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 Feb 2020 Ravenlimit
Little Bear
a tempestuous storm
blows through
the hollows
of her eyes

whining on the wind
as if a wolf,
howling it's sorrow
in cries of loss.
it calls
the blackened sky

between the gaps
in her fingers  
the dust consumes
her skin
to bone

where brittle
wedding bands
from her fingers
into the sodden grass
full of
mourning dew

dropping like cymbals
upon uneven ground.

thundering gales
tear through her ribs
borne of heartbeats
that roar misery

her bones
excavated marrow
bleaches white
in the sun,
dries to dust
and gladly falls
to nothing

her sorrow leaks
into her veins.
unrequited love
at her torment

that ebb and flow
wither and die
gives her
in her isolation

an eternal grounding

as loves tempest
wreaks utter

she hears the
wolves cry
  and she is too empty
to reply
smol edit, i hope it reads better now :)
 Apr 2018 Ravenlimit
kyle Shirley
She is but a memory now.
I see her in all her beauty
But she's different

My love for a girl
Is lost with age
Not even lust
But more of an idea

She will never be
And I will never be
What once was
Never again

Yet I'll run right back
At her beck and call
A slave to the known
 Mar 2018 Ravenlimit
vanessa ann
In a tunnel dark and deep
With no sign of life
You see the light at the end of it
Yet I fail to

The Devil had placed his hands upon my eyes
His hollow eyes sending chills down my spine
For all I see are faults
Of every single thing that I’ve done

It was a pit cold and damp
My soul struggles to break free
There was no flicker of hope
There was nothing I could see

The world ripping apart strand by strand
I endure to live
With these battle scars
But in this broken world
I must strive

The sky was grey and still
Humming with no thrill
The rainbow on the other side never came
And who am I to blame?

As I hang on to the last strands of life
A feeling of dread and sorrow wash over
The Fifer blows a haunting melody on his fife
My last glimpse of the world as love to its lover
I wrote this poem in seventh grade, and remembered being very proud of it. I know it's far from being my best work, but if it were not for this piece, I would not be here today.
 May 2017 Ravenlimit
Pain is presence
Presence is pain
Pain presents itself
Presenting, itself, is pain
When you ache and groan,
I notice it
It chills me to the bone
Nowhere to sit
When you call out for help
I'm fully aware
You're the puddle when you melt
You wonder if you can relate to grass
As you feel people stepping on you
You feel them on your ***
To say something is taboo
You don't deserve that, you know
You've done nothing wrong
Inherently, although
The feeling is lifelong
I can never truly understand
What it's like to be you, and
You stick to solid ground,
But you're sinking in the sand
Being a woman is hard, man.
Strip me down
to my bones,
and tell me
that you love me

It can be a lie,
I just need
to hear those words

Rub your calloused fingertips
across my milky skin
until I disintegrate

Turn my
paper mache
into a pile of mush

I want to feel your breath
against my neck,
and let it burn me

I'll let you
catch me on fire
again and again

Keep melting
away my skin

I'd never tell you no
if you'd tell me yes
just this once

Arlo Disarray©
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