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 Sep 2015
I once wrote a poem
About my addiction to poetry
I kicked my addiction
By freebasing life
Now I no longer crave poetry
But I do need a fix
Every now and then
Friends, I'm sorry I don't write or read as much as I use to.
I dream a dream
I dreamt the day when we were not perfect or immune to fear
But we were in one accord, despite our doubts and differences
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I felt love so strong in an atmosphere of once
So war and anger,
For the first time babies stare
For the first time the homeless was fed and cared
For the first time I thought, Christmas came everyday
This was a dream within my dreams
A dream I dream never to be awaken
This is my letter to the world,

I dream a dream,
That every boy and girl will be taught that they are special
And have an uplifted self esteem,
I envision the sun shining through the cracks of dawn,
The day that injustice will be mercy’s pawn,
I dream of a better world perceived through the eyes of unblemished child,
I dream of sunsets in smiles
I dream of masks removing beneath the disguise,
I dream… To scream like a timid girl, yell on top of my voice:
Wake up world.
All rights reserved.
Christena Antonia Valaire Williams.

— The End —