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Cristina May 2018
I'm waking up before the dawn
gazing at the gray ceiling with sleepy eyes
seeing something is not there
but sure was.
effortlessly, light as a feather
I'm drifting to the open window
waiting for the cold to get inside,
with bare feet there I stood
and stood
until I woke up with you
by my side.
Cristina May 2018
why should you keep
   the secret ?
   she's not yours to love.
Cristina Mar 2018
in a line of despair
he vowed on his broken heart
while a cascade was pouring
words were not loud enough,
but she was nowhere to be seen
and the words drifted in the air
then realization was crushing
thus, she shall never be seen.
the title is temporarily, until I come up with a better one
Cristina Mar 2018
blue words on white paper
that's what she wrote in secret
then placed them with care aside
near his black glasses
to surprise him or not,
that ended with:
your love.
Cristina Mar 2018
when was the last time
you glanced in my heart?
Cristina Feb 2018
wandered far into the dreams
while you were in front of me,
chests which touch when breathing deep
and counting down seconds until the kiss.
Cristina Jan 2018
escaping death! is this for real?
can he or she be so willing
to pause or forget a moment
or to make a trade with us
because, in any moment of the day
we are important
we are humans!
the only souls that matter for he or she,
which gazes us in the eyes and bones
and smiles or screams when obtaining our souls.
oh dear death, you play my life like an artist!
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