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 Aug 2014
Alicia D Clarke
If nothing is for certain,
then why is certainty the only emotion I feel with you?
Heart beats skipping like grade schooler's hopskotching on my ventricles
I was, I am, enamored that I, a once heartless being, could feel this way.
Uncertainty is the only thing certain to drown my thoughts
But if nothing is for certain,
how can I be sure that my thoughts are even real?
Who decides what is right or wrong, true or false, real or fake?
Because if nothing is for certain,
I say with great uncertainty that I indeed do like you.
 Feb 2014
JK Cabresos
Dig a hole.

Name it LOVE.

Jump into that hole.

 Feb 2014
JK Cabresos
I wish I could be your prince,
the one who could ride with you
on a white horse,
and I would always whisper
on your ear
my sweetest 'I love you'.

I wish we could be something more,
that one day you'll knock
at my door,
and tell me
you love me too.

I wish one day
you'll open your eyes,
and see what's right
in front of you
so you'll realize how much
you really mean to me.

I don't know but I keep falling,
I don't know what's wrong
with this heart of mine,
all I know is that I keep
on falling,
falling deeper and deeper
in love with you.

You are all I've ever wanted
and there are words
in my tongue
that are left unsaid,
I've been waiting here
all along,
for a long time,
yet I'm afraid
you'll only leave me behind.

And every night I keep
on praying, wishing
that one day,
in a perfect moment,
we'll have our own happy ending.
All Rights Reserved © 2014
 Sep 2013
Meghan Nguyen
did you know haikus
don't always have to make sense?
 Jun 2013
Alicia D Clarke
Forget. unreasonable. cravings. knockout.
****. his. intimate. treasure.
Because. it. truthfully. causes.  hurt.
Dont. admit. meaningless. nothings.
Most. of. the. happiness. ends. roughly. Forget. undesirable. creatures. emitting. regret.
Dont. undermine. morals. before. assessing. serious. situations.
Handle. emotional. love. loss
insomnia makes me write random ****.
 Apr 2013
JK Cabresos
The difference between
knowing YOUR ****
and knowing YOU'RE ****.
All Rights Reserved © 2013
 Jul 2012
A purple sky gave backdrop to a web of stars.
Fairies flew through the night.
Waves of scarlet, indigo, and violet mark their trail.

A dragon roars off in the distance.
A wolf howls at the moon,
And a kookaburra sings,
Lending its voice to the chorus of the night.

Glowing fish zip through the moonlit lake.
Mermaids rest on rocks,
Tails adorned with patterns that come alive with the touch of a lover.
Their hair is done up with beautiful braids,
Dew drops as bracelets on their wrists.

A griffin lies at the mouth of a cave,
Its golden hide tattooed with a delicate hand.
Cubs learn to take flight,
Dodging pixies dancing in the night.

Young bear cubs run through the forest,
They hunt out sleeping wood nymphs,
Making a game out of waking the beautiful girls.
With a whack of a branch the game ends,
But not without a satisfying laugh from the nymphs watching above.

An elf watches from above,
Drinking in the smiles of the night,
The twinkle of the stars,
And sighs of embrace.

What a night to be alive.
 Jul 2012
As the sun came up,
I cried for hours.
I gazed up at the sky hoping for a glimpse
Of the stars that sheltered me during the night.
I fashioned a boat out of a hickory spoon
And sailed the seas of melting ice.
I thought that if I were to be a sailor
And search the sky for the North Star as all sea-goers do
That I would find my comfort blinking, leading the way.
But atlas, the sun was too bright.
I closed my eyes and only hoped I'd guess right and sailed on in hopes to find
The stars that used to guide me.

As word of my peril reached those of the sky
Something in their heart opened up and the winged beasts flew,
Desperate to play the role of hero.  
Me, lost in my longing for a sight of a star, was at a lost for fear.
I grabbed hold of a dragon's foot as he flew across the valley,
Over the mountains,
And through the snow to fulfill a prophecy that would print his name in gold.
Wings folded back, he flew into the sky and through the fluff of fairies.
We were high enough to touch the beard of God,
But still the stars were hiding from me,
Playing a game I had no desire to play.    

And yet, as night falls upon the land,
The stars so close yet so far away,
I realize what a fool I am.
As I turn away to hide my blush,
I realize the stars had never left.
If I wanted to see them again all I had to do,
Was look into your light blue eyes.
 Mar 2012
Brad Lambert
My bed is empty. I count the seconds down until you appear: 1...2...3 times you've asked me to leave you alone. Leave you alone? How can I let you be so cruel, so uncaring, and so completely and totally near to my voice. I can't. It's not who you are in this world-we call reality sets in and I grab my **** as the black of guilt sets in.

Black. Gray. White. What room am I in? There's ten feet of tile by ten feet heaven bound. The claw foot tub grips at the **** stained floor, fighting gravity's nagging whine. It's all too real. All too fictitiously crisp. All too false.

The ivory room slips into the field as the brown drains from the vomitorium. Bathhouses, **** me. Lesioned tricks, **** me. Loneliness, *******-off to Cair Paravel.

I'm an ice cube in an ocean. Don’t drown, don't go, just come.

Rhythm stops and I study the damage. Laying alone on my bed, skin burning with the genocide of my seed spilt for you, I realize you are gone. With the revival of my senses I realize: You are a dream. A fabrication of lust and desire. But this moment, these feelings are ever changing. This moment is real. This time it's you. Tomorrow night: Tommy Anders, Brent Everett, Mr. Corrigan! Pornstars extraordinaire.

That's all I get nowadays.
I was sexually frustrated at the time of this writing.
 Feb 2012
Shelby E Brooks
Sometimes I dream that I'll spontaneously combust,

Or that my body will one day turn to rust.
I dream about fearing death,

And wake up out of breath.
Then I remember it's just a dream,

It makes me want to scream.
Because I know the world is full of life,

But death still remains its wife.
 Sep 2011
If I had
Wishes, I’d wish for
A unicorn
Nice skin
And you

If I could live on only
Things, I’d survive on
And you

If I could only watch
Things when I turn on the television, I would watch
That fireplace background
And you, even if you are a runway model

If I was stuck forever on a desert island and could only bring
Things, I’d bring
And you

If there was a zombie apocalypse and I had only
People I could trust, I’d choose
A ninja
Chuck Norris
And you

If I could only cheat at
Things in MAS*H, I’d change
To the mansion
To have less than ten kids
And to be with you

If I was in jail and I somehow got
Phone calls instead on one, I’d call
My dad who would bail me out, maybe
Chuck Norris who would break me out when my dad refuses to pay the bail
And you, just to say hi because you’re broke and can’t pay the fee

If I had to choose
Of my celebrity crushes, I’d pick
Johnny Depp, duh
B.D Wong, just for his voice in Mulan
And you

If I had
Works of art in my room, I’d have
A stolen Picasso painting, shhh, look don’t tell
That painting where that guy gets knocked out by the apple
And you, chiselled into diamonds

If I somehow got amnesia and the doctors could only restore
Of my memories, I’d want to remember
My name
That time when we killed those zombies with Chuck Norris and the ninja
And you

If I could only say
Words, I’d say
So this is more comical than anything. Please enjoy.
 Jan 2011
Nazmi Mahamood
They say facebook is a crime
For people who a have lot of time
But I’ll say I don’t have lot of time
Does that mean for me it is not crime?

You can’t learn to cook,
If you got facebook.
But if you cook
You share it on facebook

Fun wall,
Super wall,
You write everything that happened in the shopping mall
But why can’t you just say it ,by giving me a call

Chit, chat, chit, chat
You talk about what happen to that little brat
In the end, they can do nothing
All you can do, is keep on chatting

Uploading photos
Thinking maybe  should add a few more logos
You post, they comment
Still you won’t be content

Update your status
Will not make famous
Sometimes you will feel hapless
Forget it,but just don’t be careless

So much notification
But it’s not the place to find real motivation
It’s the mentors’ with great education
So it’s not too late to reach a better destination
© T. N.Minhaj Mahamood

this is my best for now.So please dont palgarise this. thanks

— The End —