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 Apr 18
Andy Cave
I put on this face
To mask my pain
This hurt that I'm feeling
Each and every day
I don't want them to see
How depressed I've become
That I'm just a shell
Of who I once was
So many emotions
Always hit me at once
On the surface I'm calm
But inside I am not
I crave to find joy
To silence this pain
But my hopes have been silenced
My eyes are like rain.
 Jan 27
My Dear Poet
All along while you were sleeping
beneath the gaze of a missing moon
a light was lost, left us questioning
a sunrise too late? or a sunset soon?
There came tears, downward streaming
it’s disappearance remained unknown
only howling wolves remembering
the night the moon, left the night alone
They blamed dawn and dusk for stealing
none dared to dream another dream
all through the night of restless sleeping,  
weeping was heard across the stream
The night lamenting in search of light
The wind blew lanterns flaming high
the day was to be spent to make it bright
by flicking fire to burn the sky
till silver ripples appearing on the bay
there a moon settles from a journey far
returning home and on its way
from the funeral of a falling star
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