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May 18
When you gotta take a chance
'n its a matter of life or death 'n
You gotta live 'n to live you've
Gotta take a chance  even if it
Means you gonna die anyway
Then it is after all God's Will
You are his faithful dog even if
Sometimes it is kinda hard to bear
You chose to live 'n always tried
your best  but 'still you died had to.
May you hear at the end: "God
Rest his soul" and know it was for
Your Peace He took you home
Some where I heard it said>"Not
My will but Thy will be done"  And
When the bell tolls for me I will come
Then may I hear welcome home my child

For all who choose to live and
Who fight against the dying the
Written by
David Bernard Scully  75/M/South Florida
(75/M/South Florida)   
   old poet MK
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