-Something to live for; and if it is...
Without resolution that we cannot die
Before we say  hello good bye again
I pray you do not go away; and that I
May live that you may live-  we may
Live that our love may live 'n if only
In that rippling silence of forever. You
Knowing I love you I knowing you love
Me If only that be true it is enough if it
Be Our Father's will Thy will be done
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