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Love is a cosmic mirror reflecting ones desire
To improve ones image to capture all light
A romantic situation gives inspiration to fire
To ignite fire to get attention to crave delight

The matters of the heart bring along a symphony
With all appropriate rhyme and sweet rythm
Heart to heart and soul to soul remains harmony
Do not ask the pleasure of being her with him

A lover's world is a sweet triangle of sensuality
Love is pleased to be in the sweet lap of beauty
Love makes a lover all independent and free
Pleasure prevails on lover, beloved in tranquality

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
Love happens when it's meant to happen
For that moment we have to be on one page
My sweet beloved remains my assassin
To dealt with every anger amd every rage

My sweetheart remains my wild passion
For her eyes sake I can go to any extent
Her charaismatic bharm may be her fashion
Her red glowing cheeks are letter of intent

Whatever I have belongs to my sweetheart
I remain in her innocence like fragrance
From each place to place from part to part
Her sensual image remains my credence

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 love Remains
Burning Desires
I am burning fire with my desires
Her lips take me from me to a wilderness
Hot love string and retires,expires
To convert her innocence into real bless
Sensual pleasures takes on to eternal flight
Heart touches soul and soul takes heart
What are prcious moments of sweet delight
Beauty has its own part in start to depart
Lips take pride to kiss whispering moments
In trance to be the part of burning ode
Let the sinner take a chance for all atonments
Let love and beauty implement the code
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Courage in hearts and truth on the lips
The valiant proclaim on the cross as heroes
Sacrifice for a cause always remains on tips
For friends are friends for foes remain foes

Light remains on faces ,don't wear mask
Are always on front to confront and to win
Their hall mark is their duty and the task
Not to confront situation, is their deadly sin

Time keeps them on its chest to but remember
What a wonderful asset remain great men
Their feet are touched by grace and splendor
Fact remains nothing is mightier than pen

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
Half sane and half insane are these champions
Who always prevail over all in case of religion
They claim and play with the instincts of ambience
If someone wants to correct they ****** pigeon

They are the ones who divide humanity into groups
They have the dominant so called authority
For promotion of their designs they are shock troops
Being always in minority they dominate majority

Every religion preaches love they preach hatred
Their ridiculous dealings are presentations of character
They make their bodies alive with hearts but dead
They are the so called narrators of their so called register

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020
Embrace moments of joy in ones sweet love life
Since life is trasitory and full of torture and pain
In this burning desert of life on the edge of knife
Where it's pleasure to have magical mercy of rain

Love dawns upon to become the source of pleasure
Beauty has a knack to flow in the stream to ignite
Let solace comes to take one to heights as treasure
Then sight becomes insight to provide sweet delight

It is a nature of man to have adaptability to pursue
Under all pleasant and unpleasant circumstances
Petals of roses may have some sweet drops of dew
With innumerable chances of sweet love glances  

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
My heart is not with me,it is no more in my control
I do not know where I have lost it and just why
Besides my heart I have also lost my real sweet soul
This is what is a story of pain, pleasure and joy

Oh love what all you entertain and what you reveal
How beauty opens up with all its colors of rainbow
Majestic beauty blooms with wonderful love appeal
Stream of love is never at rest but to constantly flow

My life my love my heart my soul and my sweet love
Whispering spring season shows you the path to tread
Destiny and destination are predestined all from above
Heart dominates head and to be ahead of all ,well said  

Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright May 2020 Love Remains
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