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Cristina Nov 2018
piece by piece
you break her
and she becomes
Cristina Nov 2018
I am living with a trace of hope
that you will not see the tears that fall
drop by drop,
drop by drop,
and scared within your heart
you, of course will be not
when softly I shall say:
it was not you, my love.

only then the lie was sold so easy
for there shall fall the tears ahead
until dear heart will contain some courage
to share some secrets and some thoughts.
Cristina Nov 2018
I break the days
in parts of beauty and happiness
sadness and pain,
longing for the dusk to settle
and rising my weeping eyes
to see those around me
as heartbreaking as I am.
Cristina Oct 2018
aren't we all afraid of suffering?
just the verity that we cannot sleep
from the throbbing thoughts
is maintaining us awake a bit more.
and there's the symphony of insomnia.
Cristina Oct 2018
you notice
that you're hurting me to the tears,
I confess in a soft voice
that it was deeper than this.
Cristina Jun 2018
perhaps I am a fragment of them,
careful with what I see and not having a lot of skin,
because of the emotions burden to constantly wear
and all the negativity is slowing us down
to move the fingers that crave to write the words,
first on papers and later - hopefully- on every soul,
about the joy, the love, the pain, the hurt we see and feel.
Cristina May 2018
it's resembling to your screaming
and no one can perceive the sound,
it's a reminiscent of the time
you almost passed out
and no one was there
to offer you a hand.
placing your palm on the cold concrete
and trying to breathe,
deafness from outside noise
although, not from inside
escalating the pumping heart
bom bom
bom bom
bom bom

wake up, it was just a dream!
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