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 Jun 7
JK Cabresos
the sun kisses
the ocean—
it bleeds farewell
for the night,

the fragrance
of the breeze—
our fingers

part of the journey
is the end—
rest your head
on my shoulder,
till your last breath,
till our destinies
meet again
 May 28
JK Cabresos
we once dreamed of a paradise,
those sunsets and sunrise;
but of these tears we couldn't hide,
i'll always be by your side

a place where all lost hope is found,
chances beneath the ground;
but of these failures in dawning light,
i'll seek courage to fight

we've imagined beautiful sceneries,
to escape from all the miseries;
but of these mysteries sudden unfold,
i'll offer my life till we're old

we once dreamed of a paradise,
those sunsets and sunrise;
but of these chaos like a caged dove;
i'll build paradise with our love
 Mar 18
JK Cabresos
i'll take
a thousand photos
of your beauty,
you are
every beating
of my heart
camera clicks
i'm camtivated
 Mar 3
Third Eye Candy
On this day, the sun is wane-weary in the mist of an offshore fog-
come ashore and  gumming the works.
It’s a damp light all around
and the foundry of heaven has come to a halt
with one anvil ringing in steam
as Blue retires
from its perch
so the Grey
and the Dawn

but the hawk in my eye is immune.
 Feb 3
Third Eye Candy
War is never Peace,
This occurs to me
over frosted flakes
in my fleece.

My mochaccino-
Chocolate Mandarin
building a Wall
between Awake
and Sleep.
 Feb 1
Third Eye Candy
While purging a keg in the afterhours, pondering the smithy of my iron will to dour.
I clutch an unearthed doubloon with my eye-teeth beguiled by the span of ravenous.
Oaken coils of smoke barrel through the haze of indistinct cherubs
With their ***** war-paint and hooligan charms… wilting in tandem.
I join the delirious marmalade of a neighborhood denial
Adrift upon turbulent silences in loud places…. with my manufacture
Organic and tipsy-fizzle with a hoard of uncomfortable

Then a Cab.
 Feb 1
Third Eye Candy
Living in the City may clip your wings.
But there’s baklava, so….

You pay more to live in a cube
with a longer cube MacGyvered
to a money pit shaped like-
a square.

It’s all the rage
how you are.


When you formally meet your first guitar
you get sunburned.


Now you eat noise and incidentals. like profound Chicklets.
But your shadow’s sweet-tooth is another way to adventure
from your cavities, with sea shanties from False Hope
Or Narwhal hymns in bright typhoons
Like glass lipids
Burning in earnest
Where the sun
Has a brief chill-
In the panorama of
Your undistorted


Like riding a bike
with Imaginary Legs-

That Believe that you
Actually Have
A Bike.
 Jan 26
Third Eye Candy
Her fennel failed, so it was off to market-
where local lemon squares cartwheel
with kettle corn
as free samples dissipate...
and the business-
of honing in on
a needful thing
becomes the
sepia tone
on a wharf of

with the fog that threatened
the forecast, abated.
the air was gray-yellow
with a new sun cracking mist
as veterans
meander like elk in hoodies
between the fresh catch
of the day
and the venison heart
on ice.

under glass.
 Jan 24
Third Eye Candy
nothing drags a frame of reference out of bed
like a fresh start on a pike.
you strap your business-end to a playful lark
and stave off the broken moons
as you Tetris the Possible
like an unknown god.

I hoist my genre by rote;
my tropes charmed and dangerous…
for the pen is mightier than the fjord
of our most opulent shadows.

My Etch-a-Sketch memories diverge
like Christmas geese
flocking to a pagan potluck
as cellular as a private moment with
a Neilson rating of zero.
I tune in when a gadfly lands on the nose of a spite,
and make a poet’s face.
I sleep like a baby on
the Titanic-
but my average epiphany
bobs for apples
in a bucket
of Northern Stars
too keen on wisdom
for a dullard’s

at first glance, every blank stare
like a horde of eyes
with pitchforks
and torch songs
made of
 Jan 24
Third Eye Candy
even when i lived in barrels i was stung by pre-Euclidean geometries

aping right angles, askew of a laminar flow of Time.
even when i stutter like butter on a lightning bolt
my collisions resolve dormancy
wherever i evict a conspicuous
ascetic tenet.

i twist The End where The Beginning buds;
and watch for spontaneous eruptions-

for Origins, mapped to a powder keg
with a damp fuse.

[ it’s steam engines now… ]

the moon’s belly
is a bright eclipse
clamor-locked in the beastly
barrage of our tuneless
coping with despotic realities
with aplomb; birthing sunshine
from a myth mirror
emblazoned where harm refracts
exact moments-
tumbling magnetic…

as your eyes
Yahtzee the Forbidden
like a rogue.

blunt force
as Fore-


infinity pools are finite if you swim like a rock.
or fall asleep when a lullabies’ on fire.

just so you Know.
 Jan 18
Third Eye Candy
Tucked away in my thermal eclipse, the party raves without my flamboyant
inner monologue. tampering with the DJ on some esoteric frequency..
Everyone is safe to assume the Ecstasy is pure…. but no ones the wiser.
My wallflowers blossom on irrigated stilts, leaning into the background-
of my fraudulent approach from a shy Port of Call.
I Rehearse the Unrehearsable, as throngs cavort in laser spawn shadows
anointed in Eurythmic debauch…
as I spurn my teeming
with a positively gauche

the champion of introverts.

a ton of thunder in a quiet place, where the Dubstep ruffles
the fringes of my agile anonymity…
swiving with soot ravens as liquid
as a Pause in a drop of Time.

I Almost Noticed You despite my Private Life

Then i woke up
In your arms.


Your tattoos like golden calligraphy
galloping across the serrated horizon
where a woman’s heart is the width
of a manly surrender
to a Fantastic… Suspense.

As all my demented departures
Gather Where I Go-
From Zero to Hit Me
In Wine Seconds

We remembered each other when we met.
 Jan 14
Third Eye Candy
As all the pollywogs woggle in the ***** galore
Resplendent in all dawn, as the rising star
Of an off-world dominion. delivers sparrows to sunshine
Hoisting wisteria to the throne of the senses…
Wafting in semaphore, so periwinkle
There are no eyes that may behold
the totality of its gossamer expanse.
the sheer sprawl of a most holy congregation-
of dizzy miracles, draped in ivy and morning dew
deliciously rampant with unbridled blithering
bathing in the rays of a faceless yellow
teeming with butterflies
cocooning no more.

All this in an
open door.
 Jan 14
Third Eye Candy
Though it’s little more than a few things-
scattered about
Life continues to bewilder our tambourines.

Winters are longer than whiskers in milk
And Summer has you always in Love.
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