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 6d acacia
You push away yourself apart from me
You hide your face to me so that I can't see
You felt alone even if I am here
You still look for someone even if I'm near

You are not blind but you can't see my worth
You are not deaf but you can't  hear my heart
Did you take Anesthesia because you are so numb
Why  can't you still feel my true love

The history of my love for you shyness will **** geology
Its so deep that agriculture will transfer to anatomy
No one can measure my love even if you use math
But geology, anatomy, math it doesnt have connections too
What important is that I Love you
The turn of summer's end
already caused  ailing leaf's stems
to tremble and quiver
one last hand, one last trailing touch before a final
release on high wind,
the leaves descend
transcend in their death
back to the earth which gave birth
a bittersweet rejoice
as colours and ribs fade to dust
and return to soil
to feed the tree nutrients for life.
 6d acacia
She hides her smile
behind black lipstick.
Her voice is low
and in between.
She smells of loneliness
and cigarettes.
She sings for me
when she is high.

She gets me higher
than I can go.
She takes me low
and in between.
Her heart's on fire
when she sings.
Her voice is smokey,
full of pain.

She sings of loneliness
and broken dreams.
Her dance is low
and in between.
She gets me high
and lets me down.
She kisses me
with black lipstick.

r ~ 4/29/14
will you love me?
will you think of me next sunday evening
when the newspapers are gossiping together on your front porch
as i birth life into the rose buds growing six feet above me?
my darling, you are the georgia sun

and i loved you even before i felt
the luminescent fingers of god
sifting through the morning dew
beckoning my every root and stem
to embrace your september glare above the fertile darlington soil.
will you love me? will you love me then?

i wake up to your warm gaze upon the pink hues of my blistered skin.
i am alive and, with my finger, i trace the poison ivy
that has managed to make itself a home in these cobblestone ravines.
the grooves in the path cling to the soles of my shoes as they try and change my mind
but every sunday afternoon your remnants in the ashtray tempt me closer
i stand on the edge and etch saltwater confessions into the dying moss below me—
your memory creeps up behind me and pushes me off the bridge.

it's always sunny in darlington
i miss you more than you will ever know
I still fear...

It was just
A short few

Months ago
I first

To my

I was so
For so many

Oh my Lorde!
Oh, Galaxies!!!

I don't know
Much about the planet,
But geez-oh-wheez

My behind
Has been
A hole
New Life
Since we
Bought that thing

That prostate

We just call
Yum yum
one last emerald night
at bonnechere park
thin moon piercing through
glass pendents of a weeping tree
the truth is
i still hide your name  
inside my lips like stolen bread

beneath our lucky stars
i found the ending
i was searching for
to kiss the sand on basin lake
the serrated cold of water
and my heartbeats
slowly dissipate
oh christ
gold and silver rain is falling
in a cavalcade of mercy
and dusk’s writhing shape
calls out to me once more

dearest, i swear i saw you
in the year of the ram
so undivided
and fluttering like salomé
for blood and drink
and blades of grass
we concede to a sweet dream
while your warm breath changes
to a sabre in my memory
you left your blueish dress
twisted by the pool’s edge
like a cold monument
to every single misstep
and my heart is overwhelmed
with visions of a dancing grave

via crucis in the morning
carry me, noble palisade
while these tiny arcs of light
leave my eyes, breaking easily
and your voice keeps me awake
i believe that i need this

you were wrong
i am nothing
but one more familiar face
amid the pageantry
 Sep 7 acacia
F A Pacelli
what joy it brings
to step into yourself
to know what you stand for
to do away with nonsense
but this knowing takes time
and time is the cost 
of self-acceptance
when all the birds have broken their wings
i will find comfort in the warmth of your blood on my hands.
time tells nothing
i reminisce about torn seams
and ***** dreams
as i scrape out remnants of the
purity trapped in the mildew under your floorboards

O Hearken! the lilies are singing to us!
(forever entranced by the acacia with the broken branches)
i have swallowed the frail bodies of the nightingales
and i have promised to protect them with my own flesh;
put your hands within me and you'll know the breaking of their hollow bones

Our God sees everything! how could anyone have a mother?
your ivory rib cage shatters under the weight of a thousand Saviors
as the unforeseen expanses of the universe
blot out what was left of your conscience
(snapped like a toothpick in His holy fingers)
just like those bitter nights when i hear
cassiopeia screaming to be freed of heaven’s chokehold.

O Hearken! kneel for The Great Reprieve!
when all the birds have broken their wings—
oh mercy you, oh mercy me
i have returned!! hello everyone i have missed HP dearly!!
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