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Jul 2017
Listening to love songs, written by people who aren't even married.
Like can they really fathom what love is about
That one man and one woman, God covenant route
With no exits unless a spouse is an unrepentant adulterer or  gets buried
Not that you only stay married for happiness love
I'm talking when both husband and wife place each other needs above
The individual
To get a full context of this love it has to get scriptural
A Husband loves like Christ
For his Wife who's Illustrated as his church
So understand a love like this will hurt
A wife submits to the headship of her husband
Not contingent on if he gets it right
Things get out of focus
When the man is more concerned with the role of his wife
And when a woman is more concerned with the role of her husband
If both are focused on their own roles
We would see the body of Christ with healthy marriages at an abundance
Instead of the world's playlist on repeat
Corey Conduit Wilkerson
Written by
Corey Conduit Wilkerson  Maryland
   Leonard Green and Madeon
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