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Apr 15 · 59
I Still Try
Ravenlimit Apr 15
He called it love, while I stood here bleeding.

Pleading.. For this pain to stop.

"I love you, but I can't show it"

As your words dug deep in me like knives

Barely alive, numb to your touch

I'm dying inside.

Throat swells..

Bloodshot eyes

I have no more tears left to cry

Tired of exposing your lies

You still deny..

I still try...

I'm sorry..
My pride, my little sprout

These weren't my intentions

A broken family wasn't the plan I had planned out

I still try..

I still try, staggering with the will to survive for you

My seedling

My entire being

I've had enough of the constant bleeding

We'll be leaving
Dec 2021 · 45
Last Embrace
Ravenlimit Dec 2021
Sun on my skin

Envisioning him

Warm breeze flowing in my sleeve

Where have you been?

Down in dirt

Bury my knees


Let me be..

I miss your embrace

The way your touch brought bliss to my face

But you're hurting me

Let me be

Buried to my knees

Cold wet nights

Trembling hands

What I would give to feel your warmth again..

You come with a shovel and weeds

I tremble

Your misdeed

You bury me


How I miss your embrace

Tears flowing

Blood draining

My body is no longer aching

Cold hands

My heart is no longer breaking
Dec 2021 · 41
My Forbidden Nemesis
Ravenlimit Dec 2021
Tangled mind

Kisses down my spine

Physical touch

Forbidden heart that I cannot reach

Your words..

Your actions..

Hurting me

My dear nemesis, I love you so

You spew your "love" towards me so you can gain control


I fall

Frozen as your hand hits the wall

I try to leave and you lower your guard

Just to leave me shattered as you become explosive


Tearing me down, never missing a beat

I will take my leave..

And in the end, you will taste defeat
Dec 2021 · 31
Ravenlimit Dec 2021
You disgust me.

Wondering snake

Full of deceit.

I'll bound your hands and gut you out

Wretched, filthy, you stink.

You blinked

Cut your eyes open

You mustn't miss a beat.

Forced to watch as he hungrily stuffs me with meat

Warm and juicy he stretches me loosely

I moan
I cry

as I watch you die inside.

You weren't so displeased when the woman wasn't me?


Don't stop looking at me.. Baby

Watch this bull take me for a ride

Hot fluid building up inside

Positions you were too small to reach

Forbidden territory

My juicy fruit dripping down his cheek

Laughing as I watch you struggle to touch your ****.

Your fantasy is finally a reality.

If only you didn't disgust me

Then it wouldn't be the last thing your eyes would see.
Nov 2021 · 49
Ravenlimit Nov 2021
The trembling has begun again

I'm covered in a mist of sweat


Pounding in my chest

Can't forget your stench

Vague whispers

Venomous breath

Tears dripping down my face


Sweet salt drips from another place

Warm fluids of ecstasy

Inside of me

Gone without a trace

I still shake

Everytime I still break

I can't even look at your face
Nov 2021 · 34
Ravenlimit Nov 2021
1 in the chamber

Just 4 chambers to crack

The numbness amplifies the silence I'm about to give back

Hollow bones in an empty chest

Dying womb

Can't bring back the dead

Longing to join

Can't take the steps

So much closer to my last breath

Take me instead..
Mar 2021 · 290
Silent Observer
Ravenlimit Mar 2021
Observation and silence.

Our karmic vibrance.

Deceitful alliance.

Dimmed down trying.

Blades spewing from the mouths of phony commoners.

Heedless beings.

Reaching only for ceilings.

Heedless beings

You wonder why you're bleeding.

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss..

Resolve with fists

Loneliness with a kiss.

Observation and Silence

Slowly unwinding.
Nov 2019 · 120
Slowly Killing
Ravenlimit Nov 2019
The slow killer that I can't escape.

It constantly waits

And waits


For me to make my final move.

Each time I get closer, yet, each time isn't as soon..

As I hoped for it to be

Depression is killing me slowly

I just want to be free

Free from this feeling

From this world

The ounce of hope I have in my seed

Couldn't survive without me..

I can't live within me..

Let me be

Please let me be

I know I'm dying slowly

Why me..
Nov 2018 · 280
Ravenlimit Nov 2018
You love me.
Do you love me while I'm not the one on your mind?
Do you love me as you delete your guilty pleasures?
Do you love me when I'm empty inside because you keep breaking my heart.
To think that I loved you.
Have I not given you all my time?
I birthed your child.. the best kind of treasure.
Your stay at home wife remaining hidden from the outside world.
Too selfish to see how I am dying.
Much more than I care to admit
I'm tired of crying.
ALL YOUR ******* LIES!!
"Please PLEASE I'm going to try"
Multiple chances.
Chances have turned into chains.
I try to move but you keep me in place.
Please... pleeease..
Let me leave.
You love me..
You can't see how I'm unhappy.
I just want to be free.
Apr 2018 · 272
To Trip With You Once More
Ravenlimit Apr 2018
One last trip is all I could ask for.
I want my giggles to turn my insides out.
Watching my cigarette melt while you look at me and smile.
Yet, I'm too busy in my own world to notice the beauty I possess.
The walls move along to the beat of my heart.
I can hear the drums in my chest.
They're watching my every move.
Kisses making my neck melt into you.
I ask for one last trip.
One last trip before my final destination arrives.
Suddenly a road that is leading somewhere.
I remember the flashing lights and the screams.
My giggles turned into cries.
I shouldn't of left.
Alone for hours screaming inside.
I tried.
Scars that I can't erase.
I realized..
I died.
Apr 2018 · 202
My What If
Ravenlimit Apr 2018
My heart is full of words I'll never speak.
I will carry them with me to my grave even though they're slowing killing me each day.
That what if.. that I think of everyday.
Have all of my decisions led to this or is there more for me in my journey in this never-ending life.
Was every decision I made..
The right choice?
I'm not sure anymore.
I've lost my own voice.
My life is worth living due to holding my world in my arms.
Fragile being that looks up upon me
Eventually will call me mom.
Maybe my choices were destined to led me where I stand.
What about the what if's..
Is this my final destination or is there more that has been planned?
Mar 2018 · 168
Ravenlimit Mar 2018
He welcomes me with a selfish grin.
Couldn't contain the thoughts he had within.
"My Lord I've waited until this day"
I shall join you and together we can play.
I will be another tormented soul as long as you personally torment me.
Send a fire up my spine.
Waiting for the day where you said "you're mine"
Hot embrace.
Smoke trickling down my legs.
Sudden realization of a ***** dream.
Until the day I do not wake
Then we can truly be.
Feb 2018 · 154
Ravenlimit Feb 2018
Unbearable heartache.
Pierced trust.
She learned to cry in silence.
No one cared to hear her speak.
Her tears flowed in silence.
Distance being not even a few feet.
Cried so much she couldn't breathe.
She didn't make a sound.
False claims sworn by those that are lovers
Those that are friends..
Claims that are broken.
Leaving her at ends.
Heart beating out of her chest.
Tears now flowing down her neck.
She learned to cry in silence.
Deep breath
Crooked smile
Turnt over as though she wasn't crying all this while.
Inspired by Marie Love
Feb 2018 · 130
Ravenlimit Feb 2018
I wake up tired going on 9hrs of sleep.
Always tired.
Nothing wrong with me.
Left my hair in the bun that I slept in.
Haven't brushed it in weeks.
I just want to sleep.
It's nice outside today, but I'd rather stay inside.
The sun hurts my eyes.
Why do I always cry?
Thoughts in my mind are always on repeat.
Please cease.
Maybe I should eat.
Nothing to make so I go back to sleep.
Why do you haunt Me?
Leave me be.
Only thing to look forward to
And even then..
You too will leave me.
Jan 2018 · 144
By The Time
Ravenlimit Jan 2018
By the time I realised I loved you the stars had already aligned and our fate was written in stone. 
By the time I realised I loved you, 
I had realised that you hated me.
I hate me..
I was scared and I felt alone.
Pushed you to the side.
For a guy that led me to my demise.
I loved the energy and the sweet embrace in which you gave. 
I wasn't ready for love.
I dug my grave. 
My life is a spiral that led me to my son.
Undying love 
Beyond the moon and the sun.
The soft touch which before I oftened miss.
Now I look back at the memories and thank you for this.
You led me to a path that gave me the world.
I just hope that the path you chose led you to yours.
Aug 2017 · 263
The Man That Loved Me
Ravenlimit Aug 2017
I once knew someone who showed their love. Overflowing love that was too deep for me to swim in.
I did love him.
For other reasoning.
My comfort in my darkest hours, a friendly face.
The love for him was different.
Wasn't the same.
His love overcame the capacity I could hold.
I was hurt and broken.
Couldn't handle the love he was trying to give.
How could you allow someone to love you to their fullest when you can't even love yourself.
Everyday wishing you wouldn't wake so you can't see the disappointment in their face.
His love was a ocean and I couldn't manage a wave.
I was drowning, yet, he didn't notice because his love was coming in wave by wave.
I need to be able to swim in still waters before I could handle a ocean.
Never got the chance to give my explanation.
Jul 2017 · 190
Watching Myself Lov(s)e You
Ravenlimit Jul 2017
I watched myself falling in love with you.
The short distance felt like miles
A far stretch from your warm touch.
I watched myself fall in love with you.
When your voice soothed over the voices that told me harm
When I realised I could only fall asleep in your arms.
I watched myself fall in love with you.
The moment I cried in front of you for the first time
Being the first person in a while.
Tears flowing down my face
Your gentle touch wiping them away.
So why am I now watching myself fall out of love with you?
The constant reminder of hurt from my past again
The beginning of the cycle which killed me then.
Forever haunting me.
I'm watching myself fall out of love with you.
I don't know what to do.
I do love you?
Watching myself fall out of love with you.
When your kisses are a reminder of aching lies that you think you're hiding.
The child in my womb that has me crying.
Your kiss used to burn me with a burning moon.
Never too bright just enough to make me swoon.
Now your kiss is just a vacant space.
Each kiss from the lips of which lies trace upon me.
Am I really falling out of love with you?
I'm so confused.
Scared of being hurt again.
I'm having a child with you.

Maybe I'm overreacting
Maybe.. I'm just a loon.
But I hope that these feelings I have are wrong about you.
And I hope you prove them soon.
I am at a point where I am stuck in a hole.
I am with child with a man whom I do love, but lately so much has been going on and I'm starting to doubt these feelings. My past relationship left me with some serious scarring and I'm not sure my current one can handle it. He knows of my insecurities that I'm still trying to adjust with. I don't know what to do..
Jul 2017 · 305
Because Of You..
Ravenlimit Jul 2017
I gave myself to you.
Body and soul.
The opening of my legs
To you just a small hole.
You tainted my flesh,
Tainted my  mind.
Bound and twisted are the knots in my throat your mark left behind.
The memories of the hurt make me choke.
I wake up and can't breathe
Wishing this broken heart would just cease.
The tarnishment I carry with me at all times.
I gave myself to you
And you fed me lies.
Buried them deep within my aching thighs.
Aching for a touch that was not there.
The disloyalty I couldn't bare.
My heart doesn't beat the same because of you.
I ache all the time.
Knowing you were never mine.
I hurt,
I'm forever tainted.
With another, yet, my mind is vacant.
Utterly confused.
A broken soul because of you.
Jun 2017 · 270
Muse, Where Have You Gone?
Ravenlimit Jun 2017
My muse where have you gone?
Unable to talk to you for so long.
I am lost, you are no where to be found.
The weight on my shoulders feels heavy now.
This life I'm stuck in..
I feel gagged and bound.
My muse where have you been?
I reach out in deep sorrow..
Lost and confused
I need you
My muse
Apr 2017 · 268
No One Special
Ravenlimit Apr 2017
I know I'm not her.
Not the talented girl.
The one who peaks your highest interest then kicks you to the curb.
I know I'm not perfect.
I know I'm not her.
But I still have feelings.
That don't just occasionally occur.
I love to sing
Only when I'm alone.
When I sing anywhere can feel like home.
I love to paint pictures of raw emotion.
Nature has feelings too.
I draw and I write
When I'm upset it eases my pain.
Opening up to someone who hurt me has left me in shame.
I love deep conversation especially under the moon.
I love how at place everything felt when I started to fall in love with you.
But I know I'm no one special.
I know I'm not the best.
Every feeling I have comes straight from my chest.
I know I'm not perfect.
But could I be enough?
Enough for you to love.
Apr 2017 · 237
Ravenlimit Apr 2017
"Prove your love to me. Tear out your eyes."
I tore out my eyes, all for your lies.
I loved you and I was blind.
I 'was' blind.
My sight has been given a second chance.
A beautiful man who appeared in a glance.
Took me in and nursed me to health.
Cleansed my wounds and kissed my eyes.
Made me realise I am alive.
"Prove your love to me and look into my eyes"
I can now see the love and even though I 'was' blind.
Apr 2017 · 299
My Little Seed
Ravenlimit Apr 2017
You grow inside of me.
My little seed.
I wish not to raise you in a world full of greed.
Decisions that are to be made solely left to me.
Do I uproot you or water you from within me.
Am I really ready to be your mommy?
What if you don't like me?
What if you also cry inside?
I want to be there for you.
The least I can do is try?
I'll ease your worries and stay by your side.
Your father and I are so glad
The new addition in our lives.
I want to wipe your tears so you'll know things will be okay.
Even if you still feel sad the next day.
I want to be there for you in your time of need.
To be there the way no one was for me.
I wish I could tell you that I can protect you from pain.
But the heart is something that no one can't explain.
Know I'll be there for you to ease what I can. Always a shoulder to cry on
or a helping hand.
My little seed.
I can't believe something so precious is inside of me.
I can't wait until your roots are grounded and you begin to bloom.
I can't wait until I hold you.
I love you.
Apr 2017 · 193
Wretched "man"
Ravenlimit Apr 2017
Thank you for the memories. The once wanted touch that is now a memory I wish to erase traced on my skin. The constant thought of you cheating on me.. grasping my throat I couldn't breathe. "I would never cheat on you, why don't you 'believe' me"... Cowardly "man"
You lie to get her thighs.
You lie
You lie
You ******* lie
Hatred etched into my heart.
I hate you so much, yet, I have a fresh start.
Admittance is all I asked.
But your own acceptance is what you lack.
Another pair of thighs to whom you also lied.
Rip out my eyes I'm tired of the treachery.
You lied to me to protect me?
Yet your lied killed me.
Dec 2016 · 254
My Addiction
Ravenlimit Dec 2016
I loved the way he bit my skin.
The way he choked me.
Had me pinned.
I loved every mark left by his hand.
Until those marks because bruises and the chokes became cries.
All because I call him out on his lies.
Still denies.
I'm dying inside.
I loved the way he called me stupid until his eyes said more.
The way no one could see what happened behind closed doors.
I loved the way he filled me.
Until everything began to flood.
All of the lies were too much.
He lacked emotion in his touch.
I loved the way he kissed my lips until the day the lips weren't his.
Dec 2016 · 422
Lost Girl
Ravenlimit Dec 2016
Don't judge the lost soul.
In love with the devil.
Her heart he stole.
The sweet embrace of poison lies.
His slithering tongue between her thighs.
She loves him.
The opportunist embedding lies into her head.
Used her love to get her in bed.
Beautiful man with a sullen soul.
He held her, she felt whole.
Beautiful soul in one gulp.
Aware of his treachery the girl couldn't cry.
The devil took everything, inside she died.
Don't judge the girl with the lost soul.
When everything she felt, he stole.
Dec 2016 · 346
My Drug
Ravenlimit Dec 2016
The needles in my arm make you disappear.
The high goes down and I'm out of here.
Snow dripping in my throat.
The taste of you makes me choke.
Tabs take me on a trip far away from you.
Needles erasing my memory of everything you do.
Snow numbing the "I love you" as I bite my tongue
Maryjane wraps me in embrace
She helps me forget the way you taste.
I'm leaving this place.
I shake. I shake.
My heart just breaks.
Of all the drugs I've used
You were my biggest mistake.
Nov 2016 · 419
Ravenlimit Nov 2016
I was beautiful until the day you told me I was.
The day I believed you and the look in your eyes told me I wasn't.
I was "beautiful" as I undressed myself for your pleasure.
I was "beautiful" when things went your way.
I wasn't beautiful when others would look my way.
I thought I was beautiful up until that day.
I felt beautiful as our flesh became one.
A connection of the soul to me was just your way of having fun.
I thought I was beautiful up until the day you broke my trust.
The day you broke me.
Painted faces couldn't fix the broken girl.
Looking in the mirror and all I could see were bagged eyes and the memory of the girl I used to be.
A broken girl tired of all his lies.
A "beautiful" girl who stayed up all night and cried.
A selfish man who continuously  lied.
Killing the girl he "loved" on the inside.
I used to think I wasn't beautiful
Until the day I left your side.
Nov 2016 · 394
His Prison
Ravenlimit Nov 2016
I was a prison to you.
My love wasn't enough to break the cold in your heart.

I was a prison to you.
I wanted affection and I was thrown in a cell.

Cold and broken down.

My love for you was profound.

But I was just a prison to you.

Your eyes became dark when I would ask for a confession of your crimes.

You lied.

I was your prison.

Holding you back from everyone else you wanted.

I was your prison.
I sat in place while another looked up at your face.

Your prison which you left untouched.
My emotions began to turn to dust.

"You monitor me"

You chained up my mind.
But I was your prison and your infidelity wasn't hard to find.

I was your prison.
Because I wanted commitment.

I am my sanctuary.
Too bad it took me awhile to see
instead of being your prison
I was your prisoner

Now I am free.
Oct 2016 · 357
"I" Changed
Ravenlimit Oct 2016
You fell in love with my confidence then you took it away.
was the one that changed.
As if I wasn't being hurt and lied to everyday.
was the one that changed when she would call at 4am.
Your phone.
Quickly shuffled into silence.
You made things so obvious, yet, still tried to hide it.
Silly boy, bad at keeping secrets.
Silly girl, still loved him even though she could see it.
Sep 2016 · 286
Ravenlimit Sep 2016
Bottled up emotion.
Beating of word.
Belittled woman.
Breaking her.

Rage rattling. Ripping  heart.  Renounced love. Rigid decisions.

Observations  of a oblivious man.  Obvious he won't.

Keen girl.
Kindling suspicion killing her.
Knowing he would.

Neutral balance.
Natures nourishes.
"Broken" girl
New life shall flourish.
Sep 2016 · 215
Unrequited Love
Ravenlimit Sep 2016
Lie to me.
Cheat on me.
The usual things you do.
Hurt me.
Belittle me.
I know that's getting off for you.

Pay attention to me.
Love me.
Please, love me.
All I asked of you.

Built up courage to leave.
No longer tears on my sleeve.
Now I'm the one that's hurting you?

Pay attention to her.
Love her.
Love her the way  I loved you.
Sep 2016 · 182
Ravenlimit Sep 2016
Your eyes are like a painting and I love getting lost in your art.
Sep 2016 · 267
The Storm
Ravenlimit Sep 2016
Amidst the storm your rain touched my skin.
Rain engulfing me in a sweet embrace.
Until the rain that kissed upon my lips and healed my bruises.
Turned into a downfall of acidic juices leaving me stuck in place.
Amidst the storm your rain burned my skin.
A few drops turned into a sea.
Leaving me suffocating in a sea of maybes.
Maybe the sweet embrace of your rain will come again.
Look beyond I see a clear path.
Whether I choose to take it there's no way back.
Amidst the storm I began to swim and with every kick the irritation was held back.
Aug 2016 · 217
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
I am told that I have no idea of how far the limits of your love can reach.
Show me.
Show me the way to that love.
Embrace me with a stolen kiss.
What is there to lose from any of this?
I have no idea?
Then show me what's on your mind.
Why its so hard to miss.
Aug 2016 · 699
Prized Possession
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
I am your prized possession.
Embedded words of what body parts belong to whom.
Who do I belong to?
Your trophy that never leaves her place.
While you are left to venture in search of another treasure you can't taste.
Your prized possession placed on a shelf.
Others gaze upon your prize with twinkling in their eyes.
Asking for a price which is of course denied.
Crimson turns your face as others find interest in your possession.
I shine for you, yet, I don't catch your eye.
Abandoned possession until caught by another eye.
Aug 2016 · 210
Do You Understand?
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
I'm sorry for I tend to speak my mind.
I'm sorry it's not what you want to hear.
I'm sorry I do not care much for politics.
Rather than why we are all here.
I'm sorry I tend to gaze up at the sky and wonder if the moon and ocean are distant lovers that cannot be.
I'm sorry that you think I don't make sense to you.
I'm sorry for being me.
I'm sorry I believe in being faithful through the eyes as well as the heart.
I'm sorry I fell in love with you.
I'm sorry I still loved you as you tore me apart.
I'm sorry that we argue and I'm sorry you don't understand.
I'm sorry that I am a woman who understands the ways of a man.
I'm sorry that I can never be good enough for you.
I'm sorry you deny it.
I'm sorry that your heart wonders else where even though you try so hard to hide it.
I'm sorry I'm so observant.
I'm sorry I'm not a fool.
I'm sorry that I long to spend my life with you.
I'm sorry I'm incomplete.
Do you understand?
I'm sorry my explanations aren't good enough for you.
I'm sorry that I feel more than most.
I'm sorry for you.
I'm sorry that you can't see what's in my mind.
I'm sorry that you'll never experience what it's like to truly live.
I'm sorry you'll never understand my words of nonsense.
And you still don't understand?
Aug 2016 · 254
I could
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
I could cry to you a thousand times.
You wouldn't understand the emotion pouring out.

I would tell tales of the stars and the vast ocean.
You would say the ocean doesn't have feelings, that the universe isn't connected.

I could sing to you on my best of days.
You would prefer I didn't speak.

I give in to your deepest desires.
You throw me away after I'm done.

I would hurt myself in order to make sure you were okay.
Even though when I am hurt you're never there anyway.

I would give my last breath to instill the beating of your heart.
You would run in fear while I die.

I could look my best for you.
Yet I wouldn't have your attention.

I could give you everything you need and more.
You wouldn't be satisfied.

I could tell you that I never loved you..
Even though I know it's a lie.
In reply you would say "same"
Aug 2016 · 260
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
I'm sorry that I took my life the night we had our last fight.
I'm sorry nothing I said ever came out right.
I'm sorry you still love me among others.
Please stop wasting your tears on me.
It's making me regret my decision.
I can't take this one back.
I'm not worth your tears.
I'm sorry if you thought I was selfish, but this was the only way to save myself.
From myself.
The path I was leading down.
Would've been the path to hell.
But you see killing myself has its benefits.
My soul is now gone.
What's left of a heart is protected.
I'm sorry I took my life because its hurting you.
I'm not sorry because I meant it.
Aug 2016 · 221
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
You constantly ask if I'm alright.
As if I don't say the same thing everyday.
"I'm okay"
But, you know I'm lying..
Although you don't know deep inside I'm crying.
"I love him so much"
Love him so much as I feel my blood rush.
You ask me if I'm okay..
Unable to mention being under the influence.
Being under him...
Friends I lose them...
Blacked out memories from that night.
I reach out to my lover..
Only to fight.
This isn't right.
"I'm not alright..."
Please stop asking me before I break.
Please your daughter's life is at stake.
Possibly a victim for a second time.
Yet, accusations are carved into her head.
She is always at fault for something she didn't do.
I didn't give anything to him.
He took away my choice.
I speak as loud as I can to get you to understand, yet, somehow you can't hear my voice.
Explaining why your opinion is a "fact"
Firm hands around my neck tightening their grip as I give my opinion back.
Aug 2016 · 301
His Transformation
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
Crooked smiles.
Sadistic idols.
He never cries.
As suspected no emotion detected.
Ones heart is merely deflected.
Revealing there is more in the after life.
Velvet cascading down from the approaching shadow.
Hint of aromas.
Rose and sage.
Rich lavender.
A bird trapped in a cage.
Tampered wings one who never experienced flight.
Sheltered bird.
Kept in a satin cage all it's life.
Velvet transforming into fur.
Satin cage on fire.
Everything is a blur.
Reborn as a lone wolf waiting to attack.
Moonlight shining the subtle splash.
The caged bird took flight at last.
Aug 2016 · 236
Mother Of Snakes
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
You tighten your grip.
My little serpent.
Intoxicating me with your slithering tongue.
Too bad you weren't the only one having fun.
You wrangle and twist between my thighs and hips.
Sinking your fangs into my ***** lips.
Little do you know you fell into your own trap.
Rattling vibrations cling to my ***.
Twist your way in me as I make them clap.
Applauding your attempt to escape.
The harder you squeeze the better my ***** tastes.
Do hurt me my little serpent.
Better yet my little servant.
Continuously please me as you've fallen in my lap.
You told me you loved me as did I say the same.
Foolish to believe only one played this game.
Lies slither from a serpents tongue.
Too bad you met the mother of all of em.
Aug 2016 · 280
Battle For Love
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
You beat me to a ****** pulp with the words you spew at me.

Standing up straight putting on my battle face.
I continue to walk down the line.

Each turn and zig zag that I encounter another wound.
Until I'm in an open space standing in front of you.

You look at me intensely then lean in for a kiss.

I froze still in shock as you slowly slit my wrist.

I tense up, blood profusely dripping from  my  fists.
I look into your eyes as you word "I love you" or was it I never loved you?

I cannot tell...

My vision has become blurry.
Seems like you've disappeared as well.

I need to get up.

I need to get on my feet.

The only one that can save me is me...

History just continues to repeat.
Ravenlimit Aug 2016
I never told you that I've been in love with you this whole time.
Never told you that when I was with you I felt secure and I felt safe.
I love you in a different way.
Different from how you loved me.
I was completely aware of your feelings for me.
The ways in which you loved me I had given much thought.
But the way you loved me, I loved him.
You in love with my best friend when my feelings for you became real.
I realized those feelings weren't what they seemed at first.
Feelings are a curse.
I know you hate me now.
It was intentional.
Move on with your life..
Rid your feelings for me.
The love we have is indeed mutal.
Just not quite the same.
Hearing of your love for me would tear mine apart.
Knowing I've been hurting you because someone else has my heart in the way I have yours.
I never asked you to love me and I'm sorry you did.
I said hateful things to help you forget me.
I just hope if you ever see this you can forgive me.
Jul 2016 · 212
Ravenlimit Jul 2016
I never wanted to end my existence more than I did when you told me we should end it.
Two years of constant heartache and tears because I thought you would change.
Do you think everything is a game?
Am I even sane..
For still loving you.
My heart is beating out my chest.
You have my heart and you chose to eat it.
Now there's nothing left in me because you chewed all my pieces.
Jul 2016 · 454
Ravenlimit Jul 2016
My heart aches not only from him.
My heart aches knowing you love me.
The way I love him.
My heart aches seeing you in pain.
The way I'm in pain.
You deny the fact that you're hurting.
I see through you.
You tell me I'm wasting my time.
I believe you are right.
You tell me to give you a chance.
I'm scared of ruining everything.
You tell me you love me.
But I love him.
You always smile when you look at me.
I notice because I see through your smiles.
I'm sorry for hurting you.
You tell me you love me.
When I can't even love myself.
Jul 2016 · 458
Would You?
Ravenlimit Jul 2016
Would you still love me if I told you that his lips still linger on my skin.
If I told you that I thought of you while I was with him.
That he made me feel alive while you were killing me inside.
Constant affection that was received.
All I ever wanted from you..
I begged and pleaded...
I'm not a priority I was just something you thought you needed.
Until that need was a had and I was thrown away.
Would you still love me if you found out I was hiding things from you?
Someone else having my attention other than you?
I highly doubt you would love me..
The way that I loved you when that is exactly what you put me through.
Would you still love me if I confessed how tired I am of being hurt by you.
How I stare at him wishing his face was between my thighs.
Fantasies of another guy.
Every time you lie.
Did you ever really love me?
It's so easy for you to lie.
Your "I love you" has no meaning to me anymore.
Would you still love me if I told you that I was falling out of love with you?
That my heart no longer had a beat.
That you were the one that killed me.
Jul 2016 · 309
Ravenlimit Jul 2016
You ask me what I'm doing.
I reply "nothing", as I lay ******* smoking away my pain.
He makes me feel this way.
Insecure and unsure.
Fantasizing lips among breast.
Pressure upon chests.
Drowning out the pain leaving me soaking wet.    
Distant strangers.
Fantasy of someone that's not mine.
Constant aching all the time.
No attachment just attraction.
Smoking away your name.
I don't even feel wrong for this now.
Jun 2016 · 332
I know
Ravenlimit Jun 2016
I know you still lie to me.
Each time breaking my heart.
Maybe this whole relationship is a lie.
Has been from the start?
Lie after lie.
Each time I deny,
The fact that you know it hurts me.
You know it hurts me..
Yet, you continue to do it.
Reoccurring dreams with the gun held to my head.
I blew it.
I know you lie to me.
I lie to you too.
Every time I say yes to being happy with you.
The scar of a smile that has been etched on my face.
Void where my heart used to be.
As there is no trace.
Happiness attached to mere memories not to what is in front of me.
I know you still lie to me.
I even lie to myself.
Loving you just can't  be helped.
Not loving you is the lie I tell myself.
Jun 2016 · 276
The Day That I Died
Ravenlimit Jun 2016
A faint breath as I held the gun to my head.
Attempts were made before.
Never before have I been so sure.
So insecure..
Stolen gun and a stroll in the night.
The night that I took my life.
Everything seemed so right.
Heartbeat no longer fast.
I had to hurry up and act.
Before they got back.
I was losing track of placing notes alongside their bedroom doors.
Notes that has been written months in advance.
Never had the courage.
Always had the chance.
Letter to my lover which I kept by my side.
What's the point of being alive if you don't feel alive?
Maybe it was all a mistake.
Who will know.
If only they paid attention they would've known.
The funny part is most will think this is just a poem.
Jun 2016 · 254
Killing Me Slowly
Ravenlimit Jun 2016
I beg you now.
From the moment you stole my heart I've been at your mercy.
Tell me...
Tell me you don't really love me so my heart can stop beating.
Tell me you don't love me so all this pain and heartache has no meaning.
You tell me you love me and I'm slowly dying inside.
From all the lies that you would hide.
How I wish I wasn't alive..
I love you more than I love myself.
Always full of pride.
Blind to see what's in front of you.
Lingering thoughts now.
I'm insecure.
Would you rather me be a *****?
Rather I don't care and want nothing more?
You are killing me.
Just tell me you don't love me.
Then I'll vacation from this reality.
I'm tired of killing each other slowly.
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