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  Apr 2014 Cora Salas
All I want, 
All I've ever wanted, 
Is time alone with you. 

Twenty minutes, 
A half hour, 
It isn't too much to ask, 
Is it? 

I want to know you, 
In a way that so few 
Ever have. 

I want to show you 
My tattoos and scars. 
I want to see yours. 

I want to run 
My hands over them, 
Hear their stories 
And how you healed them. 

I want to tell you 
Stories of the people 
I've lost. 
I want to hear yours 
Of the people you've 

I want to kiss away 
Your tears, 
Like only you have 
For mine. 

I've only wanted some 
Alone with you.
  Apr 2014 Cora Salas
Ellen Dawson
Your touch closes my eyes
I let your words traumatise my mind
Your breath dampens my skin,
Provoking apocalyptic thoughts from within

The trickle of your touch
Is eating at my mind,
I keep your desires fed,
Thirst and hatred intertwined

Disrupting my insides
My lips escape discordant harmonies,
As in you I confide,
That the truth's foreign to my eyes

You remain my fixation
A sinister hallucination
Occurrences of formination
Are my self-rehabilitation
Cora Salas Apr 2014
“I wake up scared.
You whisper to my ear
“Everything is alright,
it was just a nightmare”

I smile, and rest my head on your chest
Listening to your heart beat
And feeling how you inhale
And exhale.

I hear a noise coming from the stairs
“I think somebody broke in”
I whisper back.

I turn my head,
For just a second
To look at the door,
But nobody was there.

Feeling relieved,
I turn back to you
Only to find out
You are no longer in bed with me.

You never were.”
  Apr 2014 Cora Salas
lina S
My words have failed me
I can no longer explain
From my own thoughts
I'm drained.

All I know is I want you .
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