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The morning sun in the afternoon is
Transcendent as it bends back time
To the heart's desires to harvest all
The things left undone.  One time
Is not enough for all of God's Glory.

for my daughter bubbling water in the
Spring remember me.....
It is not what you think
It is a new dance,  It happens
In another place.  You see
Something you want but you
Are hurried on.  The song is
Mute, of memories made
No rhyme or reason.  Free.
It cannot be remembered
Grace and perfection are lost
Sought again.  I see a pouting
Face oh so cute-she is calling
Me - says  come you can-
Come and dance with me
Sometimes it seems like I have spent much
Of life searching for the meaning of life-My
Life in particular.  It is somewhat the same as
As digging a grave into the heart of darkness-
Of consciousness as if it were- a well to the Ever-
Lasting Spring-the water of life that is the Love
That was in me that I have for you.  I have never
Found the substance such that I am satisfied. No
Words have I to make you know.  I have nothing
To give you.  I have been foolish and wasted my
Time; confused what should  have been simple-
Trying to understand and failing to just be to be:
Charitable.  I ask God's Grace to climb out of the
Hole and to become whole.  To know it is ever the
Gift not strived for  unearned that you give  So
I plead wretched man that I am that you forgive
As God be as you are let me believe as I receive

For Elizabeth
You know you know
You know you do not
Know; and that is all ...
It is enough for now

Love, Yours David
We are pleasing To God
For God has chosen us
To be His children to
Give Him joy and;  that
Joy He gives to us.  In the
Lightness of joy darkness
Is forgotten; sorrow is not
Remembered. In the serene
Light of His contemplations
There are the times of peace

Remembering David
Like a baby crying in a storm
Not in fear but because it wants
To hear but it is falling asleep
It is a losing battle but we must
Try our best before we rest. Love
Is almost alone I cry To remember
The best that will be no more I must
Relinquish Tomorrow to sleep.  I am
Not afraid to sleep.  Que sera sera
To travel with angel wings though my
Love is gone and there are no yesterdays
What has been will be again in the end
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