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Nazmi Mahamood Dec 2013
What's wrong with the people and their religion?
People are living like they have no religion.
I think the whole world is addicted to the drama.
Only attracts religious hatred and to things that'll bring you trauma.

but if you only have love and respect for your own religion
Then you only leave space for discrimination
And discrimination only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irate.

From overseas we try to stop foreign influence
that break our unity and smile for each other.
But we still got racists here with no common sense.
Why forget the fact we all belong to the same mother?

Madness is what you demonstrate
And that's exactly how anger works and operates.
We all need love to get it straight!
Take control of your mind and meditate and let your soul gravitate!

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and others too.
Let the religions unity and love flow!
Open your eyes and awake!
You all are Sri Lankans for God's sake!
I found this in my computer. I think I wrote this 4 months ago.
How should I call it? A Parody? A Cover? | I took stuff from the song "Where is the love? by Black Eyed Peas" | No copyright intended. | I just need unity in my country from all the religious hatred. | Let this act as a call for national unity.
Nazmi Mahamood Apr 2013
I know you are feeling hollow inside;
like your life's going on a roller coaster ride.
I know its hard for you to bear all this.
that's what happens when all you do is reminisce.
I don't know where to start, I feel I'm lost.
and I guess our love wasn't meant to last.
There's only so many songs to listen
to get you off my mind.
I really loved you with all my heart.
When it all started, I felt like its never going to stop.
but as time passed, it just fell apart.
but then we had to go visit the repair shop.
It was of no use, because at the end all I see is a dismal flop.
My attachment to you has just faded away.
Faded and gone; gone so faraway
Maybe you still love me a lot,
but the truth is I always felt lonely and distraught.
It's better to be alone
than to be with someone who makes me feel lonely.
Good Bye! and please don't frown.
I know you will get stronger and soon you will find your true one and only.
Nazmi Mahamood Feb 2013
You know that you can do well.
You know all it takes is just one push.
You know that if you stay patient just one more moment.
You will win the game.
It's not that easy
The pressure keeps increasing.
Body hair turns into needles.
You sweating uncomfortably.
Your nervousness takes over.
Can you make it through?
Nazmi Mahamood Sep 2012
Close your eyes and hold my hand
let me be your guide.
We'll keep on holding together
where ever we go next.
It's like one in a million, the chances of falling
for someone as beautiful as you.
And with every step together
we'll just keep on getting closer.
So, will you take my hand?
Nazmi Mahamood Sep 2012
Sometimes in life we feel so depressed,
but unlike you, someone somewhere is not so blessed.
Somewhere in Burma a Muslim weeps,
while the rest of the world sleeps.
Somewhere in the west, Muslims are labelled as terrorists,
after the turn over events of the 9/11 twist.
Somewhere in a country a Muslim struggles to follow the Islamic lifestyle,
while its government gleefully smile.
Somewhere a Muslim brother dies in the midst of  war
while he has nothing to do with all the deaths galore.
Some where a poor dad cries,
when he cant help his family to a bowl of rice.
Somewhere, a Muslim mother painfully sighs,
for his child the last time it closed its eyes.
Some where, a man ponders if Muslims are to be blamed on themselves.
After all, these are their countries and their affairs dispersed on the shelves.
Somewhere the hypocrisy and double standard of the super power countries
towards the Muslims is indeed shocking to see.
Somewhere someone in the world believes people are trying to destroy Islamic values and the Muslim Ummah,
which is  against any human law.
Somewhere, someone is praying "Oh lord! Save this Ummah! and save this people"
from this killing needle.
Somewhere in this world some one must see that Muslims in this world are not totally free
which every suffering soul shall sadly agree.
Nazmi Mahamood Aug 2012
They said he was a stranger.
They said he was danger.
This is his story
read and you'll know there's nothing to worry.

He is a boy, a Muslim
He wakes up early and prays like a soldier
He put his books under his arm
and away he goes to school reciting his favorite verses from the Holy Quran
How can you call such a person danger??
He isn't in the top class
but everyone is proud for what he is today.
he doesn't care what others think about him for it is Allah alone he obey.
He helps people when in need
His own food to the hungry he willing feed
Everyone knows him for his humble good deeds.
How can you call such a person a stranger??
Nazmi Mahamood Jun 2012
You are the friend I wish to be,
for us to separate i can never foresee.
You are the friend I wish not to play hide and seek,
for a friend like you is hard to find; you are unique!
You are the friend that helps me get closer to the Almighty
in the suburbs of Colombo, the largest city
You are the friend I choose to be around
for when I'm down you lift me from the ground.
You are the friend together how amazing we have grown
not just together but even on our own!
You are the friend whose friendship I feel is coming to an end,
but NO!! as long as I look back and share these thoughts with the world it wont for you are my friend.
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