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 Nov 2016
Megan Sherman
It is a majestic evening, iridescent and light
The witching hour is still as a stone
The moon ascends to her celestial throne
A pearl in the sky, the divinest delight!
The starry climes brood over the sky
See! The cosmos is stirring, awake
And doth with its infinite movement make
The fluid Universe that flutters by
Dear Children, Dear Children, who in thy happy dance
Appear untainted by the ways of men
Don’t let the world turn you cold:
Thou seize divine fire all day, all year
God is speechless with love for your soul so bold
Which gets to go wild again and again
 Aug 2016
Elizabeth Squires
in a timely fashion rains did turn up*
giving landholders good reason to smile
for several months there'd been a dry cup
no moisture had quenched the soil's profile
the outlook is much better going ahead
spring's prospects improved by the dampness
always they're seeking a wetting's nice spread
their crop growth being blessed in lavishness
dams and creeks are all now full to brimming
around all farms the season is brighter
at the coming of this pleasing trimming
where those on acreage shall feel lighter
it's made district folk cheer with hearty glee
*on the many raindrops drenching the land's lee
 Jul 2016
Arfah Afaqi Zia
I, drenched in pain and agony-
Journey in lonesome nights beyond vague,
Devastated and traumatized rage-
Awaken the sane and certain side of me,
Abolished and scarred once by thee,
A long time, though lucid and full of vain,
I was once covered of forced shame,
Slightly obscure and clueless about 'we',
I restricted my thoughts to excite,
To flourish or confabulate my brain,
Gloom, an ongoing swirl of senseless might,
Growing an onset of invading gain,
Shaken abhor but literal abyss glow bright,
An inviting yet ambiguous lane.
 May 2016
Arfah Afaqi Zia
The aching pain in my ligaments,
The harsh deprivation my heart fears,
Uplifted by this bizarre weight I vent-
What is it that your heart says, my dear ?
Through your conscience you confabulate me,
Fuming love, celeste touch, lingered plea,
Withered and scraped from the deep blue sea,
Waves flow in haste rapidly and free,
Sanity strikes me hard digging in,
Silent echoes trail and haunt me freely,
Pulchritude disguise shows all my sin,
Clarity beyond replete seen mildly,
Recalcitrant yet powerful eases dive-
Plunging downward and gliding to thrive.
 Apr 2016
Dan Filcek
I thought of my ancestors who had fought
Not for, but against the Americans
What thought they of the freedom Yankees sought?
And what when they were driven from those lands?

I looked over the tartans of the Scot
And was told they were killed for what they wore
I wondered why the world had not been taught
That blood and gore is all that comes of war

I thought of colors orange and colors green
Of what religion has made people do
What does all that hatred really mean?
How do all these thing really affect you?

Coming from a land that claims to be free
I can’t tell you what that word means to me
 Mar 2016
Joel M Frye
The angels that you can and cannot see
float in and out of life so gracefully;
enfold in winged embraces one by one,
celestial comforters when day is done.
Some angels take the shapes of passers-by
so you might see the Spirit in their eyes.
A smile that lifts the day from the mundane;
a kind hand up, a loving act conveyed.
The unseen angels hover in the realm
where power manifested overwhelms
our common senses. There behind the scenes
they battle fears and reinforce our dreams.
Take counsel from a humbled man, once proud;
they only enter lives when they're allowed.
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