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 Mar 2018
Teeth chatter and butts raise above seats,
Riding pickups atop the corduroy road,
Thunder claps of rubber bass beats,
Slapping the undercarriage's rusty odes.

The tires rhythmic riffs are risky,
Clavinet keys echo wood beams over muddy water,
Walter Murphy drinks a Fifth of Beethoven's whiskey,
Leaving superstitions for Stevie to Wander.
 Mar 2018
tired of you dancin,' with somebody else,
our mirror's vision, refelcts somebody else,
fires burning, what the *******,
your desires live, on rancid shelves.

thank you for my tilted dreams,
as desperate elbows fall,
the way my corner leans.

thank you for waves that come and get,
my undertow,
the things i can't admit.

buried words lying to your waist,
your quicksand stomach,
some things i can't embrace.

better hurry, save your face,
your lit cigarette,
smokes like the ace of spades.

feed the trip,
       conduct amends,
take these pills,
       undress your sins,
fake the real,
       it's just the tip,
corner pocket,
       my eight ball's lens.

so tired of you dancin' with somebody else.
Elliott- We need to somehow incorporate musical arrangements or at least a rhythmic measure to these words. I need what's in my head to be what's heard. Think HP meets spotify and then let your algorithms sort out the rest. Love you!
 Nov 2017
stage life...
is so complicated
they'll confiscate it
your eyes will summit
their stocks will plummet

stage life...
is an oxymoron
you'll labor for em
your body's numb, once
stitched seams come undone

lick your finger.............
                     wine rims sing about it
lick your finger.............
                     counter to clockwise flow
lick your finger.............
                    add your liquidity
lick your finger.............
                    finer tuned frequencies
lick your finger.............
                   consume their recipe
lick your finger.............
                   won't find harmony
lick your finger.............
                   blood soaked oath's decrees

stage fright...
it comes in droves
watches all your moves
ebbs and flows

cautiously, write about it
cannot hide, darkest hours
insatiably, desired thirst
tie dye shirts, passion's curse
drink whiskey, pour a cup
no replies , it's all ****** up.
 Nov 2017
i talked you asleep last night
our eyes could light up this fire
so tired and contrite
we were cold, yet burning in our lies

my heart rate dropped till 3
not worth a **** to emphasize
correlating all our fears
and dying deep inside

we tried to meditate
those breaths, called on me
sunrise lit up the sky
where is love without a fee

where is love without a fee...yea
where is love without a fee...yea

i walked you to the right,
hadn't taken a left in years
our veins consumed by blight,
withering away from our tears.
You speak those fabled favorites that I've yet to hear, and casually confront my years,
You speak those fabled favorites that I've yet to hear, and casually confront my years.

lying in the cradle,
as sin falls on me,
my arms are still unable
to hug your belief,
hesitant from the labels
you branded purposely.

i talked you asleep last night....shhushh. yeah

— The End —