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 May 19
am i ee
the moon started
calling to me
from out
of my deep slumber.

whispering silently,

'come on out,
visit with me
just for a bit,
sit with me for a spell.'

she said.

had to get up,
out from under my warm covers,
out from my warm bed,

to step outside ,
to commune with her again.  

in this quiet,still
this silent, part of this night.  

Just me,
and the moon,
this glorious cold night!
Such relief from the inane activity
of ‘civilized’ suburbia)
 Apr 18
Andy Cave
I put on this face
To mask my pain
This hurt that I'm feeling
Each and every day
I don't want them to see
How depressed I've become
That I'm just a shell
Of who I once was
So many emotions
Always hit me at once
On the surface I'm calm
But inside I am not
I crave to find joy
To silence this pain
But my hopes have been silenced
My eyes are like rain.
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