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Cora Salas May 2014
The raindrops are creating patterns on my window.
Somehow seeing it, reminds me of my bleeding heart.
Cora Salas May 2014
When it's sunny you are here
When it rains, it's like the wind blows you away from me. How is it that you disappear when I need you the most? When you are gone I need to numb the pain.
Darling, darling, you take everything away.
Cora Salas May 2014
I wish
All the pretty words
I say to you
Weren't such a cliché.
Cora Salas Apr 2014
I could feel autumn in the air
but your lips tasted like spring,
my body was cold like winter
but burning up as summer does and the same time.
Cora Salas Apr 2014
I like you.
However, you do not like me.
Not the way I want you to like me.
You kissed my friend in my bed.
Still, in the morning, I was preparing breakfast for you.
You just made small talk while you put your clothes back on, and left.
You just gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.
Leaving me with questions and a kitchen full of fresh dishes just for you.


Yet, I am still looking forward to seeing you again.
Cora Salas Apr 2014
Tanto dañó que nos hemos causado.
Y aquí estamos.
Dándonos golpes de nuevo.
  Apr 2014 Cora Salas
Ian Cairns
For a brief moment
this felt more
fact than facade
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